Tor: "Experimental Fix" Might Make Tor Usable Again

~2 min read | Published on 2021-01-12, tagged General-NewsTor using 363 words.

A Tor patch is available for testing that might fix the ongoing consensus issues and general network degradation.
For a qrd, DarkDotFail covered the outage through their Twitter account:
“Ongoing Tor consensus issues caused all v3 .onions to be offline for ~3 of the past 12hrs. I believe it is an intentional attack on Tor. It began on Jan 6th.

Dark Market remains offline for no technical reason. White House Market launched two temporary v2 .onions.”

HugBunter and DarkDotFail are some of the only people covering the ongoing consensus issues.
Roger Dingledine, through the Tor-Talk mailing list, pointed users to an experimental patch that could fix the consensus issue primarily impacting v3 onion services.<code>Hi people-who-enjoy-building-their-Tor-from-source,We have an experimental fix for making v3 onion services work, bothclient-side and service-side, even while the network is in a degradedstate.(More background:'ll need to apply the patch to both the service side and the clientside. (But it might work just to apply it on the client side -- if theservice side still has its introduction points open and hasn't tried topublish a new hsdesc that lists different introduction points.)And you're in luck, the network is running in degraded mode right now,so it is the perfect time to try the patch. :) :/You can find it as a git branch at as a Tor diff which you can apply to your git checkout: as a Tor tarball I just made, at$ sha256sum tor- tor- you don't like building from source, that's fine. But if you do,please test, and help find problems! Our current plan is to get thispatch into Tor, which will come out tomorrow-ish, and thatwill work its way into an upcoming Tor Browser alpha at some point.b</code>

Ablative Hosting, on Reddit, wrote that they had tested the patch earlier today.
As per there is an alpha build available that has the patches to resolve the v3 / consensus issues.

If you can please help test it.

I compiled it successfully on OpenBSD and deployed it for our blog .onion a little while ago - all seems good (note that without a client running the patches you still might not be able to reach a working .onion).

The dev ticket for the fix is