Apollon Market

Apollon is a classic escrow market established in 2018 that supports the importation of feedback from several markets, the automatic deletion of order various logs, and several other features making the market an appealing option for those looking for an alternative to the main marketplaces.

Apollon Addresses and Alternate Mirrors


Signed List of Apollon Mirrors: link

Subdread: /d/apollon

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A Sample of Items Available on Apollon Market

A Sample of Items Available on Apollon Market

Apollon Market FAQ

Deposits, ordering, withdrawing

How to order a product. Here is the ordering process explained:

Go to the Deposit & Withdrawal BTC / XMR / LTC / BCH page and copy the coin address. Then you will have to send a minimum of 0.0005 BTC / minimum 0.08 LTC / minimum 0.16 XMR / minimum 0.02 BCH to the address.

A few examples of Bitcoin Software wallets that you can use:

Examples of Bitcoin Hardware wallets that you can use:

An Item for Sale on Apollon Market

An Item for Sale on Apollon Market

There are several crypto exchanges as well that you can use to buy BTC/XMR. You can find these with a simple search by using your preferred search engine. We do however recommend using your own software/hardware wallets.

For XMR (monero) we recommend downloading and using the official Monero wallet, which you can find on their official website: www.getmonero.org

Why is my deposit not showing up?

Your deposit will show after 2 confirmations. Please be patient in waiting for a deposit to be credited to your wallet.
Always be sure to use adequate fees for your transactions. Low transaction fees can cause slow transaction times in a period of a busy Bitcoin network.
Even after 2 confirmations it can still take another 5 minutes for your funds to show up in your wallet.

Apollon Now Lets Users Import Feedback From Other Markets

Apollon Now Lets Users Import Feedback From Other Markets

Can I also withdraw my coins?

Yes, you definitely can. In order to withdraw your coins go to the Deposit & Withdrawal BTC / XMR / LTC / BCH page.
Fill in the BTC / XMR / LTC / BCH address that you would like to use in order to withdraw your coins and all other fields (amount, 6-digit PIN and the CAPTCHA code).
Then simply press the green Withdraw button and your coins will be sent to the address that you filled in.

Which cryptocurrencies are supported on Apollon Market and how do I know which vendors accept which cryptocurrency?

Currently only Bitcoin (BTC), Monero (XMR), Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) are the only supported cryptocurrencies on Apollon Market.

If you want to know if a vendor accepts BTC / XMR / LTC / BCH then go to their Profile and click on any of their products.
You will see between one and four buttons: Purchase with BTC / Purchase with XMR / Purchase with LTC / Purchase with BCH.

Another option would be to send a vendor private message and simply ask which currencies they accept or do not accept.

Banned items and Allowed items.

The following items are banned and strictly forbidden from being bought/sold on Apollon Market:

- All types of firearms, bullets, grenades, explosives, mines, biological weapons, other destructive devices and anything of that nature
- (Car)Fentanyl and any other fentanyl analogues, poisons
- Child pornography or anything whatsoever untoward involving children
- Assassination services
- Selling/buying video/audio/imagery involving the suffering of another living being (humans, animals and any other living being)

If you attempt to buy/sell any of the items above, your account will be terminated and you will be banned for life.

How do ratings and feedback work?

After the order of a buyer has finalized, the buyer will be able to rate the transaction either positive or negative. The buyer will also be able to add a short comment about the transaction which is commonly known as feedback.
Feedback will help other buyers determine whether they would like to buy a product or use a specific vendor or not.

Do not ever mention specifics about the stealth of a vendor’s package when leaving feedback!

How can I ensure the mirror I am on is real?

On every mirror you can go to /pgp.txt, if the link is real it will be signed by the market key. Make sure the signature matches the market key.

What is the mnemonic?

The mnemonic for your account is used for recovery purposes, its only displayed during registration. You can use your mnemonic to reset your password or pin at anytime.

Escrow and FE listings, what is the difference?

Escrow listings explained:

Once you purchase a listing, the seller has 72 hours to mark the order as shipped, otherwise the order will be cancelled automatically and you will be refunded by the system.

After your order has been marked shipped by the vendor you can either finalize the order once you have received it or dispute the order if there is a problem.
You can also extend the escrow. Extending escrow means that you can extend the time before an order automatically finalizes.

Orders automatically finalize after 14 days (Physical Items) or 3 days (Digital Items).

FE listings explained:

FE is short for Finalize Early. Some vendors have earned FE privilege. What this means is that they can bypass the escrow holding period.
FE privilege is only granted to vendors who are highly trusted and have earned it by completing at least 200 orders and total rating of 90%+ of positive feedback.

Funds for FE listings are non-refundable by the market but can be refunded by the vendor at any time.
Be sure to pick a trusted vendor with good ratings when you decide to purchase a product from a vendor who has their listings set to FE.

How do I know if I am buying an Escrow or FE listing?

Every listing for a product will either say Escrow or Finalize Early.
You can also see if a vendor is allowed FE or not by looking at their profile. Their profile will either say FE: Allowed or FE: Not Allowed

Keep in mind that just because a vendor is allowed FE that it does not mean that all of their listings will be set to FE.
FE vendors can also create Escrow listings. If you would like a custom listing to be made for you, then you can always send the vendor a message and ask for a custom listing without FE.

Guidelines and rules for buyers

- Finalize your orders. As soon as you have received and inspected your order then immediately finalize your order on the market We cannot stress this enough!
- Use common sense. Always think and ask questions before acting not the other way around
- Do not discuss the specifics of the stealth used by a vendor when you leave feedback for a received order
- Familiarize yourself with vendors by going through their statistics and possibly even looking them up on Dread
- Do not try to scam and always be fully honest if you ever happen to end up in a dispute

Apollon Market News

Earlier Updates

13 May 2019
* Minimum withdraw ( and deposit ) has been set to 0.0025 from 0.004.

Vendors remember to use home ads to get more views.

11 May 2019
* Vendor feedback is now being imported from Dream, Empire and Berlusconi market.

Also make sure to bookmark our backup urls








10 May 2019
* Minimum deposit changed from 0.006 to 0.004 due to bitcoin’s value increase.

25 Apr 2019
* Minimum deposit changed from 0.009 to 0.006.

06 Jul 2018
* All the vendors with that left their wickr in their product description have had their listings disabled, please remove your wickr/email from your listings and re-enable them. All the vendors found trying to redirect users off-market will be banned. Minimum deposit changed from 0.003 to 0.006

06 Jul 2018
* Minimum deposit changed from 0.006 to 0.009. 2FA login fixed. We apologise for the mistake.

04 Jul 2018
* Fentanyl is now banned from Apollon Market. To all the vendors who have a listing about it, please delete them.

08 May 2018
* You can’t send wickr/emails to your clients all deals must be done on the market

17 Apr 2018
* You can now invite people to the market and earn money! http://apollionih4ocqyd.onion/affiliate.php

26 Mar 2018
* You can now change your Currency by going to /profile.php AutoShop is now open at /autoshop.php If you want to sell on the autoshop ask support

09 Mar 2018
* Apollon Market is now live! SegWit Implemented PGP Fixed

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