Empire Market

Empire Market is a market built to resemble the now-defunct Alphabay market. As of this post, the market as 3,500 listings. Empire Market accepts Bitcoin, Monero, and Litecoin.


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PGP Key Details

Hash: SHA256

This is a PGP signed proof of mirror, signed by the Empire Market server's PGP public key.


		2020-17-06 00:59:33




On April 20, 2020, Empire announced five permanent mirrors and disabled the rotating mirrors.

Empire Market Homescreen

Empire Market News

May 28, 2019
Bitcoin deposit function improved significantly.

May 1, 2019

Empire, along with Nightmare and Dread, are undergoing serious DDoS attacks that have been preventing access to the markets for hours at a time.

Jul 11th, 2018
The autoshop now has a checker! All card checks cost $1.00 regardless of the check result, and dead or invalid cards will be refunded, minus the check fee.

Jul 7th, 2018
Implemented a fully-functional autoshop for all members looking to buy fulls or credit cards. You can search by DOB, BIN, city, state, and much more. The process is completely automated and all cards are dispatched immediately.

04/03/2018: Bitcoin 2 of 3 MultiSig implemented.

27/02/2018: Empire Market implemented XMR as a payment option.

11/02/2018: Empire Market implemented BTC as a payment option along with many improvements.

01/02/2018: Empire Market officially launched with only LTC as a payment option.


How do I add funds to my account?

Generate a deposit address on the balances page and send the funds to that address. You need to generate a new deposit address for every new deposit.

My deposit hasn’t showed up?

Deposits are credited when the transaction receives 2 confirmations on the blockchain. You should watch check your fee because low fee causes slow transaction times in a congested Bitcoin network.

I deposited twice to the same address?

You are meant to generate a new deposit address for every new deposit, if you send two deposits to the same address you will need to create a support ticket and request assistance. We can usually fix it easily.

What currencies does Empire Market support?

Bitcoin, Litecoin and Monero

What is the mnemonic?

The mnemonic for your account is used for recovery purposes, it’s only displayed during registration.

What do I do if i’ve lost my password or pin?

You can use your mnemonic to reset your password or pin at anytime.

How does escrow work for digital listings?

Once you purchase the listing it will be marked as processing, the vendor has 48 hours to complete the order by sending the digital item then marking the order as shipped otherwise the order will be cancelled. Once the order has been marked as shipped the buyer can either finalize the order once they have received the purchase, dispute the order if there is a problem or extend escrow if required. If the buyer does nothing once the order is marked as shipped it will auto-finalize after being marked as shipped for 48 hours.

How does escrow work for physical listings?

Once you purchase the listing it will be marked as processing, the vendor has 72 hours to ship the order and mark the order as shipped otherwise it will be cancelled. Once the order has been marked as shipped the buyer can either finalize the order once they have received it, dispute the order if there is a problem or extend escrow if required. If the buyer does nothing once the order is marked as shipped it will auto-finalize after being marked as shipped for 14 days.

How can I become a vendor?

Read the information on the ‘BECOME A VENDOR’ page. You will need to follow the vendor rules and pay the vendor fee. Vendors are required to set up 2FA to secure their account. If you are caught scamming, padding feedback or breaking any other rule your vendor account will be revoked and you could be banned.

Are all listings done through escrow?

The only listings that are not done through escrow are listings by FE vendors. FE vendors are vendors that have been proven to be reliable and reputable.

How can I become a FE vendor?

A vendor can apply for FE once their vendor level reaches 5. The criteria for this is at least 200 sales, $25’000 in volume and 90% positive feedback.

How can I leave feedback for an order?

After the order has finalized you have 30 days to leave the appropriate feedback.

What do I do if i’m experiencing a glitch or bug?

Create a support ticket and explain what is happening for you.

Why does the market page go blank sometimes?

This only happens if you are using the market on a mobile device. The market is only designed to be used on a PC.

What do I do if i’ve been scammed?

Create a support ticket and explain the situation, you can also write up a scam report in the scam report category on the forum. To prevent being scammed you should fully utilize escrow, this means don’t finalize the order if you haven’t received it and dispute the order or extend the escrow if required.

How is the AutoShop different from listings?

The AutoShop has no escrow, it’s intended to be a fast paced process. To ensure a card purchased off the AutoShop is live you can enable the checker during checkout, this will automatically cancel the order.

Where is the PGP key for the market?

The Empire Market PGP key is located at here

How can I ensure the mirror I am on is real?

