International Drugs Vendor "Liston" Forfeits 8,100 Bitcoin

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An Indian man agreed to forfeit more than 8,100 bitcoin after admitting he led an international dark web drug trafficking ring that distributed kilos of a variety of drugs.

Banmeet Singh

According to court documents, from at least mid-2012 through July 2017, Banmeet Singh, 40, of India, used vendor names such as "Listonishere" and "Liston" on multiple dark web markets including, Silk Road, AlphaBay, and Hansa, to distribute large quantities of MDMA, LSD, ecstasy, Xanax, Ketamine, and Tramadol.
Singh operated from the UK and had distributors in the US. Investigations by the DEA identified eight distribution rings used by Singh. Sigh shipped drugs to individuals in these rings and later gave them instructions on where to mail the drugs according to orders he received on his vendor accounts. Sigh paid the re-shippers through PayPal, cash in the mail, or crypto.
In January 2017, the DEA identified one of Sigh's re-shippers, Amanda Trull. Investigations revealed that from October 2015 to December 2016, Trull had mailed over 4,200 packages to 2,500 different addresses in the US, Canada, Jamaica, and Ireland.
A search warrant executed at Trull's residence resulted in the seizure of 59 kilograms of MDMA, 14 kilograms of Ketamine, and other drugs.
On being questioned, Trull told the investigators she had been receiving the drugs from someone she knew as Liston. She said she communicated with Liston via Wickr and email. She also admitted she knew Liston was a dark web drugs vendor.
Further investigations led to the identification of multiple Gmail accounts used by Sigh to communicate with the reshippers. the emails included [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected].
In the UK, the NCA established that Sigh operated several pharmaceutical businesses in the UK. Their surveillance revealed he did not lead an extravagant lifestyle. The investigators executed a search warrant at his residence in April 2019. The search resulted in the discovery of cold storage wallets and seed phrases for multiple wallets. The seized crypto resulted in the largest single cryptocurrency seizure in DEA history.
Sigh was extradited to the US in March 2023 following multiple failed appeals.
On January 26, 2024, Singh pleaded guilty to conspiracy to possess with the intent to distribute controlled substances and conspiracy to commit money laundering.

Quote:U.S. Attorney Kenneth L. Parker
In the Singh organization’s drug orders, the members frequently used the vendor name "Liston" and signed off with the signature phrase, "I’m still dancing." Today, with Banmeet Singh’s plea of guilty, the dance is over

In his plea agreement, Sigh agreed to forfeit the crypto found in his possession, currently worth over $330 million. He also agreed to a sentence of eight years in prison. His sentencing date has not been set.

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Based Maha Rushie. Seriously pimp status




wow wow wow

Palliative power2024-01-29

Thank you for your service Liston!

Chris 2024-02-05

Do you still require anything?


Fuck gotta hurt to lose 330 mil but honestly I'd do the same for 8 years for all that shit, man's prolly got a lot more in cold storage

Advice Giver2024-01-29

When operating like this man was you should always Liston to advice because if you don't Liston to advice you can get caught. I bet he won't be making a Singh song about his time inside and his money that he lost. Elvis has returned back to the ghetto


true playa


the indian bill murray


He looks like Bill Murray

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Yes, but it not fare


shoulda Listoned and quit 4,050 BTC ago.

ANONYMUS 2024-02-01

Its a fool


I wonder how he was sending through customs?


wtf that happend

based indian man2024-02-03

Successfully worked a large network of distributors for years, and his OpSec was garbage. Why would you ever leave cold wallets plus the seed phrases in accessible proximity to each other? Hopefully that's not his only cold wallet laying around.

Fox Mulder2024-02-09

Liston. damn that was one of my OG homies for buying valium and tramadol. his opsec was non-existent (he just shipped the blisters in a box, unsecured) but his drugs were priced great and the quality was there


you'd think he would use something other than gmail

gigajeet singh2024-02-11

much raspect


oh no man i'm sorry used you very happlily for many years before Bohemia


I'm excited about that

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Poor guy. Not his fault.

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59 Kilos of Molly?!?! Goddamn

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Fucking GMAIL?! Go die in a grease fire retard