US Wins Appeal in Assange Extradition Case

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How shocking!
The US won their appeal against a UK court’s refusal to extradite Julian Assange, the co-founder of WikiLeaks.
A court in January blocked the US’s attempt to extradite Julian Assange, ruling that Assange would face brutal conditions in US prisons and might commit suicide.

Although mainstream media reporters operatng as an extension of the US government might deserve ____, Assange does not deserve such a cell.

In the US, Assange faces a series of espionage charges stemming from his role in the publication of various forms of classified information provided by whistleblowers. If convicted, Assange faces up to 175 years in prison.
When the US government indicted Alexandre Cazes, the alleged administrator of the original Alphabay market, Cazes hanged himself in his cell in a jail in Thailand rather than face a lifetime in prison in the United States.
In January, the court’s refusal to allow Assange’s extradition was “partially justified by the fact that [Assange] could be subjected to” so-called Special Administrative Measures (SAMs). US lawyers assured the High Court that Assange would not face SAMs while in US custody. The High Court accepted these assurances.
A special administrative measure (SAM) is a process under United States law (28 CFR 501.3; see also USAM title 9 chapter 24 — Requests for Special Confinement Conditions) whereby the United States Attorney General may direct the United States Bureau of Prisons to use “special administrative measures” regarding housing of and correspondence and visitors to specific inmates. It includes prisoners awaiting or being tried, as well as those convicted, when it is alleged there is a “substantial risk that a prisoner’s communications or contacts with persons could result in death or serious bodily injury to persons, or substantial damage to property that would entail the risk of death or serious bodily injury to persons.” Such measures are used to prevent acts of violence or terrorism or disclosure of classified information.

The law is considered particularly controversial because it permits monitoring of attorney-client communications of designated prisoners. Initiated in November 2001, the Department of Justice considered this an expansion of an existing regulation. Formerly it was only allowed through a court order. It specified that information protected by attorney-client privilege could not be used for prosecution; however, communications related to ongoing or contemplated illegal acts was not covered."

It seems unlikely that Assange will end up anywhere other than ADX Florence, USP Florence High, or a similar federal institution. At ADX Florence, inmates are kept in a small cell for 23 hours a day. Inmates in the institution’s Unit H are subjected to SAMs.
[img=]Although mainstream media reporters operatng as an extension of the US government might deserve ____, Assange does not deserve such a cell.[/img]

It has been established that such isolation causes psychological harm, at a minimum. In animal studies, such isolation has atrophied the brain. One researcher, neurologist and animal behavior scholar Michael Zigmond, reported that mice in isolation demonstrate a “decrease in the anatomical complexity of the brain (including fewer connections between nerve cells and even fewer nerve cells) and a decrease in the number of blood vessels in the brain.”

A member of London’s Metropolitan Police demonstrated poor OPSEC while standing outside the Ecuadorian embassy. The photos provide proof of a plan to kidnap Assange.

For the full resolution images, click [img=]here[/img]. The briefing in the picture stated:
“Brief - EQ. Embassy Brief Summary of current position Re: Assange. Action required Assange to be arrested under all circumstances. He comes out with dip[lomatic] immun[ity] as [dip[lomatic] bag in dip[lomatic] bag in dip[lomatic] vehicule ARRESTED.” “Discuss possibilities of distraction SS10 to liaise… provide additional support.”

I do not think anyone doubts that Assange will spend his days in solitary confinement. The US government wants Assange dead. When Assange was staying at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, US government officials discussed kidnapping or assassinating Assange, according to a Yahoo News investigation. Then CIA director, Mike Pompeo, allegedly discussed conducting such operations after the Vault 7 debacle.
Pompeo, now a member of the Hudson Institute, is the ultimate neo-conservative meddler. Although it is impossible to trust media reports that depend on anonymous officials in the Trump Whitehouse, Pompeo is the type who would love to have Assange murdered while tweeting about how the greatest threat to American citizens is China’s “predatory fishing practices.” Our values and such!
[img=]OK, sure.[/img]

The US government is an honest institution. Everything just echoes. Like this obviously serious Tweet from Antony Blinken, who is effectively Pompeo’s similarly meddling clone.

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He gon' fry stay anonymous


Tell the truth about the government and you go to prison for life, National Security is no joke.




feds are crumbling brother signs everywhere for those watching play it smart and take your slice of the power pie in the vacuum


oh vey julian assange is a good goy he will stop the next shoah


fuck you american!!!!! russian spy good!!!!!! usa bad!!!!


isnt it so wacky and funny when a government treats people who expose illegal activities as criminals and treat them as subhuman? honestly im surprised the US hasnt managed to destroy itself and become a wasteland, the world would certainly be better off if that was the case.

All of You 32021-12-11

It’s the way it is, not the way it should be doxx



Patriot? 3 Gang2021-12-11

So Russia invades Ukraine and we got to war as a nuclear influence… no way, to far past gon3


It's honestly fucking disgusting and disheartening to see this. Inhuman is a fucking understatement Ive been in a cell like that for 3 days and it was absolute fucking hell, there is no option but suicide if forced into such a position. Such as alpha02.

Cron Man2021-12-12

It’s all good “die,” at lest It was only 3 days bro. What’s the omicron do to the economy when it smashes out the vaccines




Resist them! Thats what he said when being dragged out of the Ecuadorian embassy


very good. I hope that piece of shit gets here soon, so that we can tar, feather and 'suicide' his stupid h@x0r wannabe ass. Fuck Assange - POS will be dead soon. All youse keyboard warrior cunts - this is what happens when you fuck with Muricah... scream and run, cunts

Seems gay2021-12-16

Lol you realize he is being charged in connection with the Manning leaks while Manning is paraded around by the establishment as a civil rights icon. Has nothing to do with trump. These 2000 republican party positions are retarded.


This was well covered...until the writer sabotaged the political integrity by succumbing to partisan politics. Dude, republicans hate the government just like liberals do! Why would you alienate 'half' of your audience like that? Same for the Russia vs. USA comments. Russian government/military is not the Russian people! American government/military is not the American people!


If you think the positions in this article are partisan, I do not think you would be able to figure out which party the positions are associated with because the U.S. playing global enforcer does not seem like a partisan issue. Both parties mentioned in the article want Assange either kidnapped or killed.


best action to take for a nobody?


Would be awesone if we could talk to the prisoners in the prison he is sent to, and have them organize an escape.


you sure?


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