Update: Nightmare Market Deposits and Withdrawals are Working

~2 min read | Published on 2019-06-17, tagged Darkweb-Market using 281 words.

In response to many of the people reporting deposit issues with Nightmare Market, the marketplace’s staff published an announcement on Dread that shed some light on the issue. And as of June 20, deposits and withdrawals on Nightmare Market work without issue.
Update: the market updated everything and fixed the issues some users had experienced prior to the update.
The original Dread Post is available here. Users are still asked to keep tickets to one per issue as to not to further disrupt the staff’s ongoing work.-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE-----Hash: SHA256Hello Dread community.Our admins have advised me that they are currently working behind the scenes on the new theme launch in the background this past week.They are currently aware of all the deposit issues and have shifted their focus to this. They are working hard to fix these issues as we speak and we will post more updates about this as they come.Once the new theme is launched (link below for those who have not seen it) our admins will be aiming to make some major upgrades to Nightmares infrastructure to prevent any issues like this happenening again in the future. We appreciate the continued support from our users and we are looking to improving the experience Nightmare provides its users in the coming future.New theme: .onion/post/8b740d44d1ded7a5db07I would like to ask that users try and keep issues to 1 ticket. We have many users submitting multiple tickets about 1 issue, which really slows us down. All tickets have currently been handled on a lower staff level. Please allow the admin team some patience if your ticket is escalated as the issues they are fixing take time to deal with.Godlike-----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE-----iQEzBAEBCAAdFiEERmgxqBF+QSZ69DoaVunkZWWsMj0FAl0K+ngACgkQVunkZWWsMj2BqggAgPUDsWiCdLFP2HUkiOV75GChBo5BSffFd7b3ik4bpyAsvTsDBHdt0vZ7XR6yxflgqMh5QpllzlIH9GfmWF3nwkVVtUTGfHhi2Ihdzxsk+MjvXPAaWmYuxtf3QaFtc75AdvrT6HbYtEZD4mAtGpvpbA8M246ZN8UWHs4+srQpyvTpl+cdbjIDlRVqH5XqxtOKg8D/ycEexeyxFnuiaIjWvrYDjmRHgiwydNehJ0BcvQfI8kE7ReJsIyK81sH17mYX1bTuswrgqAeWq9pZICrcw6IkNFTVL4PLARmdfWAMtaeWnJG8ts0W6mcTiywwK2nqNpzVWkdWIPWm16gsQ+UTXw===0NDP-----END PGP SIGNATURE-----

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