Scottish Man Imprisoned for Attempting to Import a Glock

~2 min read | Published on 2023-05-27, tagged FirearmsSentenced using 268 words.

A court in Scotland sentenced a man to 37 months in prison for attempting to import a Glock pistol and ammunition purchased on the dark web.

The High Court in Edinburgh jailed 50-year-old Robin Baxter of Aberdeen after he admitted he accepted the delivery of a firearm shipped to his residence from the US by an unknown dark web weapons vendor to pay a debt he owed his dark web weed supplier.
According to statements made by the prosecution during Baxter's hearing, in June 2022, Homeland Security agents in Louisiana intercepted a suspicious outgoing package addressed to Baxter's residence. On opening it, the agents found a Glock pistol, 200 rounds of ammunition, a laser sight, and a silencer hidden inside a jukebox.
The agents informed Police Scotland of the package, seized the weapons, and replaced the firearm with a dummy. The police in Scotland arrested Baxter at his home after he accepted delivery for the package.
On being interviewed, Baxter claimed he did not know that the package had weapons. He later changed his statement and confessed that he had been purchasing cannabis on the dark web. He had somehow accumulated a £3,000 debt to his cannabis vendor. As payment for the debt, the vendor told Baxter he had placed an order for a Glock handgun on the dark web and given Baxter's address as the shipping address. Baxter agreed to receive and keep the package until the vendor collected it.
Baxter pleaded guilty to attempting to acquire and possess a firearm and ammunition on May 3, 2023. He was sentenced to three years and one month in prison on May 26.