Tabooless Chat Admin Sentenced to Prison

~2 min read | Published on 2018-05-01, tagged Child-AbuseSentenced using 263 words.

According to several German media outlets, the 50-year-old moderator or administrator of the darknet child abuse chatroom “Tabooless Chat” received a prison sentence of three and a half years for his role in moderating the site. According to evidence revealed in the courtroom, the man confessed to his crimes and had actually been in police custody since November 2017. Roughly one week ago, I wrote about the takedown of the site.
In court, the man admitted to working as one of the site’s administrators or moderators under the username “Commander.” He also admitted he had shared and downloaded child abuse content. the man himself never committed any crimes against children, but a court reporter pointed out that one man had sexually abused at least one of his children and the 50-year-old defendant had helped share that content.
The Hannover police and the Hannover Public Prosecutor, alongside other authorities responsible for the actual seizure of the forum, conducted the investigation into the chatroom. After they had identified the 50-year-old admin/mod and a 45-year-old also suspected of playing a role in the site’s existence, the authorities moved in and arrested both men. Both, according to the prosecutor’s announcement, fully cooperated with police. They handed the 50-year-old over to Hechingen authorities—he had lived in Albstadt at the time of the arrest. The Hechingen District Court issued the sentence on April 30, 2018. The prosecution pushed for a four year prison sentence and the defense pushed for a two year and nine month sentence.
I am currently waiting on a response from the prosecutor’s office in Hechingen.
Here is one news article covering the sentence: Verwalter von Kinderporno-Seite verurteilt