Washington Man Sentenced for Selling Drugs on the Darkweb

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A 29-year-old was sentenced to seven years in prison for selling fentanyl, heroin, methamphetamine, and other drugs on darkweb markets.
Nicholas Partlow, 29, of Issaquah, Washington, was sentenced to seven years in prison for selling drugs on the darkweb, in person, and possessing firearms in furtherance of those crimes.
On March 7, 2022, Partlow pleaded guilty to conspiring to distribute controlled substances and possessing firearms in furtherance of a drug trafficking crime. Partlow agreed to forfeit assets found in his possession, including approximately 11.2192 Monero and 0.0064688 Bitcoin.
“Darknet drug dealers such as Mr. Partlow are spreading addiction and risk of overdose death across our country—all with the touch of a button,” said U.S. Attorney Nick Brown. “These defendants who deal in cyberspace don’t see the death their drugs leave behind. We must do all we can to interdict these deadly substances to reverse the record numbers of overdose deaths.”

U.S. Attorney Nick Brown announced the sentence

During his career, Partlow had completed 400 transactions on darkweb markets. He sold at least 52 grams of heroin, 13 grams of methamphetamine, 142 pills containing fentanyl, 866 suboxone strips, and 1,513 pills containing other controlled substances.
In 2020, postal inspectors ordered drugs from Partlow’s vendor account on an undisclosed marketplace. Court documents do not reveal the vendor account Partlow operated. The drugs ordered by undercover feds included 1 gram of heroin, 4.07 grams of methamphetamine, and 79 pills containing other controlled substances. Feds also intercepted packages Partlow had shipped to his customers. The intercepted packages contained 3.25 grams of heroin, two pills containing fentanyl, 18 suboxone strips, and 1,680 pills containing other controlled substances.
Law enforcement obtained a search warrant for Partlow’s residence in November 2020. During the search, officers found heroin, methamphetamine, fentanyl, ketamine, GHB, and other drugs; electronic equipment that Partlow used as part of his trafficking operation; and drug proceeds in cash and cryptocurrency. They also seized five firearms, including a sawed-off shotgun and a pistol with a suppressor (presumably in violation of the NFA).
After the search, Partlow continued to sell drugs. In March 2021, police arrested Partlow and an accomplice. Partlow had drugs and a notebook “containing information about his trafficking activities” on his person at the time of his arrest. After processing Partlow, police released him. In September 2021, Partlow crashed a car in Renton, Washington. Police found drugs, a taser, and a silver, key-shaped LaCie brand computer thumb drive in his car. Partlow has been in federal custody since the car crash when he was wanted on a federal warrant.
“Partlow was no mere street-level dealer and should be not sentenced like one,” Assistant United States Attorney Jonas Lerman wrote in the government’s sentencing memorandum. “In hundreds of darknet transactions, he trafficked deadly drugs. By his own account, he started dealing on the darknet because it was ‘more lucrative’ than local dealing.”
“Fentanyl and heroin continue to be a menace on our streets, but Partlow will not,” said Inspector in Charge Anthony Galetti. “He believed he could take advantage of those sickened by addiction for his own profit, however today he learns the true price of the dangerous and deadly narcotics he pedaled into our communities. I commend the work on the investigators on this case who worked tirelessly to bring Partlow to justice.”

Issaquah, Washington man sentenced to 7 years in prison for dealing fentanyl and other drugs on the darknet | www.justice.gov, archive.is, archive.org
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Could this be kingchatla? The suboxone and “other pills” makes me think maybe not. But he sold the rest and was from that area and has disappeared


It is possible perhaps that he only sold certain products on markets and the subs etc that do not match up were sold IRL.


Dumbfuck continued selling drugs AFTER the search?!? Wow. Not the sharpest tool in the shed.


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2 Dolla$2022-09-27

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Sounds like he buys an ounce of whatever,splits into little packages that he sells for double what everyone else does. His listing will have lies like new batch thats best he ever had, stuff from his reserve stash, pure fire, 99\% pure, appearance may look adulterated but its just like that for shipping reasons.


this seems to be a popular dread user who stopped posting at around the time in September ...... hmmmm can anybody guess? Hint - Silencer and puff bars


Alex Gaynor, former Firefox security engineer and sandboxing lead > I suspect it's because Firefox exploits have looked the same for the last several years -- there has not been a lot of novelty required to implement an exploit, given an arbitrary read/write primitive. https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=22342352

[email protected]2022-10-02

LoL dated Feb 16, 2020 The arbitrary write issue was patched long ago. Get real.


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OU using Brave browser now, DNL?


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we are confused, in dread and elsewhere they say tor is better than vpn (cause vpn require trust?) and here is the opposite


@a1afcde8 I like chromium and certainly prefer it to FF but Brave is not a replacement for TBB. So I do not use Brave for onion services etc.


@f83c707f I dont like the TBB. TBB is just a front end for tor and I think Firefox is awful. Here is a paragraph from the grugq: > What the Tor Browser Bundle does is essentially focus all of the vulnerability research on a single slow moving, poorly defended target. The monoculture that provides protective anonymity – hiding in the herd – exposes the herd to the same vulnerabilities. And everyone is looking for those vulnerabilities. I am not going to advise people **not** to use the TBB.


@f69f9c04 It is just static html generated with hugo. Content is written in markdown and parsed by Hugo. I have considered putting it all in a repo and letting people submit changes etc. Probably should do that.


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