Tochka Market News Update

Because of the high transaction mining fee (Bitcoin) we advise all buyers and vendors to not buy/sell stuff at least $100. Use ETH/BCH for small amount orders. Fees are ~1$ for them. Why? -Well, this is the scenario: Imagine that you are buying from ‘X’ vendor a Netflix account whichRead More →


The Royal Canadian Mountain Police charged 27-year-old Jordan Evan Bloom for running Leakedsource (.com), a stolen password “shop.” They arrested him with assistance from the FBI and Dutch law enforcement as part of “Project Adoration.”Read More →

Odyssey market

A recently launched darknet market called Odyssey market, as pointed out by ecatelhf on Reddit, is based on a publicly available marketplace script sold on the Bitcoin Talk forums. The script largely resembles (and functions) as a clone of the infamous Evolution market. Using a market script is not inherently anRead More →

Darknet Dealer in Vienna

The State Office for Criminal Investigation in Vienna announced that they arrested a presumed darknet dealer in Barawitzkagasse on January 5, 2018. The arrest was part of a so-called “extensive investigation.” Authorities raided an apartment in Vienna and seized roughly 210 grams of cannabis, as well as 1120 € cash.Read More →

Sourcery Market

“We are very responsive to issues and are quick to provide help,” the market’s admin wrote in a post advertising the market. A Reddit user recently posted a message from a Sourcery administrator that indicated the market will likely remain down. The market showed potential when it launched and claimedRead More →