On every mirror you can go to /safe, if the link is real it will be signed by the market key. Make sure the signature matches the market key.

When can I PM on the forum?

New users unlock the PM feature on the forum after a couple of days of activity.

Reviews (136)
Is anyone else having issues with Empire Moderators not replying to emails or working on disputes?
i have opened 2 tickets about that and havent got any response for a week now. Can any1 help?
I want to be part of the market
Empire has been a great market for several months. Except now. They must be having problems with their BTC deposit. I have made three separate deposits and i have not gotten the credit. I have filled out several tickets for support. No one has contacted me. They say it takes 24 hrs to get a response. One Ticket is over a month old and it says its still processing. I believe Empire is on its way out. I would be careful.
Hi deposited BTC to my regular account on empire market.. Now they took my deposited money and I am not able to log back in.. Please helppppp
check out on empire Honest vendor = cmoney345 thats his ad =
Empire exit scamming reports are coming
No sign of empire being up, tried their home link and nothing gives. Anyone know whats going on here?
can any one hint me on how to setup my public key
As of 8th November 2019 Empire support are fucking crap. Tickets now 10 days old not responded to by support - they are going to exit scam for sure, no one treats their customers like this. If your vendor is sweet on Empire fine but support are non existent / exiting right now
fml got scammed on Silkroad so tried Empire and got scammed there too ! Deposited BTC but it never showed. No support from admin either. If anyone has any luck with this or any other markets then please let us know .
Empire is not safe any more and any money you sent will be lost. Vendors are also exitscamming they don't care anymore about reputation
they arent exit scamming support has always been bad on empire. supports only good on [other markets]
??? Where is the cash
**Removed Affilliate Links
**Removed Affiliate Links**
Scamm? Fool me or intentionally. i didn't get my money back after a disput - there is also no reaction to my tickets. Does anyone know how I reach a moderator like that? Except about a ticket
No funds 4 days correct link used must be scam
fuck u dark net live for removing my Removed Affiliate Links you nerd fucks
Have had nothing but good experiences with Empire until recently. I was ripped off by vendor, moderator got involved, explained my case, no response from vendor or moderator....it's been half a month. Not looking good. Bummer, just when I start getting comfortable with a market, it goes to shit. I'll report back here if anything changes, but don't expect it will. 5 stars for a market that's worked great, minus 2 stars for non-existent support.
Alls that i know of that For SURE. "boimeds".SCAM ARTIST. He trys to ge you to send the coin to him directly,Then if that dont work and you go thrugh the market, he will then try to get you to complete the transaction before the three days then give a good feedback.then he burns you.Thats how many people hes tricked into giving good reviews.if there is a true Vender I would like to give him alot of coin.
Sent in 900 dollars my blockchain wallet has over 200 confirmed sent.. NOTHING IN MY EMPIRE ACCOUNT BEEN 2 DAYS .. opened ticket two days ago no response 100% a scam site they are shutting down the market and ripping everybody off .. I will change my review if anything changes but as of now it's 100% a scam
Its fuckin down rn 25hours and counting
Just lost $40 because deposit didn't go through :(
Site down ? Main link not working
Main site down all mirrors are scams lost 1000 bucks deposit never showed up no reply from mod. complete scam!!!!
Empire is down as at Nov 17th 2019. Always seems to be having problems recently.
I want to become a member of the darkweb.
I think that empire market is getting hit by a ddos as of 11/17/19
11/18/2019: Empire Market's been working well for me for past several months, but this weekend it's been down using original link as well as the mirror links listed within the past week. I'm hoping it's not down permanently but I try to keep as little coin on any market at any given point in case this happens but I'm sure it's rough for vendors who have to decide whether to ship out orders where their money is being held in escrow and they may or may not get paid out. I guess I'll start looking for alternatives.
Deposited 24 hours ago in mirror link....still nothing.
dont buy from empire anymore it will be next agartha market
Same Problem here - Deposited a view hours Ago - 0 Balance
same guys i deposited btc and its gone! everyone go to grey market they are a wallet less dark web ! mod pls dont remove my comment! this will help people! no more trusting markets to hold ur coin, just go read about it "grey market" about 6 months old.
Empire Market is working - its under DDOS attackbut there are more onions - go to Dark Fail for latest working links
After 24h still no Deposit DONT DEPOSIT GUYS!!! I will update as soon i got my Money 2019/11/20 09:28 AM MEZ
i am cmoney345 i am on all markets i can get you whatever you want find me on any market i am not on cryponia they will exit scam .. i am on all other markets look me up
Send BTC to my wallet it showed up in Balance -》 during ordering process the System told me that there is no balance- checked in balance...now my balance is '0' but I did no order :( no answer from support yet
11-20-19 - All empire market links are down.
Empire is back up
Ya we scam people once gut got smart deposit ten then the rest but we're got him this time now he can't log back in. Ya fuck empire never again you guys suck a fat dick empire you fuck yards
Dispute # 1405532 - Processing for 1 month. According to Empire, their policy is: "If either party does not respond in a timely fashion (3 days max), the sale will be cancelled and refunded or finalized." It's been a month. Details: Amount: 0.018109 BTC Buyer: TheBlackHoleSun Seller: nbholmz Dispute created on 29 Oct, 2019 at 10:09 Dispute resolution pending View Refund Policy Moderator: Dispute Moderator
i was able to order yesterday without any problems
