Couple Guilty of Selling Drugs on the Dark Web

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A couple from Phoenix, Arizona, pleaded guilty to distributing a variety of drugs through vendor accounts on multiple dark web marketplaces.

SafeServe's profile on Dark0de

According to court documents, for over two years, Cheerish Noel Taylor, 36, and Robert James Fischer, 35, operated the vendor profiles, "SafeServe" and "Sky_HIGH" on multiple dark web marketplaces including, ASAP, Dark0de, ToRRez, and White House. The couple fulfilled over 1,000 orders and distributed large quantities of heroin, methamphetamine, and counterfeit oxycodone pills through the vendor accounts.
The couple's arrest stemmed from an investigation launched in November 2021 against the SafeServe vendor profile. During the investigation, the investigators made multiple undercover purchases from the vendor. The purchases revealed that the vendor shipped from Phoenix.

The undercover purchases

The investigators found the mailer's fingerprints on a drug package they ordered in early February 2022. Further investigations revealed that the fingerprints belonged to Taylor.
The investigators then established that Taylor was a close associate of three suspected darknet vendors based in Phoenix.
When questioned, one of the suspects told the investigators that they had taught Taylor and his boyfriend, Fischer, how to run a dark web vendor's account. The informant also revealed that he knew Fischer was in charge of operating the vendor accounts, while Taylor packaged and mailed the drugs to their buyers.
A search of electronic devices seized from convicted dark web drug dealers, Rick Schiffner and Devin Langer, revealed that the duo was in close contact with the couple. Most of their conversations revolved around the sale of drugs through the dark web.

One of the conversations between Langer and Fischer

Conversations between Langer and Fischer showed that Langer helped Fischer set up his vendor accounts.
The investigators conducted surveillance at the couple's residence in January 2023. The investigators observed Taylor leave the residence in her car to a post office. Surveillance footage at the post office showed that she placed five packages into a mailbox.
The investigators seized the packages and opened one of the packages after receiving permission from its intended recipient. The investigators found out that it had been packaged in the same way as the drug packages they had received from SafeServe. They found an undisclosed quantity of meth inside the package.
The couple pleaded guilty on August 25, 2023. Taylor will be sentenced on December 8, while Fischer will be sentenced on January 5, 2024. They each face a minimum sentence of 10 years in prison.

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damn so identified for 1 year until they finally swooped


Dealers that actually delivered the drugs in the quantities they promised? Man, why do the good ones got to go down?


uhhh they were selling oxy that had a rc version of fent inside tf?


"fucking piece of shit mother fuckers god fucking damnit"

Adolf Hitler2023-09-02

HAHAHAHAHAHHA Me whenever I get rug pulled


Okay this sucks


When I was bending I would wear 3x nitrile gloves and rubbing alcohol rub down before packaging anything. Fucking take a hint


not so long ago we saw a guy get picked up because they noticed he wore gloves often when he dropped off.


Is buying drugs illegal?


What difference does it make to you either way? 🤷


minimum of 10 years is crazy for just being middlemen.


Pedos get less time.


The DEA tested their meth at 99% and 100% pure. (2 tests, months apart from court dox)


he is the one who knocks


FBI online covert employee (OCE) placed orders with this vendor to mailboxes in the Eastern District of Virginia and the District of Nevada.


It seems impossible to be able to figure shit out these days, Good ones like this are fucked with by the feds and the shaddy ones that rob you have no repercussions. How in the hell does one go about doing anything these days.


Yep its a complete joke, people in pain are being thrown to the streets with no options but the nasty Street Fent mixes.


because good vendors are longer on the market which puts them in higher risk to get catched, while scammers come and go everyday.


What difference does it make to you either way?? 🤷


wow we shouldn't be on the dark web guys


I used to tell that guy- "You might want to switch up post offices once in a while. When they started out as SafeServe they had 100% pure Black Tar Heroin. It was the best I've ever had and I've been around a lot longer than most. Then finally he started sending cut stuff. Said he lost his original connect. I also warned him on the Oxy Presses, that they're all fent and by selling that shit, you will get attention from LE. Some people never listen to advice. They were good vendors. Reshipped when I was dissatisfied, but it was usually the same shit, so I told them I wont be ordering anymore. Let me know if you get the good shit in again. What's weird is I was thinking of looking them up tonight when I signed on, but decided to give Incognito a look. Been using Bohemia and Archetyp mostly, since ASAP disappeared. Another one bites the dust. Good luck guys.


sound like a rat to me