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Helix Admin's Brother Stole Seized Bitcoin

Published on 2023-01-07, using 389 words.
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Florida Darkweb Vendor Forfeits $34 Million in Crypto

Published on 2022-04-04, using 1099 words.
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Court Orders Darkweb Vendor to Repay 1.8 Million

Published on 2020-06-09, using 636 words.
Tagged DarkWebDarkweb-VendorForfeitsSentenced

Alphabay Vendor "DailyFix" Ordered to Forfeit 64 Bitcoins

Published on 2019-12-10, using 432 words.
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Convicted Darkweb Vendor to Forfeit $150K in Bitcoin

Published on 2019-10-27, using 612 words.
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