Apollon Market is (Probably) Exit Scamming

Users of Apollon Market—both customers and vendors—have been reporting unusual behavior from the administrators of the market. All evidence points to an exit scam.

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Hours after Dread relaunched, an attacker started DDOSing Dread, Envoy, The Hub, and possibly other forums. Many of the HugBunter wrote, “we were back up and running and then ALL forums were attacked at once, all hard down.” Dread access has been limited since relaunch. Many of the other forums appear to have recovered as of this post. The Dread administrator believes Apollon is responsible for “the dos attacks against all the forums and Empire.”

Many of the users who accessed Dread (likely through one of the mirrors) posted their concerns about Apollon Market.

SamWhiskey, a Dread mod, stickied the “Apollon Megathread” and issued a similar warning:

Since the downtime we’ve had some reports of problems with Apollon. This is the place to post any information or questions you have. Please do not make separate posts about it.

Apollon market is paying for DDOS attacks against dread, avengers, the hub, envoy and empire. Most likely to cover up an exit scam.

An Apollon Market megathread on Dread

An Apollon Market megathread on Dread

A number of vendors on Apollon Market sent emails to darknetlive with information concerning their accounts on the market.

One vendor, SteroidWarehouse, wrote:

I can confirm that when I try to sign into Apollon I get the following:

The username and/or password you entered is invalid

This morning I could still login and then all of a sudden I couldn’t. I also had several customers who told me that their wallets have been depleted yesterday night and this morning. It might be that they’re doing a Nightmare style exist scam. If you need more details please let me know.


As a vendor we can confirm that we are unable to login to our vendor accounts but still able to login to fake customer acconts [sic]. Out oof [sic] stock items in our listings have been re enabled

Feels like an EXIT scam


I’m astronomicat, a small-time vendor with years of experience with darknet markets. I’d like to inform you that there are some issues at Apollon where several vendor accounts have had their passwords changed, hindering access to the accounts. I’m one of them. It cannot be a matter of phishing or similar as I have 2FA enabled and have had good opsec since 2013. At the time of writing this message, at least two others have claimed the same.

tomandjerry (via Dread)

All vendors are locket out their accounts, buyers not, withdraws disabled

Dread user /u/OwlofLogic posted a TLDR in the Apollon Megathread.

There is a fault on our side after last update. We are now working on it thank you for your patience and sorry for the delays. As the admin comes online all will be fine again. We locked all vendor accounts till we fix the issue. Please wait until resolution don’t reply the ticket

A convincing reply from an Apollon Market staffer

A convincing reply from an Apollon Market staffer

Apollon Market staffer /u/sator is sending the above response through the market’s ticket interface as well as on Dread.

Before, after

Before, after

One unusual note: The market’s homepage changed at some point within the last five days. The homepage had links to Dark Eye, TheOnionWeb, DarknetLive, and Dread just days ago. As of publication, the homepage only has a link to Dark Eye.

If anyone has additional information, feel free to email darknetlive or leave a comment. Story is still developing. History repeats itself, though.



TICKET ID - 18088



this is an obvious exit scam i am so glad i went with monopoly market weeks ago lol

Long John Silver

Everyone knew it was Apollon behind the market DDOS attacks. Apollon never went down ever.

boujee little thang

apollon followed in cryptonia's footsteps. literally, they never went down and always had excellent connection. one day, they randomly just stop working? smmhhhh, what a tragedy.


Here i am, unemployed.


How is this even possible ? Are we gonna let the demons run amok ?


Why is anybody surprised? All of these markets will exit scam sooner or later, sheeple need to stop trusting markets and start trusting vendors a bit more, many vendors have a CV and have worked hard for it, no markets are trustworthy so the best thing to do is give your favorite vendor your contact details, that way in these situations you can work something out between you.


Fuck all that. we are pingertek at x.o.dose@protonmail.com and you can email us about pressed xtc pills within the USA.

can confirm along with everyone else, we’ve been locked out and this looks bad. Here’s the fuckin thing you little shits running these markets: You Can Socially Engineer The Fuck Out Of Scams All Day But Can You Socialize In Real Life? nope.

So we’re gonna be shipping physical business cards from the get go, with our email, along with every order we ship out so these buyers who want good business can work with US instead of the latest scam site shit hole cluster fuck with too many points of failure in it.


