Wallstreet Market Announces Monero Issues

~1 min read | Published on 2018-11-03, tagged Darkweb-MarketGeneral-News using 107 words.

On Dread, an official spokesperson for Wallstreet Market announced that the market was having issues with Monero withdrawals. Monero payments have been frozen temporarily.
[Attention] Problem with XMR

Hello everybody!

We had a small problem with our XMR payment system so XMR’s trades are stopped at this moment.

We are working to fix this issue asap and the system will be back in a couple hours, don’t need panic :)

PS: It’s important to remember that all the funds are safe! As you guys knows, we don’t have wallets on the site so nobody gonna be stolen. All funds on escrow are safe.

by /u/Med3l1n, the Community Manager of the Wallstreet Market subdread.