how do I get my deposit issue resolved?? I sent BTC to my empire and I don't see my account credited.
That fucking link ain't worked in a fucking week. Idiots
100 neuro in BTC, my highest trust. I lost it, by reverse engineering on Android alpha tor browser. There a yet ton's of $ directly send to the gov. Boykot SilkRoad3.0 its 100% government. lost total 200 euro, time for legalize world wide of all chemical things. The crime was a gift for the maffia,gangs,hippies, but nowerdays, its only the big amounts in dealing with weaponised people. command: format:dreammarket/empire bye, thebigother
ordered mon 25th everything went ok but not been able to release the vendors bit coin as the site has been down for days now. I would not recommend using right now as after reading others comments and the site being down it smells a bit fishy also do not use dn stats for links they got fishing sites galore got stung for 200 quid
Deposits never showed, and no response from admins. This was in july and august, so seems scamming if this still occurs.
also was bitcoin eiknzahlung betrifft ging super durch , schnell bei EM leider wurde dann komischer weise 2fotur aktiviert und kein zugriff mehr. ticket eröffnet mal schaun. und was die erreichbarkeit angeht ja , das sind alles angriffe. dream markt wurde auch erpresst sollte 400.000 dollar zahlen dann würden die angriffe aufhören. haben sie nicht gemacht.
yeah, fuck empire. I can't get a single link to work. It's been like that fro over a week.
Transaction in the beginning of Dec worked Fine.. ordered Witth escrow. Couldnt login anymore. Changed my pass. Deposit was 0...!!! No current orders anymore. Am message was Sent from my acc (but not from me!!!) that the vendor shall cancel the Order because of insecure adress. No I‘m broke. Lost everything. Was my last capital and have open orders in rl to fullfill. I will fucking kill myself :(. DONT USE EMPIRE MARKET ANYMORE!!!! :‘(
You retards are using scam links thats why your losing your money and access to your accounts. Ive deposited thousands and NEVER had a problem. You have to use dark dot fail links only. Thats literally what the empire admin said, links obtained from ANYWHERE else have a 99% chance of being a phishing link, where the bitcoin deposit address is changed so you are sending your coins to a scammer. They also are stealing your passwords through the fishing links. Only use dark dot fail links.
Was a great market while it lasted. Unfortunately it appears deposits just do not show up anymore. Luckly it was not large sum but that is risk you run. I would avoid depositing here. This market is on its last breaths.
In my opinion there is definitely some foul on the play going on in the market! I created three tickets about the same issue and still to this day it has gone unanswered wtf!!! Right now they are the best thing going as far there set up which to me was something like Dream Markets setup which I like there search options pics and such but these Vendors are not responding they are shipping out the wrong products and when you dispute in all honesty the moderator says bullshit like you didn't respond and doesn't refund your money or make it a point where Vendors should be accountable starting with Communication. I know there are tons of messages but people are also spending a ton of Money as well. Oh and I opened a ticket because I deposited over $600 onto a generated address on Empire in an effort to place an order when for an hour straight there was a server issue, so I dosed off tired from logging back on again again to get the same stupid Server issue message; so the next day I log onto Empire just fine and find out that my Account now has a 2-fa which I never had a private pgp key # the time because I was New to the Market. I have had no feed back from moderator and have since created a new account and still no help
@My Alias: Empire and Empire support suck. Empire support hardly ever replies and I bet they'll eventually do an exit scam. Right now (12-2019) Apollon Market is the most stable and support replies really fast (at least when I choose 'account to vendor' as a subject. If you choose to stay on Empire, make sure there's not much money left in your wallet after each order.
Market disputes just take ages but they do get worked out in the end. Anyone been logged in today? mirrors are down.
is it an exit scam ???????????? deposit showed up and was gone in an hour
Hello, Dear everyone using empire... it is not a scam they are having wallet issues BEFORE sending money login into multiple mirrors check the address some mirrors will display an wrong address some others display the correct address (it usually only displays 2 wallet address that are different ) after hours and a lot of my money wasted this mirror seems to display the correct address 90% of the time : gll3t3qyhtygcozj.onion ANY MONEY SENT TO THE INCORRECT BITCOIN ADDRESS IS NOT RECOVERABLE hopefully this helps everyone - 0day for more empire mirrors please navigate to dark.fail for a full list of mirrors
lots of morons that got phished in these comments, market is the best
Market under serious ddos attacks, it's really unbearable with the constant loss of mirrors and funds
Got the Bezos
minus star for all the downtime minus a star for the lack of support. otherwise good mkt. anybody have a working link as of february 4th 2020? plz reply if so.
Seems like scammers. Been 3 months, no reply to numerous support requests!! Stay away
Never had to contact support because I fucking read reviews, so no problems. 2k€ of drugs to my doorstep within 48hrs over months and not a single problem!
to all the smarties who believe that everyone who doesn't get the deposit is stupid and fell for phishing sites. I always use 2FA login and the PGP key as well as the PGP validation for the deposit and the mirrors. Deposit is still not credited and there is no support. If it is not an exit scam, then the government has control
I have recieved my pack from vendor on Empire, but i havent been able to login for almost a week now, I cant finallize with the vendor :( If youre reading this Stealth_GoD please know I want to login and finalize but cannot.
                  -----BEGIN PGP MESSAGE-----

