Swiss Dark Web Drug Traffickers Busted

~2 min read | Published on 2023-03-06, tagged ArrestedDrug-Bust using 292 words.

Police in Switzerland took down a Breaking Bad inspired drug trafficking operation suspected of distributing large quantities of a wide variety of drugs worldwide through dark web vendor shops.

The Bern cantonal police disclosed in a press release that of the seven suspects identified in the investigations, three men aged 26, 28, and 31 are accused of being the operators of dark web drugs vendor shops dubbed "Heisenbergs Apotheke" and "Candy Shop by Vespair." While the other four, two men aged 27 and 37 and two women aged 32 and 35, are accused of being the packagers and mailers of the kilos of drugs sold via the shops.
The Bern cantonal police launched investigations into the drug trafficking operation in February 2022 after receiving information about the sale of drugs through Telegram. The investigations revealed that the drug dealers also run the Heisenbergs Apotheke and Candy Shop by Vespair drugs vendor shops on the darknet.
The investigators arrested the first suspected operator of the shops on October 25, 2022. The arrest was followed by the arrest of the four suspected drug "couriers." Further investigations resulted in the identification and arrest of the other two operators on February 28, 2023.
In the course of the investigations, the investigators executed search warrants on multiple properties associated with the suspects. The searches reportedly resulted in the seizure of kilos of undisclosed drugs.
The investigators also identified a man suspected of being the source of the drugs distributed by the suspects.
The investigators believe the suspects made millions from the distribution of kilos of a wide variety of drugs to more than a thousand different buyers from all over the world through the shops.
The three men accused of running the vendor shops and the 35-year-old woman were placed in pre-trial detention.