RCMP Arrested Empire Vendor AlwaysOvrWeight

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A year-long investigation by the RCMP resulted in the arrest of a prolific darkweb vendor known as AlwaysOvrWeight. During the course of the investigation, the RCMP arrested three suspects, raided two houses, and dismantled a GHB processing lab.
Updated on May 31, 2022: RCMP Arrested Three in “AlwaysOverweight” Case
The RCMP’s Federal Serious and Organized Crime team launched an investigation in January 2019 that targeted a darkweb vendor in Nanaimo. According to the RCMP, the case involved drug distribution through “the dark web and bitcoin exchanges.” The target, a vendor identified as AlwaysOvrWeight, sold a variety of substances, including cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, GHB, ketamine, and fentanyl. The vendor sold primarily to customers in Canada.

AlwaysOvrWeight had a profile on Empire Market where he had an average feedback of 99% and had completed 1,257 orders.<style>.ajr>details{max-height:350px;overflow:auto}</style>
<details class="ajr"><summary>Empire Market - AlwaysOvrWeight</summary>
Total Feedback: 1257
Rating: 99.89
PGP Key ID: <code>0894E2C4E24D160328B21676074306792204F319</code>
Investigators also learned that AlwaysOvrWeight used the handle bcpremo88 on encrypted messaging platforms. They did not explain how this information had helped investigators identify the suspects, though.
On February 4, 2020, RCMP officers executed search warrants at two Nanaimo homes. In the first raid, officers located and dismantled a GHB processing laboratory. The house also contained drug packaging and shipping material. During the second raid, officers arrested all three suspects and discovered “evidence of drug trafficking using the dark web.”
The RCMP released very little information about the investigation. They noted that investigators had used both “conventional and non-conventional techniques” to link the suspects to the vendor account and that Canada Post had provided the RCMP with “co-operation and support,” police said.
“This marks the success of a challenging project. The RCMP in B.C. will continue to work to enhance public safety for all Canadians, in the real and virtual world,” said RCMP Supt. Richard Bergevin.

Update One: A user sent an email from AO’s email address with the following content:

Please take the article down that says I am arrested.
That is not me and I am not associated with whoever is in this article at all.
Every minute that your article is up I am losing business which isnt fair at all.

Update two
Dread user /u/AlwaysOvrweight on this topic:
What do you know by reading this article? Nothing.

Thank you to whoever banned my account.

I am not arrested or under LE control, nor am I associated with whoever this article is about. This goes to show how retarded the Canadian Police force really is, wonderful use of our tax dollars.

If you don’t believe me encrypt all your messages to me and I can decrypt them with my normal pgp key.

Back to business as usual.


And one user’s response:
Dude, how do you expect people should react?
Decrypting PGP messages wouldn’t really prove anything, other than that you have possession of the private key.
And if you’ve been arrested, it’s safe to assume you == rcmp.

And a different opinion from another user:
We don’t think its AO that was busted.
-The bust happened in a small isolated city. No large vendor would be shipping from there.
-Positive feedback is still rolling in even though the bust happened 10 days ago.
Either the RCMP caught another vendor or they caught someone trying to impersonate AO.
If we were AO, we would make sure OPSEC is 100% and possibly even discard the AO vendor name.

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Fuck. I knew it, i just made an order with this guy and i knew something was off. Well there goes 200$. Guess its time to clean house.


who said 3 months ago bc had a DEEP DARK investigation going on your welcome sad you did not listen to fellow


Thought Canada Post couldn’t give over packaged to the police? “The report says that because legislation governing Canada Post limits the ability of police to seize mail during the delivery process, police services could pursue agreements with the post office to improve information sharing and investigative processes.” https://www.google.com/amp/s/nationalpost.com/news/canada/criminals-using-canada-post-to-transport-illicit-goods-including-a-rocket-launcher-rcmp-report-says/amp


his empire profile was last online yesterday, most likely LE has access to his account


Yo that was indeed us <3


Ask ALwaysOvrWeight to sign the next reply email with their pgp key.


Apparently this is not AlwaysOverweight? I am not sure what exactly is going on, unless all buyers are getting cds and forced to leave good reviews, there is an odd thread happening on Dread where they're claiming this isn't them. Odd LE bait if so. However, being a small town there are doubts a large vendor could have lasted this long. And the reviews are rolling in.


imagine spending a year on an investigation without figuring out which vendor you're even investigationg ♿♿♿♿👩‍🦽¯\_(ツ)_/¯ my drop successfully got a package from AlwaysOvrWeight like 3 days ago hahahaha holy fuck these old ass fuckin cop niggas are actually retarded as fuck. they fuckin got wheelchairs for there tiny ass brains hahahaha god damn that shit to fuking funny

i have a thought2020-02-16

I think it was bcprem0 theyre talking about. I had an order with them when this dropped and it all went to shit. They had just recently changed their pgp key and also theyee contact on wickr. Their comma have been weird as fuck too, much differenr than ny precious orders. I also know for a fact they are based in nanaimo and ship from there. So eother you guys made a mistake, the cops did, or whoever sent the info. Im like 99\% sure its BCprem0 and not alwaysovrweight. Do with that what you will, but the guys i ordered from were NOT the same as they were before.


