NCIDETF Adds "TheCommission" to Arrested Vendor List

The Northern California Illicit Digital Economy Task Force reportedly arrested TheCommission, a “top-level” vendor of heroin, morphine, cocaine, and other substances on Empire Market.

The Northern California Illicit Digital Economy Task Force (NCIDETF) added another name to their list of arrested darkweb vendors. The list–hosted on the taskforce’s official onion service–was updated to include TheCommission, an opioid and cocaine vendor. With the most recent addition to the list, investigations involving the task force yielded arrests in at least 17 cases.

A picture of The Empire Market profile for TheCommision

The Empire Market profile for TheCommision

The list of arrested vendors contains the following names/identities:

  • Farmacy41
  • sicknessVersion2 a/k/a 23MightyMouse23
  • Houseofdank a/k/a BestBuyMeds a/k/a TrapMart
  • DankStix
  • BudgetBudsExpress
  • CokeWave
  • SafeDealsDirect
  • Cannabars a/k/a thefastplug
  • PhantomLabs
  • Diablow a/k/a raiseappeals a/k/a RaisedByDiablow
  • CaliCartel a/k/a Playground a/k/a GaminoCrimeFamily a/k/a DopeQueen
  • DrFrosty
  • guessguess
  • largomonkey a/k/a sillycoconut
  • Super_Shards
  • Gemstoned
  • TheCommission

It is currently unclear when law enforcement arrested the vendor. Based on the available information, however, it appears as if they picked him up on either June 25 or June 26. On Dread post about the vendor’s arrest, one of TheCommission’s (former) customers wrote, “i have an order that was marked “shipping label created on the 24th.” One day later, TheCommission allegedly advised the customer that the package would arrive on June 26. On June 26, the package status changed to “seized by law enforcement.”

A picture of Customers are currently finalizing TheCommission orders

Customers are currently finalizing TheCommission orders

Customers are currently (June 28) finalizing orders and rating the transaction on Empire Market. The vendor also updated their profile twice on June 25.

6/25/20 - 6:00 pm (EST): Cut off closed. All orders after this point ship tomorrow.

6/25/20: How this will work moving forward, is we will accept as many orders as possible each day, before then going on vacation mode. This will ensure all “SDD” packages get dropped the same day and overall swift processing. The store will re-open each day once the last batch has been processed. Thank you!

The vendor account last logged into the marketplace on June 26, 2020, according to the same profile on Empire Market. Law enforcement most likely accessed the account after the arrest on late June 25 or June 26. It appears as if law enforcement had no interest in running an undercover operation with the vendor’s account; they announced the arrest to the world through the NCIDETF’s arrested vendor list.

It appears as if the vendor had an issue involving Wickr on June 18 or June 19. According to an announcement on the vendor’s profile, TheCommison’s “Prior Wickr Account was Compromised.”

One Dread user commented:

The wickr account has been compromised as far back as the 19th at least. No response at all the 18th, then late on the 19th it was active and scamming people. Not sure if that was LE or not. The pack never sent.

The user added that the person in control of the Wickr account on June 19 also had access to the account on Empire. “I told him something during our convo that he posted on his Empire page.” TheCommission never shipped a package ordered on June 19, according to the customer quoted above.

One user wrote that after switching to the new Wickr, TheCommission” respond[ed] to product questions."

But in response to the above comment, another user wrote that he had no issues with TheCommission after switching to the new Wickr account.

A lack of information about an arrested darkweb vendor on the NCIDETF’s list is not unusual though. The task force adds a name to the list and additional details only surface months later once the U.S. Attorney’s Office announces an indictment. An extreme example of this is the DrFrosty case; a year has now passed since the publication of the article about DrFrosty and no additional information (that the general public is aware of) is available.

More About the Northern California Illicit Digital Economy Taskforce


h/t to /u/GeasyGsteazy on Dread

ac7bc570 Tue, Jun 30, 2020

big yawn.... congrats on catching a vendor whos been vending for 4 months. NCIDE desperate for that funding lmaooo. They didnt mention how exactly they busted him because it was probaly something stupid as fuck and they wana act like they did some sort in depth investigation. Chumps couldnt catch a cold

dd9635c0 Tue, Jun 30, 2020

I know why drfrosty got busted I ordered once. He brought packs to the front desk

73d5ec80 Tue, Jun 30, 2020

Does anyone know how Largomonkey got busted? He always had pretty good stealth.

60d3fee0 Tue, Jun 30, 2020

fuck wickr kek

1dd3f690 Mon, Jul 6, 2020

what happens to buyers once a vendor is caught?

eb4f3380 Mon, Jul 6, 2020

They are after vendors not buyers mainly. For example, once back in Alphabay I ordered a large order form PharmaMaster and he got busted a day or 2 after mailing the pack. It wasnt for me it was for a friend. He used to give tracking and all of a sudden the tracking just stopped one day, it still said in transit but it wouldnt move. So USPS must have confiscated it bc my buddy never got it. I told him he may get a letter in the mail but nothing ever happened. It had his real name and real addy. He insited on me making another order even tho i said his addy may be burnt but even after more orders nothing happened. weird experience.

d416b8d0 Thu, Jul 9, 2020

That sucks to hear because that guy was really cool! I never ordered from him but I asked him a question and he gave me so much extra information and was really legit. Disappointed to hear that they busted him instead of some pedophiles or arms dealers etc! The drug war is a war that only the bad guys end up winning! The cartels are making tens of billions while they throw in jail US businessmen who are just trying to make a buck in a country where 1% owns 60% of the wealth! And that 1% consumes drugs just as much as everyone else or more so! I hate to say this because I actually do respect LE but these guys and gals should be ashamed of spending our tax money and fighting our civilians when its the cartels and these unjust laws that through non-violent criminals in jail. Something has got to give because this is plain wrong and we should have the RIGHT to chose what we put in our body!

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