Maltese Man Purchased Explosives and Poison on the Dark Web

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A court in Malta sentenced a man to five years in prison after it found him guilty of attempting to import C4 explosives purchased through the dark web.

Jomic Calleja Maatouk

According to reports on the case against 36-year-old Jomic Calleja Maatouk, in addition to purchasing the C4 explosives, the defendant attempted to purchase polonium, ricin, and fentanyl on the now-defunct Berlusconi dark web marketplace.
Testimonies made during Maatouk's hearing by a police superintendent revealed that Maltese authorities initiated the investigation that led to the defendant's arrest after a US law enforcement agency informed them that a Maltese national was attempting to buy polonium, ricin, and fentanyl on the dark web.
The superintendent disclosed that between June and August 2019, Maatouk used the usernames "unknown 893", "2F108X’‘2", "Foxtrot108XRAY" and "MONIKER 2F108X" to get into contact with weapons vendors on Berlusconi. He also gave the vendor his proton mail email address.
He first got into contact with a polonium vendor who told him that polonium poison would cause death by pneumonia within two weeks. The vendor also explained that a package containing polonium would not be intercepted as it only emits alpha radiation which would not raise suspicion.
On being told that polonium is odorless and can't be tasted when used as a poison, Maatouk agreed to place an order. He even sent the vendor the height and weight of the intended victim to be used in the calculation of a fatal dose.
When asked how many doses he wanted, he said he would purchase five at the time but would order more later. The vendor told him they should start with one dose as five polonium deaths at the same time would raise suspicion.
After being asked to provide a shipping address, the defendant sent the vendor a UK forwarding address. Maatouk also told the vendor that he had a friend in the UK who could be interested in purchasing ricin. In the end, he sent the vendor 0.046 bitcoin as payment for one dose of polonium plus shipping costs.
A weapons vendor later contacted the defendant via email and told him that he had Glock handguns, suppressors, and C4 explosives for sale. The defendant expressed interest in the C4 explosives. The vendor sent him detailed instructions on how he would assemble the explosive and attach it to the target's vehicle using a large magnet.
The superintendent also told the court that he flew to an Arizona air force base where he witnessed US law enforcement replace the C4 explosive with a dummy in a Bluetooth speaker. Law enforcement then mailed the package to an address provided by the defendant. The package's final destination was the address of a showroom owned by Maatouk.
On making the controlled delivery of the package, the cops were surprised by Maatouk's refusal to sign for its delivery. Further investigations revealed that a supervisor at the logistics company used to ship the package had informed the defendant of package's interception.
Maatouk was as a result arrested and his car searched. The search resulted in the seizure of undisclosed drugs and several electronic devices. The electronic devices were forwarded to US authorities for forensic analysis.
On being released on bail, the defendant contacted the vendor and accused him of being an undercover agent. The vendor in return accused him of being a scammer.
In addition to the five-year imprisonment, the court ordered Maatouk to forfeit a total of €51,000 he had deposited as bail bonds.

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Peter Ambolth2023-07-06

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Another idiot. Market that sell weapons are 100% LE. Don't order from it


99% sites are scam and LE behind them


Honestly common sense is a superpower these day's people who are dumb enough to buy weapons on the deep web market deserve to get caught hahah


I would never buy from LE a weapon on the darknet. Btw nevertheless my address would be encrypted anyway.


it's suck odering stuffs from websites now most of 'em are feds that's why i use Anonymous1759 on tgram


good. there should be no selling of poison or explosives (eccept maybe fireworks)


I think nukes should be legalized in America, as the founding fathers intended.


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it seems like us federal agencies have a lot of seller accounts on darknet market places, or they have found security breaches to hack the market places. look at all the arrests ! US agencies are always the ones who are giving the infos to the states. i would not buy anything from these market places.


Buying poison and explosives? I mean why would a normal person need that? Guns for self-defense or home-defense like pistols and some semi-automatic rifles should PASS in restricted la-la land called EU where in most countries you can not legally obtain any kind of weapon. In those EU countries where you can obtain it's a hell of bureaucracy, rigorous rules and ridiculous special taxes you need to pay every year, not to mention that you can not legally obtain any gun if you had a slightest misconduct like being caught once DUI (alcohol, never drugs). American agencies and interpol should look somewhere else than harassing good people who need a gun for self-defense in restricted and heavily regulated space like EU. In US a normal person with negligible misconduct can obtain weapon for self-defense without a problem, in la-la land like EU not.


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