Tabooless Member Sentenced in Child Abuse Case

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One of the eight suspects in the Staufener abuse case admitted to raping a boy on three occasions. He admitted that he had met the boy’s parents on darknet chatrooms and gotten together with the parents, other suspected rapists, and the young boy.
The Freiburg court sentenced the 37-year-old man from Switzerland to nine years in prison followed by an unknown length of supervised release. The man also owes the boy 14,000 euros as compensation. That money, though, will never reach the hands of the child.

The boy’s mother and her partner “auctioned” the child on darknet child abuse forums and chatrooms. This information surfaced after the takedown of Tabooless Chat. Although the boy’s mother and her companion started charging pedophiles to abuse the boy in 2015, the Tabooless takedowntied many of the abuse suspects together.
Other sentences in the case:

  • One man ten years imprisonment with subsequent preventive detention.
  • Another man from Schleswig-Holsteiner received a eight year prison sentence.
  • And yet another—the former soldier—also received an eight year prison sentence.

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    It was ok


    It was ok

    yo wtf2023-05-16

    yo wtf IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE. we live on this absolutely breathe-taking planet with infinitely many mysteries to explore and this what they choose to engage in to experience pleasure. blows my mind.

    totally fucked2023-05-31

    is beyond fucked up... these people should all face a firing squad


    child abuse is something that just shouldnt exist in this world those children did nothing wrong seriously fucked up

    evan 2023-08-03

    i am inter for travel no other things




    I was thinking about the parents who auctioned the child. They are the ones who should be hanged till death.


    People that abuse children, should be raped and killed.