I don't think they caught the real alwaysoverweight as i received a package from him yesterday and was communicating with him just a couple of days ago


I bought from him received package at the end of january so before the bust.. but everything was fine. Than I tried buying form him again but was unaware of the exit scam by apolon and AO was the one that told me apolon was exit scamming.. this was like 4 days ago after the raid so... This is confusing as fuck


This vendor contact me few days ago claiming they changed his contact Wickr in another , IMO isn’t alwaysoverweight but the seller bcpremo


Got an order a couple months out from this guy, if he was really under investigation that hard chances are his mail/drops would have been getting screened and I woulda got a CD or never received. By the time they take you down they have been building a phat ass case for a while and they got you dead to right. Maybe we just slipped through the cracks right at the end, who knows. Take this for what it's worth, don't trust nobody.


Sacrifices are necessary for the tribe to prosper. Carry on people. extra g's for all recent orders.

too bad2020-02-19

Its just too bad theyve destroyed ao's rep now. Cant even find him on empire.




If it's bcpremo they have access to his account and are accepting and marking orders as shipped. Bye to my 5 hunnid 😔


Just so everybody knows it was just bcpremo who got arrested his Wickr is down but I just talked to always over weight yesterday he's still up and running


This article is unrelated to us. We are not associated with whoever this article is about. Please contact admin on Empire to remove my account ban. Thank you, AO


Fake name, fake posts can't ya see these assholes are throwin up bullshit to make you think everything is ok. Only so you will buy more shit drugs. Pole smokers on the HUB and ENVOY talk about their fav dealers who turn out to be thieves. I have spent real BTC only to get shit BTH. If it wasn't for the fent you wouldn't get high. Motherfuckers. LiveDabs, Nutspacker, Cdven, Onlythegoostuff, Combi, Safteyfirst all sell unadulterated shit. AO did send me a PM saying no US shipments.


Its canada AO would be out on bail or at least 1/3 of them would be. Its not like they were busted. AO admits to a two day window on dread where "5-10 packs did not go out" and of course people would still be leaving good feedback if they are shipping every day then ppl are getting orders at all different times, along with DDOS delaying finalize, slow buyers to do so etc. There is no reason why still getting good feedback means its not possibly them. Personally I think AO is so determined to prove he wasnt busted to raise doubt in the RCMP's case. IE> the defendant in court will say We couldnt possibly be AO because as you can see from all these people posting on dread, packages were still going out on these days. AO admits to days when packs werent being sent on dread, but does not explain any more than that. I think hes been busted, I think he feels that the case is weak enough or what ever that if he can make it seem like services were unaffected during the brief few days of raids/police custody that will save them in court. That there is no way the accused could be the vendor because these people are claiming to have communicated with him, received packs form him, etc. Which is a flimsy argument and honestly the kind of logic you would expect someone like that might think is their golden ticket home. I think anybody would have to be a fool whether they were busted or not to continue using that moniker and I cant think of any other reason why they wouldnt just burry it and start over - verify a new user with that AO key and start from there its just ridiculous to keep it unless youre trying to prove as I mentioned before. But still a dumb tactic.


Because reputation and trust is hard to come by and if you start over it isn't assured that you will regain either of them or their customers. If they are confident in their opsec then I understand why they would want their account and name back.

Jock itch2020-02-23

Martha your assumption is retarded. If Ao was the one busted and had all that seized including three properties and a lab there would be no way that they could be up and running two days later like they didn't miss a beat. They could hold them at the jail that long without any charges let alone get them bail etc to get out. They dismantled that organization and seized their lab and shipping/) stash house and then there homes. So let's say that it was possible they got out in two days which they didn't you actually believe they were able to find a new property and get all new shipping material and postage which was seized and start back up in two days? You are living in fantasy land. I understand why he wants his vendor account unbanned. Do you realize how long it took to build it and the reputation. There is no way that this was always overweight. It is a shame that their reputation has been smeared and buisness hit hard for something they did not do.. It is outrageous to read your post and you trying to rationalize something that is completely irrational. I really feel sorry for ao and he definitely deserves his account back along with an apology because I can't imagine the stress this has caused them.

why fenty2020-02-25

stay away from fentanyl , not worth , disgusting stuff. how people take it is amazing.


Just ordered from AO last week, it showed up in a few days like usual. Poor guy getting smeared


Order From CHQ Will update according Placed Feb 28 2020


There are two profiles with the "always over weight" tag. On Canadian HQ the vendor goes by "AlwaysOverweight" and he was not arrested. On Empire market the name "AlwaysOvrWeight" has left that market. I was in contact the same day and the next day following the arrest news with the CHQ vendor so he was for sure not at all involved. I dont know about the Empire market guy but he seems to be defending himself the entire time too. BCPremo did get taken down and was arrested. Its weird that the police didnt give out his info right away but smeared always over weight's name. Probably because they couldn't arrest or find him.


I've made numerous purchased with AO on white house market. Hes shipping out of Quebec and is not in BC. Product is always legit, very quick shipping and vendor is very responsive. I've had nothing but great experiences with him. I'm thinking that the AO from Quebec has absolutely nothing to do with the AO who was busted in B.C and is getting accused of it because he chose the name Always OverWeight which so happens to also be the name of a vendor in B.C who was busted.