Woman Pleads Guilty in the "Opiateconnect" Case

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A Detroit woman admitted she participated in the distribution of large quantities of drugs through the "Opiateconnect" dark web drug vendor profile.

Opiateconnect's vendor shop

According to court documents, investigations by the Detroit Dark Web Task Force identified 29-year-old Carolyn Hernandez-Taylor as one of the most active members of the ring involved in the distribution of counterfeit Xanax, cocaine, and other drugs through the Opiateconnect vendor profile.
Investigations by the task force established that the vendor had been in operation since at least 2016. In addition to operating through vendor accounts on multiple dark web marketplaces, the vendor distributed through a vendor shop and Jabber direct deals.
The investigators identified Victor Hernandez as the operator of the vendor account in 2018. They also identified Taylor and one of her associates, Elizabeth Lynn-Maire Alvarez-Garcia as some of the members of the drug trafficking organization.
From December 2021 through June 2022, the investigators conducted continuous electronic and video surveillance that included the use of a chopper. The investigators established that Taylor used to leave her residence for a home suspected of being the packaging and processing center of Opiateconnet's orders.
After spending a few hours at the residence, she would leave through the back door carrying full trash bags and place them in her vehicle. She would then meet Alvarez-Garcia and give her the trash bags. Alvarez-Garcia would then drive to a post office and mail dozens of drug packages.
The investigators intercepted a few of the packages mailed by Alvarez-Garcia. In February 2022, the investigators intercepted a package mailed to an address they had used to order cocaine from Opiateconnect. The substance found in the package tested positive for cocaine.
On August 23, 2022, the investigators executed a search warrant at the residence associated with Opiateconnet's operations. The investigators found a drug lab used to produce the pills distributed by Opiateconnet. In the lab, the agents found and seized a large pill press, mixer, mixing agents, clonazolam, and etizolam used to produce counterfeit Xanax bars. The agents also found large quantities of cocaine and MDMA as well as packaging and mailing materials.
The search also resulted in the seizure of approximately $1 million in cryptocurrency, more than $300,000 in cash, and multiple firearms.
Taylor and Hernandez were charged in a five-count indictment filed on August 31.
On July 19, 2023, Taylor pleaded guilty to one count each of conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute a controlled substance, conspiracy to launder monetary instruments, and dispensing a counterfeit drug.

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Get money errrrr day2023-07-20

She doesn’t know the rules smh, when I was active . It was no more than 6 packs per box, 10 if it’s a busy city


i wonder if had anything to do with ASAP's recent shutdown

bossman (big)2023-07-25

Money trumps opsec 7 days a week


they knew his name since 2018??? im not buying


The investigation began in that year. They weren't actually busted until all the evidence materialialized


Unless you really don't give a fuck (a lot of junkies don't obviously), never order from someone with opiate/opioid related terms in their name.


ive def had the issue of gvt ppl coming to my house after ordering from some of them right before they got busted. true story. but i got off - just an average junkie but they sent the feds to my door. I told them I was judgement proof and to get off my lawn. Never heard from them again


valid but oc was sometimes the only guy with boats of pills and we had no choice


I thought Tor was secure. . how did they find this woman..

Boyz 2023-07-25

They bust everyone eventually. There's still some details being left out do what you're asking isn't fully answerable. But I do remember reading about this on the doj website that a Mail inspector noticed this lady with trash bags full of packages coming on the regular. She never switched up mailing locations. That was her mistake. Leave it to a female to fuck the whole Xanax game up.


DNL, Could you post a guide that tells darknet users risk if they not plead guilty or when they should plead guilty? ofc without collaboration with the feds and whatnot.


some people are legally stupid and corporate with the police thinking it will help their case, except it never does; Lol - I bet the feds are the ones selling the dope trying to pushout all the fent. from china. Heroin has been around for a long time.


test test test

free theguys2023-07-22

Damn opiateconnect was a legend


i kno she def has my address - hope she shredded it


fax i copped a few times lmao


LOL. Honestly, she took a massive L. This could NEVER. EVER. BE ME! Add iddymack on discord for more


>Name involved with opiates >doesn’t sell fentanyl That’s a first


Lowkey hate LE but when someoen selling fake and unkown counterfit anything, im kind glad it happenes because those are the vendors we need less of!


she literally said that they were pressed with clonazolam and listed the exact dosage in each pill in plain ass english you fucking useless retard