Raddle, Like Reddit, Killed the Darknetmarkets Subforum

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Raddle, a so-called “leftist alternative to Reddit,” banned /f/darknetmarkets, forcing the former /r/darknetmarkets refugees to find yet another forum for darkweb and related cryptomarket discussion.
Update: The site they moved to after the Raddle ban, jstpst.net, also banned them. They are now over at Gamergrounds.org/f/DarknetMarkets
Unlike the /r/darknetmarkets subreddit, the Raddle forum did not violate any of the site’s terms of service or other site-wide rules according to an official comment from a Raddle admin. (For what its worth, the /r/darknetmarkets subreddit only minimally violated the site’s TOS. The same applies to the /r/darknetmarketnoobs subreddit.

On May 22, the Raddle admin submitted a post on /f/darknetmarkets, notifying them that the forum would be shutdown in two weeks.
We’ve been provided some information about the nature of dark markets that made me question if it’s a good idea for this forum to continue operating on the site.

First, I would like to make clear that we have not had any requests for information by any law enforcement or government institution about any member of this site nor is there any security breach that should be of worry to you. Nor have we any issues with the behavior in this forum and thank you for that.

Even though you all have been great, the larger dark market community have troubling (read: fascist) politics at odds with the ideals of this site and despite your no politics rule, I doubt that if a migration were to happen they will isolate themselves to this forum or keep their politics to themselves. Also, were a migration to happen, I regret to admit that we’re ill-prepared to handle it.

Additionally, and the main reason for our decision, dark markets are handled more seriously than other crimes, and a big section of the dark marketers are capitalists looking to enrich themselves. Which puts us in the tough spot of being a wall between two sections of the capitalist class which, this being a site guided by anarchists principles, is a big ask. It’s hard for us to risk our freedom and safety to help capitalists become richer.

So, in 7… no 14 days from now, I will delete this forum. Please use this time to find a place willing to accommodate you, you can even host your own Raddle-like site. We use Postmill which is very light and cheap to host.

Raddle users have set up shop over at jstpst, another forum similar to Reddit. The address: jstpst.net/f/DarknetMarkets
Here is a sample of the frontpage content on /f/darknetmarkets:

Raddle has not banned the controversial /f/shoplifiting sub that Reddit banned alongside the /r/darknetmarkets subreddit, however.

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