Duo Charged with Supplying Fentanyl to a Drugs Vendor

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A federal grand jury indicted two Southern California men suspected of supplying fentanyl-laced pills and methamphetamine to a darknet drugs vendor linked to five overdose deaths.

Omar Navia, 38, and Adan Ruiz, 27, were charged in a two-count indictment with one count of conspiracy to distribute and to possess with the intent to distribute fentanyl and methamphetamine. Ruiz was also charged with one count of distribution of fentanyl.
The two men are accused of supplying counterfeit oxycodone pills and methamphetamine to Rajiv Srinivasan, 38, and Michael Ta, 25, who resold them via the "redlightlabs" vendor profile on multiple dark web marketplaces.
Srinivasan was in charge of running the vendor accounts while Ta mailed the drugs to their buyers. After receiving buyers' orders Srinivasan would allegedly inform Navia and Ruiz of the quantities ordered. Navia and Ruiz would then deliver the drugs to Ta for mailing. Srinivasan paid Navia and Ruiz in crypto or through Apple Cash, CashApp, PayPal, Venmo, and Zelle.
Srinivasan and Ta were arrested in November 2022 following an investigation by the FBI. The investigators reportedly recovered an electronic document with records of sales made by the duo. The document showed that between May and November 2022, the duo dealt with approximately 1,500 buyers and processed 3,800 orders. They consequently distributed approximately 123,188 fentanyl-laced pills and 143 kilograms of methamphetamine. They also distributed undisclosed quantities of fentanyl powder, heroin, and cocaine.
Srinivasan and Ta were charged with drug trafficking offenses in a 19-count indictment. The two men pleaded guilty and admitted that their drug trafficking operation resulted in the fatal overdoses of five individuals.
Navia and Ruiz were arrested on November 2, 2023. They appeared before a court in Los Angeles on the same day and pleaded not guilty. They were placed in pretrial detention. The trial is scheduled for December 26.

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Fuck Fentanyl!

theodor morell2023-11-13

they are so fucked.

Tobias OKeefe2023-11-13

Lol, Apple Cash, Cashapp, Paypal, Venmo and Zelle? They were asking to get caught.


Well that explains a lot.


We lose sight of the fact that these people are just businessmen selling a product people want. How people use this drug is their own business. True, a lot of stupid fuckers croak from it, but still. Remember that alcohol and cigarettes kill way more people than fent ever did. The big question now is if China is actually using fent exports to undermine the West. It seems like it. How big is the fent epidemic in China? We'll never know.


aint that the truth...


Ok dipshit. How about the fact that it ends up in all kinds of drugs that are not sold as fentanyl? Most people who die from it have no idea they're even consuming it.


Poohbeard I agree with the last post. These dipshits were selling fentanyl pressed as counterfiet oxys. These guys were scammers and scumbags. Good riddance.


It thought it was the damn green own.

More is less2023-11-22

@PoohbearLOL Dipshit? Officer, please. Umm, It doesn't appear like you've done your homework on this subject. So let's look at your comments: "How about the fact that it ends up in all kinds of drugs that are not sold as fentanyl?" Yes, because fentanyl is illegal unscrupulous dealers adulterate heroin with it. If it were legal there would be government controls for purity. Less overdose deaths. "Most people who die from it have no idea they're even consuming it." Officer, with the usual hyperbole of law enforcement, you are overstating the case. Most people who die from fent used it knowingly. Some people die from it from unwitting exposure. Time to legalize ALL drugs for a better world. Fuck the nanny state and it's representatives.

Less is More2023-11-27

Wow you are SIMPLE! Look at the title you cretin! Fent laced pills. These scumbags were selling oxycodone pills laced with fent which caused 5 overdose deaths. Do you genuinly believe these people knew that fent was in their pills?

Nothing is Less2023-11-30

Yeah they knew. Real oxycodone pills, especially high mg roxy's are insanely expensive. Even if you pay $50 for a 'real' 30, you know you can't be sure. Even if you test it for fent, that Iso-whatever shit will give you a negative test. I wouldn't take an Mbox nowadays unless I picked up the script myself. I remember 15 years ago they were EVERYWHERE, we'd pay $17 a pop, not a care in the world...

Clean Foranother242023-12-06

Fentanyl is not illegal, it is a controlled substance. I used to get Fentanyl patches via doctors Rx back in 2005 after falling off a wet ladder doing restoration of service after Hurricane Katrina. What a bitch when my doctor said "You shouldn't be needing these anymore". But Doc, I'm addicted now you stupid schmuck! - I blame myself for not researching wtf these asshole doctors were giving me. Half of them are on this shit and other Rx opiates nowadays. I know Er nurses PA's NP's you name it. Many of them are serious drug addicts. Not all, but more than I ever thought possible.


The conversion is moot until humanity can put the effort, spend, and time the rehabilitation instead of the persecution