Trio Sentenced for Distributing Counterfeit Oxycodone

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Three Arizona residents that admitted in one of their vendor profiles that the oxycodone pills they were distributing were "not normal OxyCodone 30 mg" were sentenced to a total of over 20 years in prison for their roles in the drug trafficking operation.

According to court documents, 31-year-old Rick Schiffner, 28-year-old Veronica Dittman, and 30-year-old Devin Langer participated in the distribution of counterfeit oxycodone pills, methamphetamine, heroin, and other drugs through the dark web. The trio used multiple vendor profiles including, "TrustedTraphouse," "TrustedTrapper," "TrustedTrap," "TrustableTraphouse," "GoldenTrails," and "PopcornPlug." The vendor accounts operated on multiple dark web markets including ASAP, Bohemia, Tor2Door, ToRReZ, Dark0de, Versus, and others.
During the investigation, the investigators made multiple undercover purchases from the vendor accounts. The purchases allegedly led the agents to a property associated with Schiffner and Langer.

The undercover purchases

In May 2022, the investigators searched the trash at the property. They reportedly found a notebook with records of orders received by the vendor accounts on different markets. The investigators also seized packaging material similar to those used to package the drugs received during the undercover purchases.
Tracking the bitcoin associated with the TrustableTraphouse vendor profile led the investigators to Schiffner's account at an undisclosed crypto exchange. The credit card used in Schiffner's account was also been linked to Dittman's account at the exchange.
Surveillance conducted at the property associated with Schiffner and Langer revealed that Dittman frequently went to the residence.

Veronica Dittman observed leaving Schiffner's residence

The investigators also acquired records of conversations between Schiffner and a federal inmate. They used coded language to discuss Schiffner's drug trafficking operation. In one of the conversations, Schiffner complained that Dittman was lazy and had brought their reviews down.
The investigators arrested Schiffner on August 10, while Langer was arrested on October 6. In April 2023, Schiffner was sentenced to 12 years and a half in prison, while Langer was handed a seven-year prison sentence.
Dittman was sentenced to 5 years in prison on July 14, 2023.

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fentanyl + xylazine perfect for killing people. I hope that these 3 idiots are sentenced to life


then the police seized the contrabands, sending some to the white house, and the rest to the prisons to be redistributed.


No OPSEC at all. Glad low hanging fruit like this is out of the way.


Negligent OPSEC strikes again. BTC account linked directly to an exchange. (SMH) Completely lazy! Monero to paper wallet > to exchange would've made this a nonstarter for FEDs. It's still incredible to me how many big vendors slip up in this manner. Regardless glad they took down very dangerous counterfeits; this type of shit is what puts the markets on blast.


They got what they deserved. Rest in piss.


LEGALIZE ALL DRUGS! Enough of treating chemicals like they're evil people. Enough of cheerleading cops to arrest business people. Enough of police resources dedicated to keeping adults from the substances they want. If Vodka is legal so should Fent!


If I could upvote the fuck out of this I would


i dont get why weed is illegal like legalize it it isnt that bad!


Yep the drug war is about praying on the poor. its that simple.. look at the homeless problem America has, all because they refuse to allow people access to proper pain meds...


any people on here reading this shit, are no f'ing angels so why talk shit about other vendors or people




Just legalize cocaine, mdma and cannabis, let the state collect taxes and control quality, and there wouldn't be so many problems.


Moral of the story, alway use XMR and burn/destroy all incremidating info includining packages that being said glad(for once, eye roll) LE got a vendor selling fake/laced product then someone doing shit right and just trying to make a living

Slightly spicy cultu2023-07-29

police the drugs fuck.