Dream Market Staff Comment on the Market Shutdown

~2 min read | Published on 2019-03-27, tagged Darkweb-MarketGeneral-News using 366 words.

In a post on the Dream Market subdread, a moderator for the market posted an official statement from the staff at Dream that attempts to answer question from the community. The message stated that the decision to sell came from the ongoing DDoS attacks affecting several darkweb marketplaces.
The Official Dream Market Statement

posted on Dread by /u/waterchain on /d/DreamMarket

Hey everyone i am an official dream market moderator,
As you know already Dream Market is planning to shut down on 04/30/2019.
As we also stated that Dream Market will be transferred to a partner company, which will be a fair & honest company.

Dream Market has been being DDosed for the last 7 weeks by a user that wanted 400k in USD and we have denied that.
The problem with the DDos was a big issue for dream market, our tech team of Dream Market worked as hard as they could.
But the real problem about the Ddos attack is on the TOR browser side, so we had no power to resolve this error.
There is some people who asked why there was a random V3 mirror on dream market, i can explain this there is versions such as v1 - v3
and we were using the v2 version, and we thought cause the V3 is more updated it would prevent the Ddos “which did not help”.
Also a reminder that, and this should be respected a lot that everyone can withdraw his money before Dream Market will be shut down.

I also want to remember everyone that there are some unstable people spreading FUD around about LE etc you name it.
Just ignore all the FUD that is being spread around.

To make everyone happy wait for the new market to come out it’s going to be as good as dream it self +.
I am a person who wants the best for everyone, and look positive at the future.
All i am asking you is to have a smile be hyped, and wait till the new market comes out.

If you have a dispute that need to be done “FROM TODAY WEDNESDAY” feel free to pm and ill take a look at it :) !

Thank you everyone for supporting dream!

Hopefully we will see you on the new market soon!