White House Market Ends Support for Bitcoin Payments

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One of the leading darkweb marketplaces, White House Market, ended support for Bitcoin transactions.
White House Market (WHM) launched as a Monero-only marketplace. At the time, WHM was one of the few marketplaces that only supported payments using Monero. Some customers requested support for Bitcoin as a payment option.
The market implemented Bitcoin support via Morphtoken’s API. WHM, when adding Bitcoin support, reiterated that the market was designed to support only Monero and would eventually return to a Monero-only model.
There are obvious reasons for a market to encourage the use of Monero over Bitcoin.
Some markets have been trying to shift to Monero for some time, notably White House Market and Monopoly, due to law enforcement improvements in blockchain analysis. However, Bitcoin is still most popular for now, and in Russian DNMs Monero isn’t yet widely accepted. – Patrick Shortis

According to WHM, Morphtoken now blocks Tor exit nodes. “The Bitcoin workaround was supposed to be there just to help with the transition to XMR and as we are concerned, it’s done, therefore we are now Monero only, just as planned.”
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