Tabooless Member Faces Murder Solicitation Charges

~1 min read | Published on 2018-06-05, tagged Murder-for-Hire using 158 words.

A few weeks ago, before the site went down and lost pictures, I wrote about the Tabooless member Christian L. who had turned into an informant for German authorities. Well, L. is at it again: the 44-year-old Tabooless member from Schleswig-Holstein, according to L., had initially reached out to pedophiles on the darknet and asked if he could murder the child.
On June 11, at the District Court of Karlsruhe, judges will consider a new sentence that accounts for both the child abuse and murder solicitation. And L. told investigators that the unnamed 44-year-old had asked other individuals if he could murder their children. L. has started sounding delusional, but German authorities have validated his statements thus far.
The Staufen boy the 44-year-old had spent thousands of euros to routinely rape never got murdered due to his mother’s sexual companion’s lack of interest in the murder of children. This sounds like FUD, but the 44-year-old will be facing a panel on June 11 for solicitation of murder charges