U.S. Marshals Auctioning 660 Seized Bitcoin

The United States Marshals Service is auctioning 660 Bitcoin seized during various federal investigations. Some of the cryptocurrency is directly traceable to noteworthy darkweb vendors or related cases.

This sealed bid auction is for approximately 660 (structure details below). The required deposit to participate in this auction is $200,000.00 USD.

List of Cases Included in the Bitcoin Auction

These bitcoins were forfeited in various federal criminal, civil and administrative cases, including:

This sealed bid auction for approximately 660 Bitcoins separated into two series: Series A (6 blocks of 100 Bitcoins) and Series B (1 block of 60.xxxx Bitcoins). You will not have the opportunity to view other bids. You will not have the opportunity to change your bid once submitted.


Auction Link: United States Marshals Service