Darkweb Vendors are Still Blackmailing Customers

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Desperate darkweb vendors have been sending extortion letters to their customers since Silk Road era. They threaten to spread false accusations, ruin the customer’s life, or involve law enforcement unless the customer sends a certain amount of Bitcoin. At least one vendor is currently sending these letters to former Apollon Market users.
The threats are empty. And are often no more realistic than your average 419 scam. Below is the most recent one shared with Darknetlive by a skeptical recipient. The recipient, a user of Apollon Market, wondered if other customers had received similar letters.
So in the past you have been ordering some ‘stuff trough the market. We gathered all along proof. so don’t act like you don’t know what’s going on.
To keep it short:
We ask you to ‘donate’ 100 euro. after it is send we are done with you. Don’t ruin it for just 100 euro, we’re “nice” to keep it at this amount.
if you won’t pay, the punishment afterwards will be regretted. think on your family, friends. neighbors. job you might be working at etc.

A letter received days three days ago by a user of Apollon Market

Vendors are not always to blame, though. Med3l1n, one of the Wall Street Market staff members, sent similar messages to Wall Street Market customers after the admins had exit scammed. Med3l1n only had access to unecrypted addresses. The user who received the letter pictured in this article explained they had encrypted their messages to vendors, ruling out the involvement of market staff.
Seasoned users of darkweb markets will likely recognize the letter as a scam and toss it in the bin after reading it. Relatively inexperienced users will likely feel similarly skeptical about the letter. However, some letters are more convincing than the one above, such as the one below posted on Twitter by @kyletorpey.

([img=]Full image available here.[/img])
Gwern, in the thread on Twitter, pointed out that these letters also incriminate the vendor responsible for it; there is no legitimate reason for a vendor to save addresses. As history has shown, law enforcement will use the records in future investigations and vendors will still spend time in prison.
This one from Reddit comes in a disturbing envelope:

Congrats you fuck...

And @x0rz posted another good example. (
)[img=]Congrats you fuck...[/img]
If you receive one of these letters, just toss it. (And if you want to pass the information along to darknetlive, feel free). If you receive one of these letters from Customs, USPIS, or another law enforcement agency, consult your attorney before posting a picture of the letter on the internet.
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    Apollon owner who was previously known as PGPUnion is a bit of a retard too, he has a github profile in the name "PGPUnionsite" here - [github.com/PGPunionsite](https://github.com/PGPunionsite), we can see this guy modified a Market Source code and added it to his Github repository at the end of 2017, also he used to sell ecstasy in Bulk and shipped from Greece. Scamming piece of shit


    That's fucked.


    Hi, does anyone know if empire market now has support for new btc addresses with fewer fee?


    Throw it right in the trash, and don't think twice about it. If LE does contact you claim ID theft, I've been through ID theft before, unless your on their radar they probably will just open an ID theft case for you to report any more activity. Don't let these mother fuckers get a penny, fuck them.


    People are so fucked I swear. Ignore the letter, it doesn't mean shit. Mongrels using scare tactics on people who might be trying to buy produce for the betterment of their life i.e. psilocybin, lsd, ayahuasca etc.


    I got one of these and gave it to the police saying I have no idea who this is. FUCK YOU STEALTHGOD!!

    Dr XTCG0D2020-02-06

    pretty sure this entire site is only LE now. it seems as though we scared everyone else away. let's do a quick head count, quote this comment if you also work for a 3 letter agency (eat shit NCIDETF ;) that's 7 letters btw so fuck off)


    I love seeing stackz, I think. Is that really from apollon admin? Didn't spend much time there.


    Can neither confirm nor deny LE presence on Darknet however, there is a large interest in the content. If I was in a three letter agency I would run the market myself.


    can confirm


    I got one in the mail when dream shut down, but it was saying that they are now trading over wickr and another market. Didn't make me wanna use a vendor who saves my address. wtf.




    Someone in NCIDETF is an admin on a DW site.


    @tellall3hursday no shit Sherlock I took your mom last night

    in the goat ass2020-02-06

    if you got a letter from an admin your fucking stupid. if its from a vendor your stupid. only order from decent vendors with real reviews. fuck you paul!

