The Grams Replacement, Masterlist, Has Arrived

~2 min read | Published on 2018-10-28, tagged DarkWebGeneral-News using 373 words.

In 2014, a developer created a darkweb search engine called Grams. He also created an archive of darkweb vendors, their PGP keys, and their listings. In 2017, he shut the service down. Something possibly greater has emerged; an archive service called Masterlist.

Masterlist Press Release
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1Hello. Today we unveil our labour of love:Masterlist is moderated directory of all vendors and listings on the darknet.http://masterlistwtfzgt.onionhttp://22222222222qerho.onion (mirror)Our alpha launched today with over 4,500 vendors and 100,000 listings. It is a work in progress, we are excited to hear your feedback.Vendors must claim their profiles by Dec 1 2018 or your listings will be hidden from search results. We want to keep it fresh.= Why? Grams has been offline for a long time and its content was out of date. We hope to listen to your feedback and build a better resource than Grams ever was.= How does it work? Vendors log in and update their profiles at least once per month in order to stay listed on our site. We will always host profiles and PGP key history for the community's safety, only a vendor's listings will be hidden if they do not log in every 30 days.= What about Recon? HugBunter is an asset to the darknet but is a single point of failure. We wish him the best with his project, but if he is ever compromised the community needs redundancy.= Questions or ideas? This is a work in progress. Post ideas in our forum, we are excited to hear from you.Join us on Dread at dreadditevelidot dot onion /d/masterlistMay we all thrive on the roads ahead. MasterlistAdmin-----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1iQIcBAEBAgAGBQJbzTKyAAoJEJNaVgEB+6K8vJwP/R082opyzO5DSnp9jrYct4/E mP01rMxUBRIYXR5mg0eeGxx4hmIiOdXcUL9kuvN95OyMkVYZFLwUhbREP1BsJJL3 EVzhEFZ4EzTN6Jz62XnaRqJNVwqtNfLSuyq8cCDfC4TLtC2rhsZo8ZUvGylTQdwb RBRipMs/7J6NzaaExSSCRNIEGyjD48G9kSz+HvjvJg1KSyNAdzbKSTog1UgMZFOS r8EOrA3VR17lUD7aupnveW2L3VRo6IxYOQI8QGlff9CL84ZHk0+ze2T7AvWLUqTS 9NMrQron7GAw4cLmjqWUHbahrGyzb3JJX4ezKyWVBTVHRMzU/i+w6re45qSdQuc9 7AQbBFcRxCAiLnQpxa8j4gyEuH4tkz0nB5iRwglLgG/y43gyVr64GgIAMf91ys0H 6kj6agP7d1PiDq6lavb5id+entWgFJE8SgVhZDnozsthUZ4fUbCT+pgngcG4eJDo 5VmRE37Ir4NK88RMr1ZKOK0Dcshd8wJ1Z5zVpVpqUiS7zNpOVCtB0sLOS24VlA4G 3bOM80KW1heAPaPkS5vkyz0mflxvsd53ks0G5XHaDgUvgr+/A1W5TiS5JYfI7dis q0CoI7SQm+oTj7vxBLvJEzyVp5zgOm3ffFJiUoLsjskJfCWkzEkI5V0VpNt75niM G7U4E+hwmH8unuqSnOIX =04A6 -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----
Other News
This is an alpha test. Masterlist is a moderated directory of darknet vendors and listings. We are buyers who hate the tedious search interfaces on popular markets. This ls the product of months of hard work, we hope you enjoy.