Market Update: Nightmare Market Removes Payment ID for Monero Transactions

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Users of Nightmare Market logged who recently logged into the market may have noticed a lengthy message in their list of notifications. The message, an official one from the Nightmare staff, highlighted the changes made to the market’s Monero payment system and other overall improvements.The Announcement
The message appears on Nightmare Market itself and through the market’s XMPP notification system as follows:
An important announcement to all of our users.
For the last weeks we’ve had our ups and downs with transactions, we realise this caused a certain level on inconvenience for some buyers and vendors alike but this is over now. For a week now we have been working around the clock to upgrade our transaction systems and give you more peace of mind with your transactions, deposits, sales and purchases. Right now we are at the point that all coins are working as they’re supposed to but the most important thing; Monero works again and we’re glad to say that we have pushed over 600 halted transactions that have now been cleared!
So what did we change?
The most significant change will be that the Monero system on Nightmare market will get rid of it’s Payment ID’s. We know that most wallets our members are using do not require a Payment ID so to avoid any mistakes in the future, everyone now has a unique Monero wallet which changes after every transaction. This makes the Monero system even safer and more reliable than before! This also means that your transaction can’t get lost again, ever. Aside from Monero we have been working on improving transactions for all coins with regards to security and transaction speed. We are, like all of us, to some extend depended on the Blockchain but we are doing our part to make sure the speed and security of your withdrawals, deposits and payments is on top of it’s game.
Even though some of the software we use is inherently secure we do believe that there is room for improvement for everything. As a result we have, amongst others, significantly improved security to payment sections and servers. We will continuously improve upon what we have build to stay ahead of factors that might endanger the security of our users and keep everyone visiting and using Nigtmare, safe!
Aside from the security updates we’re also working to improve the overall speed of the market, we want everyone to have the best experience possible and not have to be dependent of speed and load-times when running your vendor business or buying a product on our platform.
Last but not least we have brought back the Hall of Fame and the Hall of Shame as per request from many users. For those who don’t know what these are; The Hall of Fame represent the best of the best on our market and it’s a great way for new members to get a ‘lay of the land’ when making a first purchase. The same goes from the Hall of Shame. If you do not uphold the rules of Nightmare Market in such a way that we feel people deserve to be warned, then that is where you’ll end up! We do this to help our users make the best decisions when navigating the marketplace.
All in all we have made some significant step ahead of staying the No. 1 marketplace on the Dark Net. We want you to realise that you, the user, are always our main concern and most valuable asset.
Team Nightmare
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