Monopoly Market Admin Indicted

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A grand jury in the District of Columbia charged a Croatia and Serbia citizen suspected of creating and running the now-defunct dark web marketplace, Monopoly Market.

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The two-count indictment filed on July 26, 2022, accuses 33-year-old Milomir Desnica, of operating Monopoly Market since late 2019 and facilitating the sale of illicit drugs including opioids, stimulants, psychedelics, and prescription medications through the market. He is also accused of laundering the proceeds of running the market.
Law enforcement agencies in Germany and Finland took down the market in December 2021 after seizing its servers. The seized servers gave the investigators unlimited access to records of transactions and communications that took place on the market.
The investigators were allegedly able to identify Desnica as the market's admin following "extensive analysis" of the data acquired from the servers.
The investigators established that between April 2020 and July 2022, Desnica used at least two cryptocurrency exchanges to move the crypto he acquired from the operation of the market. To cash out, Desnica allegedly sold the cryptocurrency for cash to Serbia-based p2p traders.
Austrian authorities arrested him in November 2022. A search of his residence resulted in the seizure of a vehicle, electronic devices, and an undisclosed amount of cash.
In addition to Desnica's arrest, the data from Monopoly's servers was used as the basis for an international operation dubbed Operation SpecTor. The operation led to the arrest of 288 individuals suspected of buying or selling drugs through the market. The suspects' arrests resulted in the seizure of more than $53.4 million in cash and crypto, 850 kilograms of various drugs, and 117 firearms.
Desnica was recently extradited to the US to face charges of conspiracy to distribute and possess with intent to distribute 50 grams or more of methamphetamine and conspiracy to launder monetary instruments.

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Froni Smith2023-06-27

One main juridical problem is Extradiction, where a foreign country claims to have rights to process an individual, in this case one that is brought into the US from another country. Instead that this individual is processed in his country. Interestingly seldomly is reported that other countries besides the US have Extradiction-necessities. Why did not e.g. Lichtenstein request the individual to be processed in Lichtenstein? Why did Austria not expell the criminal foreigner into this country? I m pretty sure that Mr. Desnica had prior to this incident, where he exercised his entrepreneural spirit on the wrong path no serious offenses one could claim against him.


Because usually your govt (for Desnica Serbian) also needs to request extradition and Desnica needs to fight US extraditions. And then its up to the court to decide where is he going to send him. And its all diplomacy. EU loves to suck USA, so you are more likely to be extradited there than the US. Ofc depends on the charges. Also USA is criminal organization


Also if you are in a foreigner country, you are useless / annoying worm to them. Walking ATM. And there's no point keeping you there if you cause noise unless you have some connection. They are already pissed enough to waste tax money on their courts to process the extraditions.


Also he wasnt extradited to Lichtenstein because they dont care. Only USA cares about pity and victimless crimes like this one. They are terrorists. To mantain diplomatic and good relations, this is what Austria does. Boot lick the USA. Monies and NATO. Fuck USA, Fuck Austria, Fuck EU, Fuck countries that extradite.


Also there are ways to not get extradited. Most people are just not too retarded to pull this off. You have to get in the news and cause so much fucking noise. McAfee faked heart attack. So do something 10x as that. Don't give up!


Where were the severs? How did they find them?


If they were in Germany or Finland,. probably Hetzner as always LOL


NICE GOOD THE plan was


I expected to get extradited soon too. So I will show you a true show and how to win and not get extradited to the USA. I will be faking epilepsy, not eating and shit. What else do you have to lose? Fuck the USA. Never. Terrorist organization. They are as bad as ISIS.


pretty sure this doesnt work please elaborate


@burke You need your own country to block extraditions. If you are in Austria, you need to cause stir and delay/cancel the courts for as long as possible and get in media attention. Why do you think these things happen in quiet and as fast as possible.

Mr White2023-06-28

The Monopoly guy was a complete asshole. Total shit talker, if he were a Dealer in real life, not hiding behind his keyboard, they would have put a CAP in his ASS! Now he can get a Federal Prison Dick in his Ass, which he probably will enjoy.


oh have I missed that tone and that attitude ... Is it really you ? if not you sure imitate him well...


Monopoly guy was a scumbag, talking dirty to all vendors and customers , for a simple question. Fuck this guy. Happy that he s in jail , hope he will be extradited soon


He pissed you off when he was on Dread? Lol

mr david2023-06-29

Fucking censorship, I'm tired of these fucking presidents

Mr Davids Daddy2023-07-25

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United States pursuing their laws on every single country. XD


they can suck us guys,just make shure ur off limit,servers relayed. ya slow as fuk but shurly safe,im under 2 vpns,tor and dnsc,so good luck xD




Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

Anonymous 2023-07-18

Geezer was a rude prick anyway had no idea how to run things properly or talk to customers with a bit of decency fuck him had no respect for the people who did put all that dough in his pocket


fuck them they were so cocky talking shit about other markets and got smoked. lol


wee woo, that's the sound of the police


The monopoly admin was a total bag of shit. Fucking guy was nuttier than squirrel turds


Monopoly was always fishy