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"Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt." Sun Tzu


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-----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- mQINBF3AU84BEAChd8N12q7NzfL4jS62O/PXkI3VULW+Lz4M0o/i4bWjhildC99Y CMG2IsR+0uDAIJNpGS8bVA+8+YL06NjskdPl77EReIXmGDzm9EvphOHkfMCyIJah pPcQSsnFIWlcNmoS2v0Na3qlNlvNNtXHNYJC3QGE6N9VGLmQfHXYiB9mVdtEQWu0 6SjbOWgISHcTifz8k1eMrJO1us4YoG8ara0oPubVeIZiz/7ZGw0lAZOGMbDQXpqI Z0EB0qdId4etXyL7rs/z0eG7tY8m7BknzNIyvkiRgsfV8tmL1Q2lwFLlR+sSjj6w t6wOKaw2Kd+GbEhW2DBxxVFUXkEP/o97pygjfa+FO2rVSGfG/6mJny7EjfnrwnJ8 vVuT28nLDGHZyMbPQaJTraX4WFDD/TF7jxh8LtIQ/SjPK9ChNluzVEPcnmh3kPIc XvtwcE4E2OX/I1W9Z4X8xltQeys02VSD3e5AB29nEY1ipG3g+x1cvgk4LDtMZQC/ 38yJohFtKuvmDnYGVRxWoRSIdQGwWELuM4PACYqz28hhdIjm9x/XsDC9VdZzbaTQ t9ZPBv9qhEBkwkiqFlpt7CQVbIZQJ9pX2NUT0q5hPJAJYRqMXXSXZABrCjeyQMjy g4RSEw2eBKxE/CORzsw2rFUPUI2w5q50wSDu5PNv45Q7h8h/JXfAWEy2hQARAQAB tDRLaWxvcyB1Z3UgKGRubXVndTQ3NTU2NDI0MzQub25pb24pIDx1Z3VAZmlyZW1h aWwuY2M+iQJOBBMBCAA4FiEExzvwMmmUws4KyfjTi4I2U1+nPgAFAl3AU84CGwMF CwkIBwIGFQgJCgsCBBYCAwECHgECF4AACgkQi4I2U1+nPgCavg//UVP/ueFn2d0l cCw4QVnrjLGTrMEptBAjdYFmEUx8nPT0gMSbrWYim4ibY/Fi2k/DOLdcV0oq7g/s ckvU3eVnnc5u0VJoHdRe93KR7I3gNUN3B6ydCoDpiUps0gTRIlUitVk0gwSNl9k5 SRwey/HyRSHgSM2PLAL7/qQGYvq+XYyv0l96qyUxo8KkSAF9BN1TBmPP2TEwJ5rl 0Lif4mhnjIE3vSaEJJRq15ZVqFu442fXipvOz8zRYpceiD68x66Qg3j5d0kfPG/E xVh5RTdIOjClvoRvlDf4mpjge3SrZVsvxV/yihDFV3ZMp9ZnykXCS3CZkFC0hDG3 Dv2euEZX6cp+c4zIv0AKa0z+ydiB0LxCgSzOOWv8Qp1V/LYmoEcLaPlwnvHf788a 6kbyxE6W+OReR72gPJbTehrohL5Z0wRceW3ZQNghwVhv5oBEY46rgp1+ABHV/2QD TwH6h4FP6nC28bK1em76yBxZjwSRtWpmDAD30L4QagERUBw4qPsKkbDZAj7fo57S thhJOzyqt1MLQE2/qa8nmzI8UyWXb2tluL1wJEPuOepi5egC1GmFrZSespbS5JlK LTS1v6KbR7hH156an4L8Ys6y4IpjnyK1s8EAj1ey3CQ98NGL0n6yhfGjGKy/+MCQ w1i7hsl1//VJw/BnIpZA7qObjrL3fvi5Ag0EXcBTzgEQAMdlz5Mf4JtVIWh2PtVj aHp0JtlkLxtTywAteFNg3blohgGPdNm2uA+4xfNY/fjD8dz/HmiXligN/mrbLTBh OMrt2XtDD2ytTHPCPGMxHFHPrcuH6yHFqoXofyoihwQ3uO3SQN/cC2CJUG5hLVIu ASThd1hr8KtnrLA72sxd/rqacDtk+rRY241iZj7YN4arXP0xF9UoAd3MH6769Isg irTV9b9sjXUESCNhcvJQ/aUPZdGyjriRN47JkLiu7y39oBVMNCM4b6LzSL6kZEsd bdjANLccBk18uWqIqgABxm3I40kIdDe0dzWhvHiWh1/K8wXoKsQKzt7GFkBH7el6 n9EsnkoP9Vyo0KNbqPZ8T8l3md3IIYQ6od1DPP4xMGSIcmZnJXPgnzbO0epfRG1f BOpt0OR/NcM1wsQwyeKx6Pid+/WC5QqOCZ+t64z5hrk0opz1zFzyffmLZcbNxmv9 yOjrgzpm74xuecK8bUTS/zFIT2hDOLxsiWBEUipTeXG8ovp0PDdAZuZX/o1jW+mK rl+8CDpHsAPomjlepr+0T/slvFuvJynoKhDNMV0cR0SLnbmO3Vj8CK868R/aS7Tk rbqUkl5MkELdhGITjNTTMa1HPOVZPQV1Mz6uuGwjgioQDXsQBFFhiDe6O5RCeqOl W/GlgO3PWfxqtWkfFb7UBplnABEBAAGJAjYEGAEIACAWIQTHO/AyaZTCzgrJ+NOL gjZTX6c+AAUCXcBTzgIbDAAKCRCLgjZTX6c+AEzmEACRZEKbd3PJwDSU2nI9L6Zs EcCxth2Y2lkcj/ySpQ31quoJVoSyIfI4R2g456JW69QeTuLdS3THMWi/ipXZLcgr 6S1QJ1DY0GmI7ZYPGW0+9N6HUDuKV0ciSYzXDdHr8eNxLp9D6OiZ26THbxZRclh9 ApJ3LvZwN67Uzb5EE2EH20uHpSoVLwTYYo93ZhBFw+UZ15RWSj8lu7GOjgL1KnrZ CYqhWCOzH+G9zdXC8RFBpPssBqFfsafosTWc9r5UEFw3r7J9FXUeBsdr3ZDYKxjz 0FAIBftKwNqz/lZLOiUv9YcCl0oFfGECVh/UBG1wcCnp/uIqpeTu3QrAHwYY1Gy9 jZARzaUXKHe9twAW8uAYL+JWqiGkv6414jom3NNIGoBOnr/PEE4hT641F4ebwFo4 xdeXooA14ivy/4a80WHCwJEowg+6JAPWmZR2f7aJtMhh/3an05Q21B0u8nXLuJ5k uP8Xsa1aJQoWllEuhKwS1eB1G2EK8YI+aMJIr1gxm/wmGoOXfE+6idRvvHbbaSYy 9qOR5mWb1i1o2pSUfZEYgWM78S9wMVSLxHdQWaTYDBjpWdZ9uy/EK014TnA3IR/9 RMxyT1/R7L3zmEljeh0OVIgpb4/gZz17xcyfWAcIsA3ym1eNR5rga0qw2gwzlsFh fAyagYgWNk+3Olmtungj9A== =pgLp -----END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK-----

