Researchers Release Tool to Identify Drug Routes

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Following the lead of and StatsCan Cannabis Price Index, Canadian researchers with extensive background in darknet research developed a tool to survey drug buyers and vendors about their experience when purchasing drugs on the darknet. Participants are invited to submit the type, quantity and price of the drugs they purchased or sold as well as the country the buyer and the vendor are located in. Submission is easy, quick and includes a bulk submission option.

Whether they share data or not on the website, visitors can query the researchers’ database for specific drugs and countries and get the aggregate success rate of everyone who has shared information about transactions on that route. The tool only collects anonymous information about the international flows of drugs facilitated by the darknet and whether these flows were disrupted by law enforcement or bad buyers and vendors. The objective of the project is to map the successful and unsuccessful shipping routes of drugs based on the origin and destination of the deals as well as the types of drugs.
The tool is hosted via Tor here: 4h635ssto4t7ryhqyb4z4kax57f7iheoz7gg62ufp7dp6w3j67bjdhyd.onion
and mirrored here

Prof. David Décary-Hétu, a well-known researcher of cryptomarkets, is one of the parties behind Drug Routes.
For those interested, his publications are listed here: Many readers are likely familiar with his work.

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