West Virginian Admits Buying Drugs on the Darkweb

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A West Virginia man pleaded guilty to importing and reselling drugs purchased through the darkweb.
According to court documents, 42-year-old Joshua Lee Parsons of West Virginia admitted to purchasing a wide variety of drugs, including methamphetamine and heroin, on the darkweb. Parsons resold the drugs locally.
The investigations that resulted in Parsons’ arrest began on February 24, 2021, after the United States Customs and Border Protection at the John F. Kennedy International Mail Center in New York intercepted a suspicious incoming package addressed to Parsons’ residence. When opening the package, the customs officers found 49 grams of heroin.

Joshua Lee Parsons | @WVMugshots

The investigators subsequently made a controlled delivery of the package to Parsons’ home on March 8, 2021. After making the delivery, the investigators executed a search warrant at the residence. The search resulted in the seizure of various drugs, including approximately 66 grams of methamphetamine packaged in 103 separate packages. The investigators also found and seized a loaded handgun.
Parsons confessed in the interview that followed his arrest and told the investigators wanted to resell the methamphetamine found in his possession. Parsons also told the investigators that he had placed another order on the darkweb and was expecting to receive a methamphetamine package. The investigators intercepted the package on March 15, 2021, and seized approximately 223 grams of methamphetamine.
On March 17, 2022, Parsons pleaded guilty to possession with intent to distribute 50 grams or more of methamphetamine. He will be sentenced on June 30, 2022, and will face a mandatory minimum of 10 years in prison.

[DNL: In addition to LEOs from Homeland Security Investigations, the USPIS, and state police, members of the West Virginia National Guard Reconnaissance and Aerial Interdiction Detachment assisted in the execution of a search warrant at Parsons’ house. Seems atypical for such a unspectacular case.]
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10 years minimum, what the fuck. The freest country in the world my ass, america is just a prison for the poor


Importing 49 grams of heroin with intent to distribute, 66 grams of meth with intent to distribute, and importing another 223 grams of meth with intent to distribute. He also lives in West Virginia.


10 years for 66g ? that's a lot..


No mention of previous convictions for related offenses. It appears as though the suspect was al cooperative during interrogation... even forthcoming about other transgressions. If this is how LEA expect to persuade criminals in to being honest, it's a damned, piss-poor attempt at it. The govt is so fucking far off the rails on mandatory sentencing guidelines it's sickening. Here's a protip: Why don't you cucks focus more on pulling your dicks out from your ears and do something constructive with all the resources? You know, like, making sure residents all have access to clean, running water? You fucking demon semen slurping donkeys!


yo, drug dealers, when will we work together to jsut get this stuff legalized? in the US, we do have a representational gov, it is not 100\% "corrupt", we can vote, and there is nothing stopping us from legalizing most drugs. so why do we let them keep fucking us in the ass?


Don't be naive. How can you call the US a representative democracy when minority rule is perfectly legal and constitutional? Two of the last four presidents were elected by a representative minority.

Fanon was right2022-04-01

It's crazy to me how different the comments are in the article about a white man that goes down for making foolish mistakes, vs on the DNL article of any person of color that goes down. Everyone makes mistakes, the racist shit I see getting spouted on here constantly is pathetic and vile. Y'all talking about how fucked the government is, take a look at yourselves as well.


Go back to the clearnet if you can't hang. Some people are going to say things that offend you, that's life. Not everything has to do with race.

Check yourself2022-04-02

Have you ever lived in the hood man? It insults my intelligence when people deny a certain word exists and that that word is entirely accurate and representative of a certain type of individual I know well. Not sure why we have to pretend like it doesn’t exist to be politically correct and avoid assault, battery, robbery, rape or murder when the same terminology is widely used by said individuals. You want to talk about some shit that doesn’t make sense?


I did not read the original report but DNL is being a bit sloppy with his words. Dude will be 'facing' 10 year mandatory minimum, does not mean he was sentenced to it. Also if he snitched so hard, it's possible he was also doing god knows what else. CP? who knows


Fuck this, why is he getting a minimum of 10 years for this? There are murders and rapes happening everywhere but this dude gets >10years for trying to sell 66g of the shit


Another dumb white inbred. Diarrhea mouth probably has a lot more than they're willing to share because 10year minimum for the those drugs don't add up.


In Europe, he'd be getting 6 months maximum. Over there you get 10 years for murder and not for 66g of some shit. America: land of the prisoners aka the not free.

Der Kamisar2022-04-21

Well USA is big and each state has somewhat different rules esp when it comes to drugs. Europe is far from perfect my friend. You guys let a pedophile sit in a resort hospital for 6 months and then release him back to the playground. Also love it or hate it regardless of what the news tells younwe can still speak freely here (current administration wld like to change that) but for fucks sake in England you cannot even fly a Union Jack on your own home...in Germany non-violent criticism of the Gov't or certain protected groups can get you more prison time than selling Heroin..so who is silly?

cali Diablo2022-04-21

What the hell? Whats with some of you folks? Someone is complaining of "racism" when a country ass white dude is facing 10yrs for Meth & H distro in grams?? I read about blacks walking out on low bail for car jackings, shootimgs etc. Difference is, I dont immediately think its bcs they're black. And then you got some j/o calling this guy 'inbred' ? How about he's an American, probably from a neghborhood just as poor and just as backward as your "glorious hood" some ppl love to dramaricize. Wtf really? If a rich white is arrested ya'll get mad...if a poor white is arrested ya'll talk shit I guess to make urselves feel better? Its truly sad to see such ignorance, one sided thinking and division on a place like dwm forums. Really, get out from behind your PC's and live life. Most of us are more similar than not when you get to noticing reality.


he would have been fine if he didnt try in import H international. i wonder what little meth reshipper he was


He gets the long prison sentence because he's in West Virginia-the most backward, in-bred state in the country.