Utah Man Pleads Guilty to Robbing a Pharmacy

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A man accused of robbing a pharmacy at gunpoint in an attempt to obtain Xanax pleaded guilty to amended charges on Monday, including a drug charge filed by prosecutors after the police linked the man to 80 transactions on the darkweb.
Brad Thayne Bingham, 31, of Logan, Utah, pleaded guilty to second-degree robbery, third-degree possession of a firearm by a restricted person, and third-degree possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute. Prosecutors dismissed a single possession charge in exchange for the guilty plea. They also agreed not to file any additional charges if Bingham accepted their plea agreement.
Cache County prosecutors had filed the possession with intent to distribute charge after the police had arrested Bingham for the pharmacy robbery, according to court documents. During the execution of a search warrant at the man’s home, police found FedEx and USPS packages that both contained alprazolam pills. The charge was also supported by evidence found on Bingham’s phone: using his mobile device, Bingham had purchased $5,700 worth of Xanax pills on the darkweb, prosecutors said.

CCTV footage of Bingham during the robbery

Police arrested Bingham on March 5 after identifying him as the suspect in a robbery at the Intermountain Healthcare Instacare pharmacy on March 4. Bingham, after telling employees that he had a gun, walked out of the pharmacy with $470 Xanax pills. The police said the stolen pills had a value of $756.
His arrest took place without incident:
According to the affidavit, Bingham had called the pharmacy several times the day prior asking for Xanax. Police allege that file photos, online photos and surveillance footage were used to identify Bingham. Bingham was arrested outside his residence while riding a bicycle. According to police, he had a .45 caliber handgun in the backpack he was wearing at the time. Police found alprazolam matching the stolen dosages and the clothes believed to be worn during the robbery.

Bingham is scheduled to be sentenced on May 18.

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called the pharmacy several time the day prior asking for xanax. benzos really do make people do stupid things.


Well well well it seems a vendor that sold real bars on the markets has been arrested and he doesn’t seem to smart. Can’t wait till y’all find out his vendor account


He was a junkie not a vendor. He was buying and spent $5700 is 80 transactions.


Yet the dude had sveral packages at his house with Zans in them? Why rob a pharmacy for zzz when you have some at your house in packages ?? makes no sense


Benzos make you do shitttttt. Say NO, or yes to a hefty jail sentence


There is a difference b/t responsible recreational use and reckless, drub-abusing criminality. Benzos have many effects--some diserable, some not--but these side-effects do not include armed-robbery. This guy is a criminal idiot. Thankfully no one was hurt and he's hopefully getting some help. In the interim, can we please avoid labelling people as "junkies"? And stop saying dumb, propaganda-born shit like, "say no, or yes to hefty herp derp a-lerp." The labels help no one and focus on the wrong part of why this guy is an idiot. Meanwhile, plenty of people out there use drugs frequently, cautiously, and responsibly; so it's not like the only two options are drugs + jail OR complete sobriety.


I am a junkie and I am proud of it. This guy is not. This guy uses benzos. Junkies use opiates. Junkies can be doctors and lawyers, engineers, and all sorts of important things. Pretty much everything except airline pilots. Living as a junky is a challenge. We need twice as much money to supply our basic needs. This means we need to be twice as ambitious as non-junkies, but it's totally worth it. Junkies have a bad reputation because of the massive hate campaign against us for the past 100 years. Many of us internalize this hate, and are consumed by it. You'll hear them saying, "when I get clean..." What a cop out. when they get clean they aren't gonna do shit but get fat and sleep. Some of us see through that and can keep it together, but we know we must hide our addiction. So the only junkies you ever get to know about are the ones who let the addiction destroy them. The rest of us just have to listen to your bullshit ignorant comments and bite our lips.