Polish Man Sentenced for Distributing Drugs on the Dark Web

~1 min read | Published on 2023-03-29, tagged Darkweb-VendorDrug-BustSentenced using 250 words.

A Polish man residing in Northern Ireland received a 42-month sentence for distributing a variety of drugs through the dark web.

Kamil Balicki

According to media reports, from at least May 2020 to January 2022, 33-year-old Kamil Balicki, distributed heroin, cocaine, Cannabis, and Amphetamine on an undisclosed dark web marketplace under the moniker "dreamliner777."
The police launched investigations that led to Balicki's arrest and conviction in October 2020, following the interception of two drug packages addressed to the defendant. The packages contained a total of 123 grams of heroin. The investigations led to the discovery of Balicki's dark web drug trafficking operation.
The police executed a search warrant at Balicki's residence on January 17, 2022. The search led to the seizure of at least 40 grams of heroin, more than 30 grams of cocaine, approximately 19 grams of amphetamine, more than 30 grams of cannabis, and 3,296 euros in cash. The investigators also seized electronic devices and material used in the packaging and shipping of drugs.
Evidence recovered from the electronic devices revealed that Balicki had received and cashed out bitcoin worth more than 90,000 euros.
Balicki pleaded guilty to two counts each of supplying class A and B drugs and one of possessing criminal property.
Judge Alistair Devlin presided over Balicki's sentencing hearing in early March and handed him a sentence of 3 years and 6 months. He is set to spend half of the sentence in prison and the other half under supervised release. Balicki will be deported back to Poland after serving the sentence.