Recent news
New clearnet link distributor

Check out our new link distributor at We have a clearnet gateway to the site, and also a new rotating link system for when the main URL is under attack! :)
Service restored

A small outage occurred while I was away from my computer but has now been fixed. If you are missing money from a swap or mix, please contact staff and we will get you sorted out. Sorry about that!
New Telegram chatroom

The owners of the Onion News International channel that we previously linked people to are no longer active, so we have a new Telegram chatroom, which you can find here - @KilosSearch.
KAAML: Kilos Anti Anti Money Laundering

Kilos has a new system in place called KAAML that allows users of the coin swap feature to receive clean, safe to spend coins in exchange for their deposits! Check out the coin swap link in the finance section of the side bar for more information about what it is and how it works. We look forward to seeing your feedback on this new update!
Remember to use our V3 onion URL!

V2 onion URLs (the shorter ones) will be removed from Tor soon, to be replaced with the longer V3 URLs. Please make sure you use and favorite our V3 URL! The link is mlyusr6htlxsyc7t2f4z53wdxh3win7q3qpxcrbam6jf3dmua7tnzuyd.onion. For your safety, please verify this URL with our PGP key and mirror list.
Kilos has just released an album!

Check out our new 12-track rap album, Darknet Story. You can view the art and listen to the music here. Let us know what you think on Dread!
Kilos KSwap now supports Litecoin!

Anyone who has used BTC in the last several years knows that the fees are usually pretty bad, especially for sending of small amounts. In an effort to push darknet cryptocurrency in a slightly better direction, I have built in support for Litecoin trades on the Kilos KSwap platform! You can now trade any combination of BTC, LTC, and XMR.

This comes with another positive change as well: As of today, there are no minimum deposits on KSwap. This means if you are a buyer on the darknet markets, no matter how small, KSwap will serve you happily and faithfully. (There is a catch though - if your output coin is BTC, you will pay the network transaction fee unless the final output value is & #62; = 0.01 BTC. Sorry, but this is the only way it financially makes sense to do this for me.)

Happy trading everyone! Let me know if there are any other coins you would like me to support. I am thinking of supporting Nano next, but I want to hear community input before I bother with implementation.
New anti-phishing measures implemented

Due to an uptick in users being phished, I have implemented several new anti-phishing measures. Over time they will likely be circumvented by the MITM phishing operators, but this is always a cat and mouse game, and this at least creates more work for them.

1. Users sending certain non-standard HTTP headers will always get a "sorry, wrong answer" response from entry captcha. I have identified 181 user sessions over the course of a few weeks sending non-standard HTTP headers. Most of these are from clearnet onion gateways like or wherever else, and some are from outright fake sites. Either way, both these groups will be blocked until the operators change their setup.

2. QR codes for deposit addresses now have a watermark with the Kilos logo (to make it harder to imitate with brand new QR code), and they also include information about begin and end of deposit address. In addition to this, QR codes are now sent as base64-encoded string so that automatic deposit address rewrites will no longer work.

3. Deposit address and output address are now padded with HTML that is invisible to normal users but will stop (or at least slow down) automatic rewriting of page content by MITM phishing sites.

Your caution is still important. Like I said, these will all likely be patched against by MITM phishing site operators. For now though, Kilos is safer to use, even for users who are not paying proper attention to what they are doing.
Minimum deposit for swaps lowered

The minimum deposits for the coin swapping service have been lowered due to rising crypto prices. The new minimum deposit for XMR-& #62; BTC swaps is 0.1 XMR, and the new minimum deposit for BTC-& #62; XMR swaps is 0.0005 BTC.
EndChan board and ongoing DDOS on Dread

Dread is still suffering from ongoing DDOS. Until they are able to mitigate these attacks, try the EndChan /dnm/ board as a gathering place that allows anonymous usage.
Dread needs your help to mitigate the attacks on their servers. If you would like to donate, check /r/DreadAlert on reddit for information about how to give money. Make sure you only donate to the PGP signed donation addresses listed, because scammers are setting in like piranhas in Dread's absence.

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is possible enter to kilos site?


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