SSNDOB Marketplace Admin Imprisoned

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A Ukrainian man was sentenced to federal prison for his role in the administration of SSNDOB Marketplace, a series of domains used to sell stolen personal information.

Vitalii Chychasov's passport

Vitalii Chychasov, 37, of Ukraine, was sentenced to eight years in federal prison for his role in an operation that generated $19 million from the sale of the personal information of millions of individuals over several years.
Law enforcement agencies seized several domains associated with the SSNOB marketplace on June 7, 2022. The seized domains include,,, and
During the investigation, the investigators made undercover purchases from the marketplace and paid in Bitcoin. Blockchain analysis led the investigators to a HitBTC account that had received approximately 44.99 bitcoin from the marketplace's wallet.
Information acquired from HitBTC revealed that the account belonged to Chychasov. The investigators also established that the IP address used to access the HitBTC account had also been used to access SSNDOB's servers on multiple occasions.
The investigators also linked Chychasov to a Bitfinnex account that had received approximately 53.6 bitcoin from SSNDOB from August 2017 through September 2018.
Chychasov was arrested in March 2022 while attempting to enter Hungary and extradited to the US in July 2022. He pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit access device fraud and trafficking in unauthorized access devices in July 2023.
US District Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle sentenced Chychasov to eight years in federal prison on November 28. In addition to the prison sentence, he was ordered to forfeit the $5 million he acquired from operating the SSNDOB Marketplace.

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Monero Ornogo2023-12-06

Steer clear of anyone who still uses Bitcoin. It's Monero or NoGo. Got it? Now go play nice. And stop stealing peoples information. Keep fraud off darknet drug markets.


Well, it's ok to receive BTC as for the average and new people monero can be a bit difficult but always bounce it around first to end up to a hardware wallet which is connected with TOR and ofc in a highly encrypted laptop while you're connected to some random Wifi away from your house and than swap em for monero to kill the trace but these people are dumb AF! Know nothing about OPSEC!

Yeah riiiight2023-12-07

should people from third world countries be worried about FBI


good question


what a fucking joke. 8 years for $19m across several years of stealing PII? pfft. the dude deserved to get caught if he was fucking around on clear net using .ws, .vip, .club, and .biz domains. SCRUB wallet provider was compromised which led investigators to source like a sleuth, even getting him logging into his wallet under surveillance. lol wow. dumb ass should have left USA a long time ago. good riddance. #darwin


Do you even read or know how, he was arrested abroad then extradited to the US

lenny kravitz2023-12-08

wow hope he is ok


If he managed to get his $19kk in a safe place, he sure is ok even if he cannot bribe judges into putting off the charges


Pffft 8 years is a long time for that petty BS. Good luck bro!


Too late, should have used Monero. Too bad people like this end up on the taxpayers dime rotting in federal prison.


Too many people getting caught using bitcoin, do they not check these sites for info on what's going on?


its a big brother world after all


What is monero