I am still able to get on Apollon. I made order few days befoee the alleged exit scam. I messaged the vendor on another market place to see if it will effect me getying my package. Waiting for response back right now


Definitely I’d love to just buy directly with trusted vendors that I’ve purchased from before but it seems like many vendors don’t want to do that for whatever reasons. I’ve asked vendors before that I have purchased with several times if I can pay them direct even offering to FE but they just tell me to go to the next market.

Why wouldn’t vendors want to work direct? For Op Sec reasons?

Stackz420 doxxed apollon admin

Stackz 420 doxxed the admin of apollon yesterday hahahaha karma got him


I logged on just today and withdrew my money, it DID transfer back to my wallet.


That guy who said hes going to start sending business cards is going to be news on this site one day.

who is the admin

any details on who or link to the article, i have a grudge to settle.


“I logged on just today and withdrew my money, it DID transfer back to my wallet.” - @rando

None of my withdrawals from apollon have been approved or received in my wallet.

Does anyone know any good markets (the bar is set pretty low at this point) that are actually usable for longer than a month?

More Data Needed

At what time Jan 28th were vendors locked out of their accounts? I made 2 orders before 10am CST that were both marked as shipped promptly. I can’t yet determine if these orders were automatically marked shipped as part of the scam or if these packs are legitimately on their way. Both of the orders initially shown as processing, so it wasn’t immediate.

Anyway I think this information would be useful in general so if any vendors could give some insight that would be a big help. Thanks.

More Date Needed Correction

correction 10am PST



So those who already know the empire admin operated under the jabber account - fuckoff1234@xmpp.jp , i have now found this admin is also either the owner of apollon or he is also an admin there, first i explained before on empire how adding a user to your blacklist and favorites lets you see the USER ID which is a numeric value, that value is there entry number in the database.

So fuckoff1234 = empire admin

now lets look at apollons admin profile

ADMIN : https://linx.li/apollonproof2.png

Okay we can see the admin registered on July 10 2018 , his last seen date is fake for obvious reasons.

Now lets look at fuckoff1234 - https://linx.li/apollonproof3.png

fuckoff1234 also registered on the exact same day, we can see that it is not just a coincidence that he happened to sign up on that day by looking at the final piece to the puzzle, lets add both users to our favorites


Well what do you know fuckoff1234 UID = 299317 and Admin UID = 299319 , meaning fuckoff1234 was a registered member in apollons database even before apollons admin was, so this shows us that the empire admin is also an apollon admin

never fail to impress

for long time i think that se7en from empire market is reloaded from apollon now it makes sense,


All our beloved customers; u can find us on DarkMarket from now on !


I was fortunate enough to withdraw on time. If you need me djswipe@protonmailmcom


was newish vendor on apollon, got taken for everything. moved to square market. looks really clean, they are accepting anyone from apollon right now. link is on avengers, envoy, hub, admins are nice.

Ricky Bobby

Just a theory, but does anyone remember a period of 4 months or so Se7en had disappeared from Dread and everyone was very skeptical? Funny enough Apollon surfaced at that the time Se7en came back to dread and being more active overall. Anyone else notice this? Could this have been a project for him to gain a little extra cash and gain more customers and vendors to empire and making it seem as if empire is the ultimate trustworthy site after the exit scam. Maybe whoever owns Empire is not the owner of Apollon but surely a skeptical situation

mr. gee

welp that fuckin sucks. never trust a shiny market. where can I find vendors with dread down? I ordered from a CaliPlugMike on Tuesday, said it shipped early in the afternoon. does anybody know when the last time vendors could get into their accounts was? anyone know where to find this guy to ask if it actually shipped or not?


alright lads the only good markets are whitehouse and darkmarket the rest are shit mate


Empire will be seized in July 2020 on the 3 year anniversary of Alphabay. You can quote me on this day. Call me Ted for reference.

Se7en owns Torum

Torum Market Administrator is Se7en , sign up to torum from the link on this site, and write any post ask if torum owns empire and they will ban you instantly, you can see torum and se7en have identical writing styles and how much Torum shills empire in his posts. If we want to deanonymise Se7en we must deanonymise Torum


Empire will be seized in July 2020 on the 3 year anniversary of Alphabay. You can quote me on this day. Call me Ted for reference.

Godman said the exact same thing last year. Hmm.

