BitBazaar is Exit Scamming

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The BitBazaar darkweb marketplace is exit scamming, according to users of the market as well as former BitBazaar staff members.
The exit scam follows an alleged hack that resulted in the theft of either $30,000 or $150,000. Some, however, doubt that a hack ever took place. During exit scams, market staff have often blamed financial “issues” or unexpected market downtime on a crippling hack. In some cases, such a hack is confirmed. In others, no proof exists. For the end user, the result is the same: the loss of any funds stored in wallets controlled by the market.
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Two months ago, Dread user /u/blonger posted a warning about BitBazaar.
They are fast with deleting comments they dont like from their subdread /d/BitBazaar
I just agreed another user who pointed out that their translation is full of mistakes and now i am banned from /d/BitBazaar for 10 years for the reason “spammer”.
This behavior reminds me at SilkRoad 3.x who are captured in an exit scam loop since years.
If for whatever reason you decided to vend or buy on /d/BitBazaar be careful with them.

Blonger’s post served as a warning for some. Others pointed out suspicious behavior from the market. Vendors posted warnings in March as well. In the comments of a thread titled “Bitbazaar Prepare a EXIT SCAM Here is Proof,” established vendor THClear wrote:
I’m calling out BitBazaar with the force of my reputation on behalf of other vendors who have been ripped off by BitBazaar. This is not a drill. They might be selectively scamming rather than exiting, but they’re full of shit that much I know.

In May, Dread administrator /u/Paris banned the BitBazaar subdread for “for massive subscriber manipulation with the subsequent spam from that manipulation.” In that thread, vendors warned about shady behavior from the market administrators that resembled past exit scams.Present Day
On June 14, the vendor /u/Sankhara posted “ANNOUNCEMENT BITBAZAAR (EXIT-SCAMMING).”
WARNING to all the vendors who are vending on BitBazaar if you have a chance to withdrawal or deleting listings please do it.

As from today they have blocked our panel + wallet, also making a support ticket does not work because they have simply blocked that one also.

Today i’ve seen some other vendors who are having the same troubles with this issue so basically they have been started with exit scamming.

WARNING to all our customers please do not purchase on our store at BitBazaar Marketplace.

One day later, former BitBazaar moderator /u/eclipse211 posted a warning about the market’s administrator.

I am moderator on Bitbazaar ,Admin yesterday claim that he pushed an update but today :

  • All the mods removed.
  • Admin profile removed.
  • BitAsk dont work
  • Vendors can’t access to their panel.
  • Withdraw page redirect to home.
  • Support dont work.

  • As we already know BB got hacked .
    I read somewhere that the amount that hacker stole was 170k ,Admin ensure me that they hacked BB’s hot wallet on hacker stolen less than 4 BTC however the exit scam clearly proved that he lost more than 4 btc.
    He told me " it’s just a pay day for the hacker".

    Yesterday told me “I am pushing the update ,it will takes 6hours currently we proceed withdrawals manual”
    Indeed until 19:00 UTC all pending withdrawals completed.
    I am sure that the guy who typed behing account “Admin” yesterday was the real admin of BB.

    I logout 19:00 UTC.

    I dont think that take over LE because administrator had excellent opsec .

    The market is gone. If law enforcement had the market in their control, the withdrawal page would not redirect to the marketplace’s homepage. The administrator either decided to finally pull the plug and lied about the hack or the hack triggered the exit strategy. The behavior over the past few months (at a minimum) resembles the behavior of market staff during a number of previous exit scams. Both Nightmare Market and Apollon Market blocked withdrawals and locked vendors out of their accounts. BitBazaar is no different.

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    BitBazaar was complete shit from the beginning. The support treated many reputable vendors like trash. I've been a vendor on many markets, When I had an issue with this one I brought it up. They told me to enable my listings within 8 hours or I would be banned. Sure enough I was banned... Not that I ever planned to vend on this market anyway. If you check dread, many vendors were banned without reason months ago (like 3-4 months?). That being said I would not be surprised if DarkMarket was the next to exit scam for multiple reasons. 1. There are issues with orders disappearing altogether, from vendor and buyer side. Because the admin does not backup the DB's prior to upgrades. 2. If vendor does not watch incoming deposits after coin is released, and you have more than 40x complete orders, I assure you that your wallet does not have 40x deposits. 3. Multiple time while vending on this market I would l 3. If you open a support ticket, because you get an error while trying to withdraw funds. Support will release the funds manually. Also your EXP points go back to 0/Level 1 & if you were a FE vendor you will only have escrow available. I contacted dark admin and he seemed to be really nice at first, but as the market grew he was not so nice the last time I logged in. I have decided to ONLY vend on this market with FE enabled (WHICH I HAD enabled with no complaints until it was disabled). Also for those not aware, Ekmars script demo is available to see. Compare it to DarkMarket and you can tell this team does not know how to code The two sites are almost identical besides changing img files in layout. They are not even able to implement RECON API because THEY bought the market for $600USD. So I expect an exit scam any day now. People need to use DarkMarket moving forward at their own risk, or not at all. I have said this before about other markets, and I was right.


    idiot they didn't buy the market it was using a SR 3.1 script and recon API is NOT even out are you fucking stupid you brain-let.

    wtf doxx these scumas bags and cleanup thr street2020-06-16

    How has no one not been DOXXED during these exitscams??? IDGAF Someone out there has the potential....I think if you are such a piece of shit that you Exit Scam...stealing of potentially milllions of btc from should be smoked out ALL YOUR INFO for the popo if ur lucky. SMH Lets make this a legit safe place. Get rid of these scumbags who will just develop more websites and the next best market, give users hope, and SCAM. Lets just witchunt the shit out of these vendors that scam. Someone will take care of them. police or an armed citizen


    archer probably owned this market be aware he is starting a new one called angle!


    i am going to empire and silkroad4 see u all there



    78294130 also scam never send theme money for add

    silkroad4 is a scam2020-06-16

    silkroad4 lets you deposit but you will never be able to withdraw


    Lmao... I called this exit months ago. Posted on dread. I knew it was coming when i tried to pull btc out and it would send me back to home screen. These fuktards got a couple g's from me but karma is a bitch. And fuk you archer you wormy snake. The only good thing is i alerted alot of vendors on there prior to the exit so the shitbags couldn't get much. And don't worry..... Info has been doxxed.


    FWIW, Thisisthewhy is legit - solid vendor with great rep. Have had great experiences w them 100\% of time. Thanks for the insights. Fuck exit scammers - this is why I hate the markets and would always prefer to DD with reputable seller.

    I knew it2020-06-18

    I knew it was going to happen when I saw that they only charge 1\% in fees. It is barely profitable to run a market with so low fees. It is usually to attract customers and then change the fees to 3-5\% but when they keep very low fees then you can tell that the market will eventually exit scam


    @ I knew it When i saw the 1\% fee charge i was thinking excatly the same. It was obviously that they will exit sooner or later. I hope this motherfucker really got hacked and lost most of the money. Thats what we call KARMA!

    BB vendor2020-06-22

    THe weird thing is they went down then I was able to log in and withdraw over a grand then logged out till the next day. When I tried to log back in my username "didnt exist" So I created a throwaway and opened a ticket and he responded right away refering my to the new post in their news section apologizing for mistakes and then the site went offline again,


    good one