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Accoding to the marketplace, ColombiaConnection is a marketplace made by TOR vendor.


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Why Colombiaconnection Marketplace?
Colombiaconnection is the only one TOR open marketplace made by a real TOR vendor. With more than 10 years as reputed physical and digital goods vendor in more than 20 marketplaces and tired of exit-scams, clumsy, rude and inefficient mods and admins I decide release a free and open marketplace backed by my name and reputation, u can refer to RECONto know some of my history in TOR.By many evidences that I have collected in all my years as TOR vendor, I conclude that majority of the current online marketplaces are the result of a monopoly of programmers that have two or more marketplace online and another & #38; #38; ldquo;darker& #38; #38; rdquo; story has to do with the existence of some marketplaces that are owned by administrators who in the past did exit-scam with markets called and designed differently but that retain identical lines of code, in other words, they are the same scammers admins, who have come back again to TOR with another design and another name. Owners of sites as Apollon, Empire, Deepsea and Cryptonia are in the game again getting richer with the money that they stole from you in the past and with the money that you are now leaving them in their commission systems.
We promote the human right to use drugs, the right to hallucinate to experience unique states of consciousness that are only accessible through the spiritual portal that drugs create between our consciousness and other levels of consciousness. We promote the freedom of information, and we are against the monopoly of this in any of its expressions.We promote and demand immediate worldwide drugs legalization and access, while rich countries as the United States get even richer with the recreational and medicinal marijuana business, poor countries as Colombia fill their prisons with poor citizens persecuted for producing and commercializing drugs in small doses in streets.We hate corporations, especially financial, who dedicate themselves to be enriched by abusing the use of money and the rights of the middle class and the poor.
Site Rules
Below you can read all Markeplaces Rules for Users, Buyers and VendorsThe rules, conditions, and terms that you will read below are absolute and mandatory, any omission or violation of one or more of them will cause your account to be suspended temporarily or permanently. If you consider that the measure has been unfair or wrong, you can file an appeal through a private message on our Dread channelWe reserve the right to respond to the appeal if the rules violation has been flagrant and systematic.We can collect a bond to cancel the account suspension in case that our staff decides to do so and if our rules violation hasn& #38; #38; rsquo;t been serious or systematic.
1.0 General Rules:
1.1 By registering an account, you agreed to all terms of service and rules of Colombiaconnection Marketplace. If u isn& #38; #38; rsquo;t agreed u can request your account deletion through a ticket or simply never use this.1.2 This is a free and open marketplace, but we have some restrictions in lists publications/requests below u can see our restrictions and PROHIBITED LISTS:*** 1.2.1*** Child Porn.*** 1.2.2*** Weapons.*** 1.2.3*** Terrorism.*** 1.2.4*** Torture.*** 1.2.5*** Poisons.*** 1.2.6*** Lethal or Toxic.*** 1.2.7*** Doxxing.*** 1.2.8*** Assassination services.*** 1.2.9****Fentanyl.*NOTE 1*: Any listing posting by a vendor or request by a buyer related to these prohibited items will result in immediate lifetime termination of the violator& #38; #38; rsquo;s account without the right to appeal of any kind. Any market user who discovers a violation of these is obliged to report it immediately through the* & #38; #38; ldquo;Report& #38; #38; rdquo; button on each of the lists or by opening a support ticket.1.3 Each user will be responsible for the items that he/she list, sells/buys; admin, staff and moderators& #38; #38; rsquo; marketplace just control the non-existence of mentioned items in 1.2 section of this rules, lists with irrelevant, troll or absurd items will be removed by staff.1.4 To prevent phishing and fraud our Admin, Staff Members, Moderators and Vendors username have a tag on the right of username that does the hierarchy of them in brackets {(}(}example[tag] {)}

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