Washington Doctor Might Plead Guilty in Murder For Hire Case

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A neonatologist who allegedly tried to hire a hitman on the darkweb to kidnap his wife and assault a colleague might enter a guilty plea.
Dr. Ronald Ilg, 55, of Spokane, Washington, allegedly contacted murder-for-hire sites on the darkweb with two jobs. In his first request, the doctor asked for someone to injure a colleague. In his messages to the murder-for-hire sites, Ilg allegedly used the username “Scar215.”

Ronald Ilg | Linkedin

Victim 1
“The target should be given a significant beating that is obvious. It should injure both hands significantly or break the hands. I tried to attach a pic but it wouldn’t load.”

In subsequent messages, Scar215 provided the name and address of the intended victim (Victim #1).
Victim 2
In the the request, Scar215 wanted someone to kidnap, assault, drug, and extort his wife (Victim #2). Transcripts of Scar215’s messages are provided in the criminal complaint.

Redacted Screenshot from DARK WEBSITE #1 - A fraudulent murder-for-hire website

“I need a rush job for next week. I need the target kidnapped for five to seven days. While being held she is given at least daily doses of heroin. She is also strongly persuaded to do a few things within two weeks.
  • stop ALL Court proceedings,
  • return to your husband and the chaos you created,
  • Tell absolutely no one about this. Also, the team should plant heroin and used needles with her DNA inside. After about seven days, she is returned to her home.
  • The target destroyed two families and walked away as if she did nothing. I want the target kidnapped for 7 days. While being held, she will be given injections of heroin at least two times per day. She will be taught to do it herself, and pics and videos of her doing on her own should be collected. Also, while being held, all means necessary will be done to get the following goals with in 2 weeks of her release.

    First, cancel all court proceedings immediately. Second, return to the chaos she left with her husband and the 3rd party she invited into the house, and third, she will tell absolutely no one about her kidnapping and goals. She should be told that her families health, including her father and her kids, depend on her completing these rules. It would be unfortunate if her older boy became addicted to heroin. Or her dad be severely beaten or her dog be slaughtered. Any and all persuasion should be used. This needs to be done in two weeks.”

    The user offered a bonus if the hitman or employee of the murder-for-hire site could get the victim to do certain things.
    “First, let’s ensure the goals are correct.

    I think you accidently wrote ’not go back’ when in fact she MUST go back. This is the absolute goal that she must do for a good bonus.

  • Stop all court proceedings
  • Do go back to her husband weather she wants to or not
  • Keep her mouth shut, and tell no one about the kidnapping
  • Plant drugs in her home and used needles a day or so after collecting her. So, if people start looking for her while she is detained, they will find them.
  • Inject her with heroin 2 times per day. Teach her to inject herself.
  • Send pics and videos of her injecting herself for bribery later. Her schedule I have described. I have been told she has kids every other week starting on Friday. She has kids starting this Friday. She works week days from about 8 to 4. When she does NOT have kids she works at the spa on Saturday and then Wednesday after work.

  • I will use an external escrow. Hidden WiKi, where I first discovered your link, suggests the following: ‘Bitcoin Escrow – Best escrow service on the dark web, low fees, ensures that both vendor and customers are safe by keeping the funds in a secure account until goods or services are delivered’

    Can you please encourage your guy to start now. I have $40k in a wallet right now. I tried to send a pic of it but I cant get this email to select that file. I will start moving the Bitcoin as soon as we agreed on an escrow. But it will take a couple days to get there. I dont want to loose much more time.

    If he collects her when she has kids it will be immediately publisized. If she doesnt have kids AND she is forced to send texts out to work and any nosey friends , she could say she has COVID and is quarantined.

    So, please have him start now and send me updates and pics as soon as you have her. AND is the Bitcoin Escrow gonna work for us?


    Redacted Screenshot from DARK WEBSITE #2

    “I am moving Bitcoin around for the independent escrow. I think being very clear about the bonus will avoid a dispute. So, I will propose the following: To earn the additional associated bonus, within two weeks of the target being released, she will have completed the specific goal.