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just tried the accountless service from bitbazaar, loved it



all of this is way too weird. dread offline for 17 days and comes back the same day apollon goes offline? i have a feeling all these current dnm and links are run by one scumbag crew, stealing from everyone... such as dark.fail, dread, apollon, empire... most likely also the same crew who ran berlusconi, cryptonia, cgmc, list goes on.. similar style exit scams all in a 3-6 month span? maybe they exit before LE finds out too much information and decide to run with funds rather than jeopordize their op.. be careful of this sonar email system, dark eye, and darknet trust.. they seem to be run by the apollon crew (or the crew running all of this).


Good links?.


dark.fail warned us a little too late, i should have known after receiving strange msg from Robot claiming to be admin and that i have an encrypted msg that i can read if i follow a certain link, obvious trap. but how the hell did they get my username if im only a buyer and never disclosed it anywhere.

Se7en does own torum

Whoever said Se7en owns torum is most likely correct. I went to make an account there called "Se7enOwnsTorum" when i completed the captcha it said "You are using a name that is banned from the website" something like that Don't believe me? Go and try to create account in the name of "Se7enOwnsTorum" He's behind all the scams


se7en from slipknot lol he fucking us ?


I can see the first registered non admin in Torums database username is "Syntax" possibly worth looking into maybe he is Se7en, since this guy registered the same day between admin accounts. It looks like time to do some deep research, I will come back with some details. I also tried to post on Torum and asked "Does Empire own Torum?" and I was banished from the forums.


Yes stackz please dig as deep as you can in the username syntax. After se7en and fuckoff1234 you are on the right track!! I did my best but not in one scenario can I imagine multiple people coming up with these brilliant unique names. Its a dead giveaway. Only empire idiot could make these names up. Now you got ''' syn??? tax????' wtf does that mean. Taxes on sins?? funny guy. Syntax is not a word or name used anywhere around the world. I did google search not in one language can syntax be found. Perhaps try pgp keyownership again by syntax. If you find anything this is the guy!!! HE MUST BE FRIENDS WITH SPANISH TRUCK OWNER WITH DRUGS IN HIS HANDS and they must all be taken down good stackz


"LiveDabs" a vendor on many sites has been active right through all the mess and probably is involved with the rest of these assmops. He seesms to enjoy steady biz on Apollon even today. I have heard and know of vendors locked out of their accounts while this criminal can withdraw his BTC at will. I doubt anyone can wrack up the numbers he does he sells fake drugs and needs to be exposed.


Syntax is not a word or name used anywhere around the world. I did google search not in one language can syntax be found.

lol are you fucking retarded? maybe try opening your eyes while doing your “google search”

Well then

off to find the next market...


Have buyers been able to withdraw their crypto? just tried now, still waiting.


I proved the comment claiming to be stackz420 wrong about the user ID, but he is right about the date they three joined, a popular vendor also joined that day. Will post proof when dread comes up.

Live Dabs experiences and Insights, GO:

I have read some disturbing feedback about Live Dabs. I won't repeat them here & I get no responses, but wonder if you have an experience w/ this vendor you can share about orders .

LiveDabs a alias

Livedabs is Raux18faux, Im pretty sure of it…. From what i see on these markets Raux18faux has the cheapeast prices for everything you can think of and seems steady on markets also livedabs came out when raux seemed to have a issue with shipping and then made good for it…

Just food for though!


I am Xking
Vendor on apollon

I can confirm that apollon is exit scamming
Vendors cannot login(wrong username/pass)
I can login with a buyer account of me but not with vendor.
Defenitely Exit scamming


DDOS-Attacks everywhere, every main forum, empire. What do you think how long will this take? If Apollon exit is the reason for all these attacks, when will they have finished their exit scam??? It's now two weeks or more, why won't they just take their money and stop disturbing forums and other markets???

Eric Grinch

It really isn't that hard. Fuck ethics and return the favor. Just DDOS apollon for the next 3 weeks until everybody gets the message they're gone. They're not going to be doing any maintenance on it so it should be an easy job. Idk why you need me to suggest this. Why aren't you doing this.


Still "probably"? It's a fact, isn't it?


LiveDabs can't be Raux18Faux. They ship from completely different areas. LiveDabs is way too organized and professional to be RF. Also, know for a fact that LiveDabs lost thousands in Apollon exit scam and emailed all his custs not to use Apollon due to exit scam


Empire is working, but not 'good'. It's on and off, always changing urls. 'Good' working are markets like Whitehouse or BitBazaar. Smaller markets.


