PSA: Dread is Back Online

~1 min read | Published on 2019-07-02, tagged DreadGeneral-News using 187 words.

In a post on the /r/DreadAlert subreddit, HugBunter announced that users could access Dread once again after several days of downtime. The developer explained that his protections had successfully dampened the impact of the ongoing attacks against his server.
Dread URL

Since most readers simply want to access Dread, here is the address:
The address is the same as it was prior to the downtime. As he pointed out in the message on Reddit, Dread never needed a rotating mirror system.

The Reddit Post

Titled “We Good.”-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE-----Hash: SHA512Still under a heavy attack, but looks like the protectionis working well enough so we are online and have beenfairly stable for the last couple of hours.This is why mirror rotation wasn't released, because thereis always a better solution and I wasn't willing to justhide from the problem behind mirrors.Thanks to everyone that supported this move, hopefullyI can keep the site online for the forseeable future now.http://dreadditevelidot.onion-----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE-----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x7vr-----END PGP SIGNATURE-----

HugBunter also mentioned that another exploit could surface and bring Dread back down. Although Dread has been working for hours without issue, it could go back down at any moment.