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Two Arrested in German Darkweb Drug Trafficking Case

German police arrested two suspects for allegedly manufacturing and distributing drugs through the darkweb.

The Hamburg Customs Investigation Office announced the arrests of two suspects in connection with an investigation into a darkweb drug trafficking operation. The two most recently arrested suspects, in addition to six others, allegedly manufactured drugs, sold them on the darkweb and laundered money.

Investigators with the Hamburg Customs Investigation Office launched the investigation in late 2019. On September 21, 2021, police officers executed search warrants at ten apartments in Germany and the Netherlands. In the cellar of one apartment building, investigators located a laboratory allegedly used to manufacture undisclosed drugs. Police seized kilograms of drugs during the raid, according to the press release.

During the searches, the police also seized electronic devices, 75,000 euros in cash, watches, gold jewelry, six cars, and a motorcycle.

Speaking during the announcement of the conclusion of the searches, Stephan Meyns, spokesman for the Hamburg Customs Investigation Office said, “Customs is fighting drug trafficking through the darknet. We want to destroy [drug trade] infrastructure there.” He said that law enforcement’s goal is to cut into the profits earned by drug trafficking. “Crime should not pay off,” he said.

The investigation is ongoing as investigators attempt to extract evidence from the electronic devices seized from the suspects.

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