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Welcome to Gotmilk Pharmacy, the most banned pharmacy on the internet. We are a licensed pharmacy group that has delivered medicines via online since 2004 and sold on darknet since 2011 Silk Road & BMR. We have over 9000 5/5 recorded on RECON, we sell on many markets.

We only sell legit medicines and also have great deals on narcotics and hard to find products from across the globe. Knowing that you are working with professionals can make stressful decisions easier. There is a lot of scam on darknet, we take pride delivering for our clients. We respect your need and urgency for low cost genuine medicine. Gotmilk Prides itself of supplying life saving medicines, safely, low cost. Google, big pharma, do not want you to have access without going bankrupt or just dying.

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legend vendor Gotmilk always delivers, most banned by google!!! Long Live Darknetlive


5/5 long time vendor, just got a package last week. Glad they are listed here, because they are reliable, people say stuff about them, but they do deliver, sometimes slow, but they ship legit medicines.


bestellte ein paar Produkte von deutschen inländischen Narcos, dauerte ca. 4 Tage Deutsche Post. XTC, 4MMC, LSD, bolivianische Cola, gut getestet und war rein. Ich werde wieder bestellen.


vendor has great xanax bars strong bars, 5/5 ASAP Market


schnelle Lieferung, 5/5 Modafinil


zeer goede verkoper 5/5 zal opnieuw gebruiken, zeer aan te bevelen


they have good. wonton. they lick my balls well


boom! fast shipping, good vendor 5/5


Big fan, darknet superstar, reliable vendor, 5/5 shout out!! whoop


Yo, 5 days DD US Domestic 5/5 My guy the Milk! DarkNetLive - Legit site - dont fall for fake sites!


Great vendor, very happy, 5/5


best fucking cocaine, sniffing it off my GIRLS asses, multiples, Thanks GOTMILK


Got my package, happy!


My boy, Gotmilk, done delivered us domestic, damn happy yo, these mof*ckers be ripping my wallet yo! Gotmilk thank you 5/5 be back soon!


Aussie Aussie Aussie - Oy Oy Oy 5/5


Je suis très satisfait de la qualité des produits. Ma commande sur Incognito a pris des jours à france.leased, commandera à nouveau.

5/5 2023-04-07

very good vendor, nice stealth, high quality product


US delivered Ksalol 1mg arrived today, blister packed, genuine, when you need the plug for genuine Alp Xanax, not that pressed analogs, this is the vendor.


good vendor, package arrived USA


one of the best vendors on the internet, AAA product, boom!


AAA+ weed, price is nice, 5/5 3 days delivered good decoy.


I ordered mundi pharma oxycodone 40mg and 80mg, arrive din blister genuine. Also ordered oxydolore 20mg 40mg 80mg genuine, legit vendor delivers as always. MScontin morphine 200mg and concerta 36 mg tested and was legit!


Good products and prices, very happy with my delivery and I live in exotic location.


The best, high quality products, wont say here, but very pleased, my 5th time using vendor.


AAA xanax bars and adderall 5/5


Best vendor for genuine oxycodone! super happy and good prices.


Ordered some weed shake to Africa from their uk shipping supply good price for the quality, also pack was tracked so these bastards in Africa customs didn't steal it.


high quality cocaine tested and pure much better then off the stree, 5/5 UK domestic, took 2 days, not bad for Royal Mail who are a bunch of cunts.


5/5 best vendor on darknet, wish more vendors were as honorable at gotmilk


This nigga is gangsta 5/5


best meth, 5/5 shipped to australia great stealth

Lady Boo2023-12-25

the link doesn't work. I can't access it, What can i do ?


5/5 xanax bars, reliable


good weed, will be buying from gotmilk going forward, highly recommend.


hey everyone this is gotmilk, our hosting at Kaizushi onion server screwed us stole our money, our onion key and disappered, without any notice. I guess karma will get them in the future, our new onion and webshop will be online hopefully by end of weekend. 12-31-2023 or 1-1-24 you can still buy from us on incognito, abacus, nemessis, or find us on dread. /d/gotmilk we will talk to admin at darknetlive, who has done an amazing job for the darknet community to update our onion once we are live. happy holidays and have a blessed new years Gotmilk Crew