    ATF FTW2020-02-06

    That feeling when your boss emails you not to come in today because 80\% of your job is pretending to be an internet gangster on a website that the FBi aggressively works to prevent from being online. Really though, any of you FBI guys can you please stop with the DDos for a bit? People on my team are saying we are probably going to get reassigned if this keeps up.


    I dont think you should of posted this... it could encourage other vendors to do so


    visit dark.fail for more links to different markets


    if you're ordering enough to interest an overworked copper, to your real details, it's your own fault for slipping surely. i'd be more worried you tell people i've been buying huge ethnic dildos every week - in fact go ahead and leak my extensive drug orders, i'll be drowning in pussy and getting high fived all day long. booo fawgit drug dealers booooo


    These are absolutely pointless. The police wouldn't give a shit, as there's no evidence to convict, and I really doubt they'd care about someone doing a bit of personal purchasing. But more than that, they wouldn't follow through, this is a scattergun tactic, just firing out as many as possible and seeing what sticks. The effort to actually follow through isn't worth it to them.


    pretending to be an internet gangster omg lol yes. and when they try to play like you're their actual friend too, like shit dawg no more drugs lets just meet up and beat eachother off all day, meet n beat


    i believe the darknet is the perfect medium for the govt to sell drugs. The CIA wouldve really appreciated this back in the 80's. sell drugs, make lots of money, collect lots of evidence and then bust a bunch of people and never have to tell anyone how you cracked the case illegally and got rich too


    how come the part that is mostlikely to be personalised 'reply with 1r' isnt blurred out ?

    Frosty the Fed2020-02-08

    The comments on almost every single post on this page and many on other forums are from you LE trolling wastes of life. Our tax dollars hard at work. BTW I know stealthgod personally, he's a real 1 I was just talking to him he's a solid hard working dude who doesn't have time for internet drama and bs. Back ur claims up with some solid proof. Ur BS fairytales are pathetic I bet u go home to ur hurt wife saying daddy had a hard day at work fighting criminals when ur trolling forums throwing shade on vendors all day cus u idiots can't get a solid lead on the smart ones.


    I'd be like bruh, I dont even hold a regular job for more then 3 months at a time anyways, and I've lived in 3 different states in the last year so what the fuck are you gonna do to me? I know you ain't gonna waste ur time, resources and money trying to attack me for 100 bucks, you could steal my identity and you'd only get a couple hundred bucks from my bank account anyways cuz thats all I ever keep in there. They are full of shit. But even if they were semi serious I wouldn't be scared I'm not worth the time to locate and attack. They are casting out with a big net hoping to catch a large fish, but all the minnows out there, we ain't scared in the slightest lmao.


    Why are all the comments on dark live full of federal agents?


    Yeah SamCulper or timothy is sending out extortion messages. She bragged about it on the garden before being banned.

    Nikola Testikel2020-02-10

    Can't wait to get to mailbox!! Same zip as alot of vendors. these dicks are so lame. I thought the fake dope was a good one but extortion. look at the spelling in the note these idiots sent. These people can't find good dope so they send shit. They can't sell so they extort. No one is going to fall for this so now what? Go back to school it's hard to be frightened of a 2nd grader. If you have used your real name and address you should should rethink that anyway.


    Really...like REALLY?! I hate to be cruel but if this is like people are saying then this is UNFORTUNATELY mostly the buyers fault,said with sympathy. He could only know your "deets" (hate that term!) if you used the sites "Handy"... Auto Encrypt. I am no expert but i and EVERYONE savvy in DNM's knows to NEVER USE THE AUTO ENCRYPT! But like others point out you will not get any police issues imo,maybe a burnt drop..."maybe"! PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY IS ONE HELL OF A DRUG!!!


    I would love a letter like that does he not know half of us are junkies if I had 100$ I wouldn't be giving it to a twat because he has my details fuckin idiot got to be a foreigner come get your 100 from my hand those who been about for years know he ain't gonna do nothing blagger do it na man you low life trying to blackmail drug users hilarious THICK TWAT

    Merry meh mas2020-02-14

    Lol @ extorting a bunch of dope fiends and degenerates. I guess you don't have to be clever to sell drugs on the dark web.