Rapture Market Login Screen
Rapture Market Returns Amidst Exit-Scam Fear

One of the relatively new darknet markets called “Rapture Market” disappeared for long enough that even the media wrote about the marketplace’s disappearance. It turns out that Rapture Market did not exit scam. They are back but are being hit by an allegedly intense DDoS attack.

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Tabooless Darknet Site
Police Catfished the Tabooless Admin

During the recent sentencing of the Tabooless administrator, investigators detailed the steps taken during the investigation. According to two investigators, they caught the 50-year-old through what non-technical readers would refer to as “catfishing.” Long story short, they posed as a woman who seduced the admin, slowly chipping away at his anonymity.

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Central Office for the Suppression of Sexual Offenses
BKA: Fighting Darknet Child Abuse Forums

Matthias Wenz, Deputy Head of a unit of the German Federal Police dedicated to crimes against children, talked about the current state of child abuse on the clearnet and darknet. He revealed the needed changes within law enforcement and other aspects of the crime unknown to the public.

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