Works just fine w dark.fail link
Anyone else having issues with the servers dropping very frequently? It's making it hard to browse for anything when you have 5 mins or maybe 10 mins if your lucky to search.
Exit scam I think. Lost 100 dollars on here. Support hasn't responded in weeks.
it's impossible to stay just one minute on this fucking market, impossible to search or buy, spend hours and hours to try connect and find mirror link, i can't anymore, this site is probably on the way to scam exit for sure, stay away !!! Go Kingdom market !!!!
this market is impossible to use correctly, take care everybody, scam exit is coming soon !!
exit scam ?
Always down
I have had $800 US disappear from my empire account. There is no withdrawal listed under my account, but moderator says there have been 3 withdrawals? How can that be? It sounds to me like someone on the inside is ripping off people atEmpire! Beware! You’ve been warned.
Someone please help me. I lost $400.00 transferring Bitcoins from my account to Empires account. I've done this many times before, and never had a problem. I cannot get back on Empires site. I want to do more business on Empire Market
I'd like some recommendations on some good Markets that are easy to get to, Not a rip-off, Good vendors, Easy to deposit Bitcoins.. I've been doing business on Empire Market but it seems that they are scamming now. THANKS!
I'm vendor on empire. But few of my customers know and use always pgp, sent money on empire and instantly the deposit go to withdraw. And one of my friend deposit 1000 euros same way and they verify all with pgp. So I don't want add any fud but strange, actually for my account vendor I never have problem.
Fuck Empire Market period there's nothing but a bunch of pussies scamming vendor's on this site. Especially this piece of shit SigmaOmicron...
Great marketplace but the Staff service is poor when it comes to support tickets and disputes. Haven't received a response in over 2 weeks
Who else cant withdraw bitcoin at empire???
I have been trying add BTC to my Empire Market Wallet. The funds are not reaching the address. I think i know why. The address hasn't changed 32YRxtreJWQ2CCh5zZovESNnwRyaCqNZhS I have 2 separate accounts and low and behold the BTC address on my other account was also 32YRxtreJWQ2CCh5zZovESNnwRyaCqNZhS i expect all user accounts having problems submitting funds also share this address. This is clearly a scam. No i haven't been phished i have 22 successful past ordered from this link. I smell a scam
I haven't managed to add BTC to my Empire Market Wallet. The funds are not reaching the address. I think i know why. The address hasn't changed 32YRxtreJWQ2CCh5zZovESNnwRyaCqNZhS I have 2 separate accounts and low and behold the BTC address on my other account was also 32YRxtreJWQ2CCh5zZovESNnwRyaCqNZhS i expect all user accounts having problems submitting funds also share this address. This is clearly a scam. No i haven't been phished i have 22 successful past ordered from this link.
Deposited to empire. no funds showing up after 3 hours. Scamming Scum
Unable to sign into main account. When I try to sign in it says i enabled 2FA but I never did this. made spare account and messaged support. 3 days haven't herd back ( claims to have 24 hr response time ) :(
basically scammed by these fuckers as the btc i've sent doesn't show in my account and they won't respond to my raised tickets. use a different market
I had the same stupid scam deposit address
took a lost with Empire no good
You will never get a moderator to check your dispute
All of you saying you "didn't get your BTC" you clicked a Phishing link because you have no idea what you are doing, and are more desperate to get drugs than anything. Foolish addicts. Always ONLY use PGP verified links from dark.fail and ONLY dark.fail
Lost 140 from my main account only used darkfailonion links but as soon as the btc hit blockchain I was locked out of my account asking for 2FA verification easily could have been my fault but Ik I only used those links now ive been using an alt wishing I could get that btc :/
