Olympus Market Exit Scam Confirmed by Hugbunter

~2 min read | Published on 2018-09-04, tagged Darkweb-MarketExit-Scammed using 476 words.

Olympus market, a darkweb marketplace destined to fail, has exit scammed, according to the owner of a darkweb forum who has been in touch with some of the market’s former staff members.
In a post on Dread, Hugbunter posted the following message and a message from a former Olympus market (forum) moderator.
I think at this point it is safe to confirm they have exited. I received word from both of their forum mods Ori and Apollo that they had not been able to contact the Admins for some time so were now convinced following the market going down that it was all over. This is the message I received yesterday from Ori at around 5pm (UTC)
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE-----Hash: SHA256Dear Hugbunter,i would like to give a statement on recent happenings.But first let me explain what I actually did.So i was coordinating the staff team and was basically the head of the forum.My job was it to keep the forum clean and forward messages between custumers to market staff, market staff to market staff and market staff to customers.We always experienced some troubles but the technicans were always able to fix the holes immediately.This time it seems differently.I got no reply from any of the admins on any chanel i know about. Even the private urls dont work anymore. I still got paid thats why i tried to keep it alive without knowing whats going on right now. I would like to let you know that i told several staff members like Apollo for example to play cool and hope for an answer in the meanwhile.Apollo sometimes overacted and wrote things which are technically not true but well he had to do anything against all the fear which is totally understandable.Since today the site is down. All communication-chanels are dead. There is no way for me to contact any of them.I would like to apologize to the community for everything these guys did to you and the whole darknet world. Its a shame I am / was part of this team who is ripping off hundreds of thousands worth of crypto. People who do this for a living are fucked now, same counts me.But I would also like to let you know that i've never been an active staff member. All decisions have been made by the admins. I just forwarded the decisions to the 'workers'.I'm not feeling responsible for what they did. I dont like to harm people because I believe in Karma and Karma will strike back one day. I hope this counts for the staff team which ran away with the funds.To sum it up.Chances of the site going back online are like zero and im jobless now. Wow. What and end of the weekend.Still have a nice day and keep up the good work you do for the community.in Love,Ori-----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE-----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SORt-----END PGP SIGNATURE-----