I think with the end of dreammarket , began an era against darknet markets. vendors busted every week, customers get riped of massiv.

Markets fight to each other and ripping the people off aswell , not only vendors fucking up now , markets aswell ! nice shit !

The good working markets you call , have a product list which is bs!

Empire dark.fail

URL working on dark.fail


I proved the comment claiming to be stackz420 wrong about the user ID, but he is right about the date they three joined, a popular vendor also joined that day.

Yes i posted about this on dread the ID is actually a unique ID tied to your favorites however the reg date is the same day as the admin account


how about some updates ?


closing in on Se7en's last known location. No hiding forever now scumbag. Some of us don't take kindly to your business practices and we will find you. Wir sind in deiner Nähe, mein Freund. Fürchte dich, fürchte dich sehr.


Yeah I’m sure they are exit scamming, been waiting on an order since 26/01/20

Strangely 2 of the orders I placed arrived, the last 2 we’re accepted the following day at FE but I’ve never received a package or reply back from the vendor, looks like it’s time to go to another market.


Lol @looking. Wasnt he suppose to be the spanish guy? so now you've tried threatening someone in vague english, german and spanish. Or did he learn German because he has to go there so many times for work in his truck you posted 3700x? All that's left is to try and call some asian guy out. Add some ching chong words and literally anyone in the world could be threatened by these empty threats. just go fuck yourself already nobody cares or believes you anymore


RE: Lookingforwhat??

@Looking isn’t me, My posts contained verified next to them. From your response i think you might think this guy is me or he is pretending to be me


all ya stfu, where is apollon is it for sure now over? can we have confirmed article about it?


Keep up the good work stacks we appreciate ya





Fucking market absconded with $4k worth of methamphetamines I had just ordered. No refunds? Can we see refunds from vendors that didn't ship come onto our wallet anytime soon?

all back to normal!?!?!?!?!?!?!? site is UP!!!

really this happening? or this just a setup to kill apollon?


In reply to all back to normal!?!?!?!?!?!?!? site is UP!!!

Well, this person is clearly stable.

site works

just logged in now, all funds fine?

You're legit fucking stupid

If you fucking dipshits want to keep sending your coin to a market that exited a fucking week ago, I guess no one can stop you. But stop telling other people to do it just because you've never seen an exit scam before and don't fucking comprehend that THIS IS THE WAY IT WORKS. Of course you can login. Of course you can send bitcoin. OF COURSE IT GOT MARKED SHIPPED. They can't get your coin out of escrow without marking it shipped you goddamn imbecile. Stop asking for proof, the proof is all the vendors saying they've been locked out of their accounts since LAST TUESDAY MORNING. No, your vendor has no control over whether or not your order went out if you ordered within the last week. No, your vendor did not mark it shipped, the dickheads pulling the exit scam did. You can do whatever you want with your coin, it's yours to throw away. BUT SIT DOWN AND SHUT THE FUCK UP TELLING EVERYONE ELSE THAT YOU THINK THE MARKET IS FINE. IT'S FUCKING NOT.


Go ahead and deposit your coins to apollon if you want to get robbed...

DarkFail Down? WTH is happening?

I've never seen it this bad as far as accessing links? Hoping this too shall pass, but missing the days of stability.


Even my cancelled orders have been marked as shipped?! 2 orders from Jan 25th arrived, the other 3 never arrived... no replies from seller (lvl3 trust 5, 100% positive feedback) even after dispute raised. Yeah, looks like an exit... Just as I joined!

DarkFail Down? WTH is happening?

To clarify: not trying to access Appollon links (due to obvious scam), but all other links are unavailable. Just concerned about Dark.Fail unavailability. DO NOT DEPOSIT MONEY INTO APPOLLON. Not a good idea.


In reply to DarkFail Down? WTH is happening?

Dark.fail’s clearnet site is online but their onion service is under attack. They are working on a solution.



I proved the comment claiming to be stackz420 wrong about the user ID, but he is right about the date they three joined, a popular vendor also joined that day.