Not sure who this db is "tryingtoexplainwhereyourmoneywentyoustupidaddict" it's obvious there is much nefarious goings on at Empire. Face it, the mods are rouge. Not hard to figure this out, there are so many fu comments. Impossible to deny this trend!!! I lost a significant deposit that made it into the wallet. Only to have it removed less than an hour later. Go to great care to secure account. Use 2 factor authorization. Meaning to move funds a hacker would have to have password, PGP key (private) and six digit pin. Go ahead try to explain that away to Phishing. Nope, it's not possible. Oh and then there is the evidence I have. Pretty much watched the whole thing and took screen shots as it was happening. Would gladly post proof!! Customers will continue to be scammed. Clearly Mods and Admin has no intention of supporting issues. Vendors need to move to one of the other soon to be next dominant markets. And they need to get on the forums and make it known. I think it will be either WhiteHouse or Monopoly. The only way to combat is to continue to expose. So everyone needs to post. Here and on Dread as well as the other public forums. Just a matter of time now. Come on vendors...move. Your best customers are waiting.
DO NOT DEPOSIT!!!! Have used empire for a long time but the last two weeks I have had my balance drained. I made a deposit tonight and within 30 minutes my account balance was drained and it shows a bitcoin withdrawal on my account that I did not initiate. Sad to see empire go and wish I could have gotten more orders in before it did. RIP
I deposited bitcoin last night to my wallet. Keep in mind I havent placed an order in over 7 days so I prompted to generate a new bitcoin address. I go to generate new address and they gave me this one - 382YMqJw7DRaausbMUCJfbBaEJVmXiBvGV I sent enough bitcoin for the order I was going to place but when I went to refresh it my Bitcoin deopist address changed to - 3QVTkgebgkZbk9HrXYGfUFwL6scrPkt79A I didnt generate a new address as there is no possible way to even do so within the 7 day time frame. I have yet to use this new address - https://www.blockchain.com/btc/address/3QVTkgebgkZbk9HrXYGfUFwL6scrPkt79A but someone there is already $52.60 already on the blockchain. but 0 shows in my wallet on empire. I made a successful withdrawl last night for only $5 because I read it could speed up the process if you withdrawl or send Bitcoin to the original address you first sent bitcoin to do give it a push? No more thatn $15 i was told.... Not sure if thats true.?
I Tried depositing $15 worth of bitcoin to the new address - 3QVTkgebgkZbk9HrXYGfUFwL6scrPkt79A - I was told this would push the transaction through. I tried another address : 3DGHGhSHKrPxks1pqyDbGuuf6gSq7TG1N3 with a small amount and still I have a 0 balance. along with have 0 in my wallet my address changed once again to - now my deposit address changed once again to - 382JVPG24GwRUD9ZnNEUR5Lw2bxr6WdsVG. Ive looked at all these address via the blockchain and it seems like all the funds are being moved. I believe Empire is exit scamming and I hate to use that term.
Same as others, I've transferred funds, EM confirm transfer but do not credit my account. Tickets are not being answered. Sure they are skimming then shutting down. Stay clear
I'm trying to contact vendors and support team none respond back any help pls??
Within the past 5 days my bitcoin deposit address has changed 10 times amongst 5-6 different addresses. I know I am not being phished because I have used the same link for a year encrypted in my pgp text file. I know i am not phished because I can see my personal phrase that was put in place to prevent phishing. If i was on a phising website how am I able to still communicate with the same vendors Ive been in contact with, I do not know wtf is going on but I am not putting anymore bitcoin onto Empire. period.
7th March 2020 - Havent been able to get online for 2 days now. Is this market now dead? Where to next? Loved the layout of Dream Market and then Empire but im not a fan of the others iv checked out so far. RIP EMPIRE?
Two days ago I had a deposit of 300 , and my wallet was out of my wallet , but I 'm still empty and there 's no money . Is my money back? Is there any way
Vendors are starting to get locked out, white house market it is
9 March - small transaction a week ago, went through OK but item never received. (Obviously!) cannot raise ticket. The 'dispute' button now goes to a dead link! Have tried Darkmarket now. Transaction went through ok - wait to see if order arrives!
