Dread is a new community service for Dark Net users, built from scratch without any frameworks by /u/hugbunter, the site was intended as a Dark Net Market security discussion and resource for web masters or researchers.

How to Access Dread:

New Addressdreadditevelidot.onion

What is Dread?

According to the creator of Dread, Dread is a new community service for Dark Net users, built from scratch without any frameworks by /u/hugbunter, the site was intended as a Dark Net Market security discussion and resource for web masters or researchers. The idea was to build a single security discussion with reddit-like features, however due to multiple ban waves on Reddit that hit many Dark Net related communities, I decided to extend the functionality to provide a lot more of an authentic Reddit setting as an onion service.

The site began development in August 2017, which was short lived due to time constraints that prevented me from having enough free time to work on the project. Now, in January of 2018, continued market incompetency and further Reddit bans have motivated me to throw this together within the space of 2 weeks, lots of sleepless nights, but here we are.

I do expect us to discover multiple bugs from general use that I haven’t come across due to such a rushed development timeframe, however the launch was needed and I feel the service can flourish as we build it in a close community setting. I will try to keep on top of updates with fixes, new features and regular additions to market security reports.

Bug Bounty:

If there are any issues, bugs, suggestions etc feel free to contact me directly. Reward if you can hack the site, I don’t expect this to be possible for obvious reasons, but I do have doubts in myself regularly and the fact that this has been so rushed, I may have missed something here and there. How fucking ironic would it be?

If you would like to support the services I provide, donations can be made in BTC or XMR, anything is appreciated.

BTC: 1Fh9gjb3nKB9RFfpsAc5k2ojgfCd2oNwKL
XMR: 4K3b3M29zPwgRmJJoU68bN4sQPhqjqMtRXr1n1tYimqpT1bbGkXxEZDDLhapYaRSeU6dUCVQ5xEbR35bsY977fwcPd1YCFECJqx8R38vsn (Integrated address)

Dread was created by /u/hugbunter, a well known security researcher and successful market penetration tester.

In addition providing an excellent communication platform, hugbunter also offers the following services on Dread:

Server Penetration Testing

I may be able to provide a free quick automated scan using advanced tools that I have developed, which incorporate both SQL Injection and XSS Injection methods that I have put together myself, whilst also utilizing the vast library of exploits from Exploit DB. Please contact me regarding this and I will see how my schedule is.
What does this service include?

Prices start from $200

Market Development Assistance

Depending on schedules, I will be available for Market Development assistance. This service is available for anyone who is working on a market and may need assistance with certain functionality or securing input and out to protect against vulnerabilities 100% from the launch.

This is also available for anyone working on a vendor shop system.

Prices are based on your specific requirements, and will be a per-hour fee.

Vendor Shop Development

I am providing this service to any established vendor, with a good reputation across any of the larger markets.

I can develop this to your exact requirements and will always start from scratch to try and ensure there aren’t any similarities across systems that make them identifiable. All shops will be whitelabelled, meaning no references to myself in the footer or anywhere else for that matter.

The shop will come with a standard, basic theme/design, as I am not a designer. However, I can utilize /u/syntax who designed Dread for me, if you would like something more custom and designed to your specific taste.

Prices start from $5,000

HugBunter Described Dread After Reddit Banned the /r/DarknetMarkets Subreddit:

Dread is a Reddit-like hidden service, developed around a month ago, within a very short space of time following a previous ban wave that took down the notorious Reddit sub /d/fakeid. I developed this site to allow for free speech without censorship and now house a new community for a lot of previously banned subs, including /d/DarkNetMarkets

You can find their new sub here: http://dreadecomdopooda.onion/d/DarkNetMarkets

I (Reddit.com/user/hugbunter) am also providing a onion mirror list, with the ability to cycle through unique mirrors, PGP verified by the markets themselves wherever possible. I will be accurately tracking uptime and cycling mirrors as they go down very soon, as we are in the testing phases of the site, it is currently disabled for stability reasons.

Another feature of Dread is my market security reports, which give you an insight into current and past security issues experienced in currently established markets. Which can allow you to revise decisions on your go-to market based on another factor than their interface and number of listings. These will be added and modified regularly, when I have the time.

My services for pen testing and development is also available on the site, as this was the main original intention for the site.

In my opinion, which may be slightly bias, this is a hugely viable backup option now compared to Reddit, as this is the final nail in the coffin for using their site. They have proven that they will continue to ban subs regularly without fully justifying their actions and without any sort of prior warning or chance to resolve rule violations.

Come join us and I implore you to help in the promotion of Dread, please share the link far and wide on markets, forums, in your vendor profile descriptions etc. I will be providing updates as fast as I can and there are many more sleepless nights ahead for me as I prepare for a large influx of users. I will be trying to get new fixes and features live tonight and tomorrow as well as expanding the site-wide moderation team.