You have a right to privacy In a society increasingly determined to erode that right, a fast, trustworthy and easy-to-use VPN is a good first step toward reclaiming it.


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About us

Mullvad VPN AB is owned by parent company Amagicom AB. The name Amagicom is derived from the Sumerian word ama-gi & #8211; the oldest word for & #8220; freedom& #8221; or, literally, & #8220; back to mother& #8221; in the context of slavery & #8211; and the abbreviation for communication. Amagicom stands for & #8220; free communication& #8221; .
The team

Mullvad VPN AB and its parent company Amagicom AB are 100% owned by founders Fredrik Str& #246; mberg and Daniel Berntsson who are actively involved in the company.
The rest of the team

Robin L& #246; vgren, Simon Andersson, Linus, Richard Mitra, Sanny Mitra, Odd, Andrej Mihajlov, Alexander Busck, Stefan, David L& #246; nnhager, Oskar Nyberg, Joshua Bj& #246; rk& #228; ng, Eric P& #252; tter, Matilda, rui hildt, Gr& #233; goire D& #233; trez, Victor Johansson, Albin, Douglas Afzelius, Hank, Michal Petrucha, Steph, Jan Jonsson

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