Yeah Empire comin to an end . monthhs back they said they was suffering ddos! i wouldnt trust it , i loaded my btc and it showed up but next morning it was gone! i believe its empire ADMIN Because in my recent transaction it had btc being withdrawn . now i was thinking maybe i got phished but in order to make withdrawl you need 6 digit pin! im sure i didnt use my pin on the links so ! EXIT SCAM
My wallet was emptied, by someone there. No response after 3 support tickets.
Sounds like they are on the verge of a exit scam
Honestly a clean UI compared to other markets and just smooth experience overall. Cant speak on tickets, I have never had to dispute...research your vendors
I have zero issues getting what I want with a little bit of patience. dark.fail mirrors only and then grab your personal link everytime. Get in, do your shit, get out. very simple
I can not acces with any link
March 15, 2020: Had no issues for several months. Now my deposit isn't appearing and support is a joke. Possible exit scamming?
I'd been using the market for months with no problem. Now my deposits aren't going through. I just lost $700. Possibly exit scamming. STAY AWAY
Bitcoin deposits do not show up in my balance and no one has responded to any of my tickets. What is going on? Is there anyone else on the site we can contact about this?
How do I find a good vendor to supply me with meth I'm in nz my alias is the same as my wickr name please contact me if your good for business
1) dark.fail and its onion site 2) try the links captcha list over and over until you see some bold links 3) highlight each one and open in a tab 4) the first tab to show "Empire" aka loaded, login (handle 2fa if it is setup) 5) immediately grab your personal buyer link from home page (if you have one) and repeat steps 1-4 and voila 6) if no personal buyer link, literally just be patient and try every 10-15min, steps 1-4 7) as soon as you are in, get what you need done important first (finalizing, generating new btc deposit address, you can always come back to give feedback which is very important so dont wait too long) this is all from a buyer, I never have issues really. Only issue is how easy it is to keep ordering packs. The entire process is more addicting than any one substance. yikes
@Mmm YOU GOT PHISHED you imbecile. I have been there (via dark.net that was compromised) but to try and blame the platform itself is asinine. dark.fauil, dark.fail, dark.fail. Oh did you hear???? dark.net! I have had legit deposits take signifcant timew to appear even as an "unconfirmed" but this is clearly due to constant DDOS attacks. dark.faill get in do quick biz GTFO!
no no u c its a gradual thing, a selective thing rn, i reccomend everybody switch to whm vendors and buyers. -blueballs
How can connect to the toe hidden market url
was also scammed just now of my bitcoins. hard to know if phishing or not. Was not verifying links but always going to dark.live for links. My last time ever using darknet markets
Raised an order, marked as shipped immediately with an estimate of 1 day shipping time. 3 weeks later and nothing has ever arrived, no acknowledgements from Vendor so raised a dispute a week ago and no response, raised a ticket, still no response. Total scam!
old tutorials. scam
2FA Locked out of my main account also. Ticket has been unanswered for a month. Took months for a mod to see a dispute with a vendor that broke ToS and provided no proof of shipping despite requests (offered to pay for it too). Still awarded him 100%, with no comments why.
Don't go on. None of my btc deposits have been going through, not phished, got link from here, got pgp signed proof for both btc deposit addresses, scam going on it seems.
may be exit scamming. stole my last 2 deposits and won't allow me to create a ticket for the missing deposits. sad. DO NOT USE THIS MARKET. not phished, scammed.
nothing but a bunch of pussies scamming vendors on empire ...VENDOR LOCK OUTS FOR NO REASON... FU!! BitBAZZAR YOUR OUR LAST HOPE
mrflawless got the best coke for the cheapest price love him
i deposited $1000 and it went thru within mins ... so i dont know what these false reviews about desposits not showing up they are obviously admins from other markets talking lies. this market is the best out there period.
DDOS attack right again offline ?
Empire is online for you ? all my link is dead
dead site

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