Yes i posted about this on dread the ID is actually a unique ID tied to your favorites however the
reg date is the same day as the admin account

I did the same thing you did but got different id numbers, I then deleted admin from my favorites and added him again, he had a different ID. All 3 IDs were numbers higher then vendors I had previously had in my favorites. Much respect for you btw, just something I noticed


I see you clarified. Too bad dread is down


Livedabs, who is one of the largest vendors on Apollon, was either in on it, or knew about it ahead of time and started his own individual exit scam a few weeks before Apollon's exit scam. Meaning he, as a vendor, was accepting new orders but not shipping NEARLY as many as he accepted. He received about 700 orders in January BEFORE Apollon exit scammed. He was likely shipping the smaller/cheaper orders to keep positive feedback coming in and not shipping the larger orders. He began lying to his customers in the first week on January. I placed two $710.00 orders during this time and he burned me on both. One I placed on January 4th. He spent 3 weeks lying to me and giving me excuses as to why he couldn't ship my order.


I made an order on the 13th of Jan. I still have not received it.


livedabs emailed me telling me not to use apollon because they were exit scamming the day it happened and vendors got locked out, why would he do that if he is in on it? makes no sense. Apollon is using vendor accounts and taking peoples money still! be careful people

empire links

Some empire link on dark.fail appear offline but are online


A reddit user on r/darknet found every apollon wallet, every stolen bitcoin, and the personal wallets of staff members complete with their recent transactions on the bitcoin exchange baido.com

It’s the same guy who chased sheepmarkets owner through bitcoinfog. sheeproadreloaded2 / vendor_BBMC


Hey everyone, I will be making a private website/system for cannabis and psychedelic vendors/buyers only. That is all, nothing else. Karma does affect everyone with what is going on, meaning they will get what is coming to them on their own, and we will get ours. Keep your vibes high.

message me on wickr [wickr ID] if you would like to work together. will have verification system unlike anything else. Hope to hear from you.


How about we just as a species decide to leave some drugs/behaviors behind. I’ve noticed a trend. Those that deal in the hard drugs (pills, meth, heroin, coke,) in MOST cases are unreliable. Thinking about all of my experiences of my own (pills and coke) as well as the family, friends, and community that has been affected by these substances, I find that they create behaviors of people who are unreliable, and more than likely much worse than that. If you can show me (the point of this is not an argument, but a change) someone on these drugs consistently for years who is reliable/not a thief/harmful person, please do.

Making a collective decision happens on a vibrational level. Removing behaviors on a massive scale if we all decide to. Those of you who think “oh well everyone wont change” you’re adding to the problem. Believe in people.

If you can handle the drug and still be a good person and take care of yourself, go for it. It’s your body, your responsibility. My body, my responsibility. But if the drug starts to handle you, then it can get bad. obviously. Hope everyone takes this well, just want life to be good for everyone. None of us started out bad… :O


I lost over $12k on Apollon exit. Anyone who ordered from dannyboysusa on Apollon or is looking for that fire K (look me up on any forum), you can still find me on Empire (when it's up) or Wickr @


Hey Reggie I'm thinking of doing the same thing you should post your wickr ID it didn't post..


ADD me On Wickr Guys


How The hell is a neewbie customer like me gonna learn something from this jungle? Any tips?


How The hell is a neewbie customer like me gonna learn something from this jungle? Any tips?


Apollon has fallen but you can still find us on Cypher and Square. DMT, LSD, 2FDCK, MDMA, shatter, distillate

Wickr: dangersnacks


yesterday I transfered money...and yes, its history....they cheated me. DAMNED

La'Carpetron D'Squarius

I've been exit scammed multiple times. First time was on Oxygen market way back in the day, it was the first time I ever tried to buy anything on the DW. The other time, more recently, was on nightmare market. I'm just a small time buyer so I didn't lose much, just a couple hundred dollars each time. Luckily though this time my account on Apollon only had a couple dollars on it.

empire ddos attack

Maybe this ddos attack to empire means moving to another market that will exist scam soon


How can I connect to a Tor hidden service using cURL in PHP?


It began on the 26th actually. I ordered on 24th, 25th, and 26th. My 26th 2am order was marked shipped unusually quickly, like 3 hours later at 5am. Received first 2 orders. Not 26th order.


Wow, somebody found out who the appolon owner are have his name and photo and an address, my god this appollon owner is so THICK!!! Lots of people will want him DEAD!!! FUCKING IDIOT!! Look at the forum!


I tried to deposit money into my apollon account but the money never appeared

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