  • permanently withdraw all court motions and all mediated agreements. Bonus $10k
  • Return to your husband by asking to move back home AND fucking him at least three times within the 2 week time frame.”
  • “Bonus: $10k

  • Keep her mouth shut and tell no one ever about the kidnapping Bonus $10k
  • Inject her daily with heroin and teach her to do it AND supply pics and videos of her injecting herself. $5k
  • Plant drugs and used needles with her DNA in the needles through her home. Provide some pics of drugs and needles scattered around $5k It is important to note that the husband does NOT know this is happening.

  • He had a similar experience though to make sure he will take her back, which he agreed to do. She is strong for a woman. And she is stubborn and will need lots of persuasion. And she will say yes when she is thinking “fuck no,” so after she is released a way to continue to encourage her would be a good idea. Let me know soon if the escrow I named is acceptable.

    If so, I will put $40k in there. I will put $20k today once we agree to the escrow and the terms of the goals.”

    'Redacted Screenshot from DARK WEBSITE #3' which appears to depict an escrow website.

    In April 2020, journalists with a British news organization (BBC) forwarded transcripts of Scar215’s messages to investigators with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The transcripts included Bitcoin transaction hashes sent from Scar215 to at least one of the murder-for-hire site operators.

    The transactions referenced by Scar215 originated from Coinbase.

    The FBI Virtual Currency Response Team conducted Bitcoin blockchain analysis on the Bitcoin transaction hashes and addresses included in the messages sent by Scar215. They found that most of the payments received by the murder-for-hire site(s) originated from Coinbase.
    Records provided by Coinbase indicated that “Ron Ilg” had opened the Coinbase account responsible for sending the Bitcoin to the murder-for-hire site. The account was also associated with Ilg’s phone number, email address, and social security number. Coinbase also provided investigators with a list of transactions initiated by Ilg. Included in the list are transactions related to those involving Scar215.

    Coinbase provided feds with a list of transactions initiated by Ilg.

    “Notably, the highlighted transactions indicate that ILG used Coinbase.com to transfer approximately $56,308.12 into escrow to pay for the assault of VICTIM 1 and for the plan to kidnap, assault, extort, and drug VICTIM 2. The timing and value of these transactions also corresponds with the messages obtained from the News Organization and later confirmed by the FBI.”

    On April 11, 2021, the FBI executed a search warrant at Ilg’s house in Spokane, Washington. In the house, the FBI found the username “Scar215” and an associated password written on a sticky note inside a safe. Ilg opened the safe using his fingerprint at the FBI’s request.
    Later, the FBI used the credentials found in the safe to access the “Scar215” account on three onion services.
    In an interview with the FBI, Ilg admitted using the onion services in question but said he had intended on employing their services on himself (in an assisted suicide, of sorts). The doctor has pleaded not guilty to the charges. However, Ilg’s attorney, Carl Oreskovtich, asked the court about setting up a hearing in the event the defense and prosecution came to an agreement. Less than a week later, the court scheduled a change of plea hearing, indicating that Ilg would plead guilty to at least some of the charges.
    Background on Victim 1
    One of the doctor’s former coworkers at Pediatrix claimed the doctor had harassed her at work. As a result, according to a civil lawsuit filed by the doctor, the company forced him to resign. Ilg claims the harassment claims are false.
    The Spokesman-Review:
    “In the civil lawsuit, Ilg alleges that he’d served as Pediatrix’s corporate medical director through November 2019, when the company eliminated the position following allegations of harassment against Ilg that he claims were false. A year later, he was forced to resign from the company, according to the lawsuit.”

    “Ilg alleges that the termination was without cause and that Pediatrix and its parent company, Mednax, did not give him an opportunity to participate in a human resources investigation against him.”

    “The lawsuit states that Ilg entered the Physician Health Program, a confidential treatment program for doctors who face challenges that might impair their work, following a meeting with Sacred Heart Medical Center Children’s Hospital’s chief administrator in 2019. The doctor treating Ilg would not allow him to return to work at Sacred Heart during his treatment, according to the lawsuit.”

    “Ilg was forced to resign by Pediatrix in December 2020, according to the lawsuit.”

    Victim 1 is apparently the former coworker who made the harassment claims against Ilg.

    Complaint pdf