Prosecution Demands Six-Year Sentence for "Drug Dealer 2.0"

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The Public Prosecution Service asked the court, during a hearing in Rotterdam, to sentence a darkweb drug vendor to six years in prison. According to investigators, the 23-year-old defendant shipped more than 600 packages of drugs to customers in several different countries.
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“Not only did he offer the bulk of intercepted drug-filled mail packages to drop-off points at a mail and parcel company, [the defendant] also handled 611 drug orders through the darkweb,” the public prosecutor said in court on May 26, 2020.
The police, during the investigation, learned that the defendant had two vendor accounts on undisclosed darkweb marketplaces. He had created the first vendor account in late 2018. Investigators linked the 23-year-old to both vendor accounts through the public and private PGP keys found on the defendant’s laptop.Investigation
Police opened an investigation into the 23-year-old in February 2020. While inspecting incoming mail, the Hit and Run Cargo Team (HARC) found two packages of printers filled with drugs. Five kilograms of MDMA and five grams of cocaine. The Post Intervention Team, during their investigation, learned of a connection between the seized packages of printers and other seized packages of drugs. Investigators routinely found up to “a few kilos” of drugs stuffed inside printers, fryers, and other electronic devices. In one linked seizure, the police intercepted a package of aftershave from a “well-known cosmetic brand.” The supplier had replaced the contents of the aftershave bottles with amphetamine.
Later, after investigators had learned of a connection between incoming packages of drugs and outgoing packages, they monitored they feeds from security cameras in the area. Specifically, police watched the footage from cameras at the locations where the defendant dropped off packages of drugs.
According to evidence presented by the prosecution, the 23-year-old had shipped packages of drugs to buyers in New Zealand, Australia, Croatia, Germany, the United States, Sweden, and other countries. Authorities in the Netherlands intercepted ten packages shipped by the defendant.
The police arrested the man at his house in Bodegraven in May 2019. At the house, authorities found and seized 1861 grams of MDMA; 52 grams of amphetamine; 117 LSD tabs; almost three grams of cocaine; and a “significant number” of ecstasy pills. They also confiscated the defendant’s laptop. The laptop contained evidence that linked the man to two darkweb vendor accounts with a combined total of 611 completed transactions.
Throughout the course of the investigation, authorities seized a total of 2,500 ecstasy pills, more than eight kilograms of MDMA, one kilogram of hashish, 117 LSD tabs, nearly 5,000 grams of amphetamine, more than 50 grams of cocaine, and 100 ml of methamphetamine.
The court will rule on sentencing on June 9.

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Oh Miaaan2020-05-27

Poor person


"Investigators linked the 23-year-old to both vendor accounts through the public and private PGP keys found on the defendant’s laptop." Sounds like this guy wasn't as secure as he should've been. Incredibly dumb way to get busted for all this. Not only did he fall into a routine of picking up his packages and mailing them out, he used the same place for it, incredibly easy for the police to find a pattern. Take notes folks.

Frosty the iceman2020-05-28

Who was the vendor ?


he was balling for 23year old for about a year.. didnt say anything about him ratting on his plugs, hopefully he holds it down.. if that was the US that would have been a 20 on the chin... who knows the US will probably grab him when he has only a couple days left on the 6


for that amount he should be happy to get 6 years in the netherlands


Frosty, WTF are you talking about? He fell into a routine of picking up his packages and mailing them out. Please explain to us what that means. And he had his private key and public key on his laptop. Where do most people have it? We would love to take notes if you said anything of substance instead of posting to just post


At least he flipped shit to the Aussies...


Frosty is just saying hes a dumbass for doing the same rounds on a routine basis dropping and receivng in the same place for too long will get ya fucked. If i was a vender i would send large packages of product to homies across my continent to distribute out of thier honetown ONCE and also use them ONCE to recieve something HOT. This guy prolly hit the same mailbox on his way to his PO box every day. Thats sloppy as fuck. And as for the private and public keys for a fucking vender account, should defffently not be sitting on a laptops hard drive. They should be on an encrypted flashdrive that has buttons to unlock and an OH SHIT code that can be entered to erase evidence. Theres always a correct way to do shit and its good to take notes ge. Frosty didnt post nearly anything close to some of the stupid shit i see people post.


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