Scottish Man Jailed for Purchasing Weapons on the Dark Web

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The Edinburgh High Court sentenced a pedophile who attempted to import a Glock and ammunition he purchased from a weapons vendor based in the US.

James Maxwell

In addition to paying £1,000 for a pistol and 100 rounds of ammunition, 28-year-old James Maxwell conducted online searches of the Dunblane school massacre, where the shooter killed 16 children and a teacher before taking his own life.
Maxwell's plan of importing the weapons was discovered by US authorities inspecting outgoing packages. The customs officers intercepted a suspicious package addressed to Maxwell's address and opened it. Inside the package, the officers reportedly found a Glock 17 handgun, a magazine, and two boxes of hollow-point bullets hidden inside an electronic device.
US authorities removed the weapons and notified Police Scotland of the incoming package. The package was delivered to Maxwell's residence on January 11, 2023.
The investigators raided Maxwell's home shortly after the package was delivered. They allegedly found him in the process of opening the package. They also found a laptop with a manual on how to use a Glock pistol.
On being questioned, Maxwell admitted he had paid £1,000 for the weapons. He also claimed that he was feeling suicidal when he placed the order and did not know how to cancel it after he had stopped feeling suicidal.
Forensic analysis of Maxwell's electronic devices revealed that he had been searching terms such as "best suicide method," "suicide by gunshot UK" and "primary schools in Glasgow."
The investigators also found hundreds of files containing child abuse and bestiality material.
Maxwell pleaded guilty to two counts each, of purchasing and attempting to acquire and possess a firearm and buying and attempting to acquire and possess ammunition in September. He also pleaded guilty to making an indecent image of a child and possession of extreme pornographic images.
On October 26, the Edinburgh High Court sentenced Maxwell to five years in prison and a license period of four years. The court also placed him on the sex offenders register for seven years.

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not very incognito



Walhalla Jr.2023-10-29

Five years in prison for trying to buy a pistol and expecting a package with one gun from the US to be delivered in Scotland? This guy should have therapy and then decent job where he can buy a nice car, go to a gourmet restaurant and begin to think about the nice things in life. What is he expected to do in prison? Making friends? James Maxwell is an ill person who should be sentenced to playing Playstation. NCA Scotland Branch Commander Rob Miles: “This operation has removed a dangerous individual from the community, and we work tirelessly to protect the public from the trade in illegal firearms.” What?!? He is not even allowed to sell the weapon if he decides that he doesn´t want it? The problem seems rather to be that he was not sufficiently part of the community.


death to pedophiles and pedo sympathizers like yourself


You do know hand guns are illigal in the UK? Plus he had a load of child porn! Fuck him


that man is my freind


Wait until his prison block gets ahold of his paperwork…


This is true!


Busted! Man he could just give soomones else adress and "steal" the package i personally do that all the time never got caught red handed but im sorry for the guy he got arested for being ill thats crazy!


@Walhalla Jr. "The investigators also found hundreds of files containing child abuse and bestiality." You are a stupid fucker. How is Maxwell ill? Is every criminal mentally ill and therefore shouldn't go to prison? Give the pedos Playstations instead?


And in the picture him feeling remorse because he didn't use monero and a good op-sec! If he bought it locally instead of importing it from US, Would he succeed?


"The investigators also found hundreds of files containing child abuse and bestiality material." why he did not kill himself


This shit is why I'll never buy real-world things on the darkweb.


2 boxes of hollow point bullets. You just know he was going to shoot up a primary school with those bullets and then save the last one for himself. But hollow point? Fucking hell that evil man meant business.


The guy was apparently planning to muder a lot of young children and then shoot himself. Not a nice story.

Ra’Kyla Marie2023-11-08

This is why I work out and build muscles so I can beat the fucking hell out of pedos!

bob marley 2023-11-09

lol rightttt


Fucking legend brother, death to all pedophiles.


He planned a massacre and then kill himself after that. Plus he had child porn. He doesn't deserve to live.

marie curie2023-11-11

Fucking idiot. Death to pedos!

Orange Ranger Randy2023-11-13

The comments here are a special kind of slow. 1.Bullets are bullets. Hollow tips do more damage to soft tissue, but any bullet will kill you. Read a bit please. 2. He was a P3do...stop with your "poor sick man" routine. He was most likely going to shoot up a school. Sick or not he was prepared to destroy innocence in one way or another. The man is a tumor in society.


well Im glad he was arested


i love 2 boxes of hollow point for a suicide makes very much sense


5 years? hell be out in 2.5 on good behaviour. What a joke