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Tor is slow right now. Here is what is happening

Published on 2023-02-09, using 584 words.
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Tor Project: Circumventing Censorship in Iran

Published on 2022-09-23, using 787 words.
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German Police Raided a Tor Exit Node Operator

Published on 2022-09-21, using 446 words.
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Hacker Factor on Snowflake Pluggable Transports

Published on 2021-12-31, using 1327 words.
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Eight Sentenced to Prison in CyberBunker Trial

Published on 2021-12-14, using 473 words.
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Who is Running Hundreds of Malicious Tor Relays?

Published on 2021-12-08, using 664 words.
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Reminder: Tor is Ending Support for v2 Onion Services

Published on 2021-07-05, using 646 words.
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Tor is Killing off Support for v2 Onion Services in October

Published on 2021-05-02, using 359 words.
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