Joker's Stash, the Largest Carding Shop, is Shutting Down

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Joker’s Stash, “the largest underground shop for selling stolen credit card and identity data,” will be shutting down in February 2021, according to a statement on the site.
Joker’s Stash is perhaps one of the most widely known carding shops on the internet. Users of the site have access to tens of millions of stolen credit cards from breaches at high-profile companies, such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Hilton Hotels, Jason’s Deli, and Chipotle. According to Gemini Advisory, a “Deep & Dark Web” intelligence firm, Joker’s Stash generated more than a billion dollars in revenue.
The United States Department of Justice, in collaboration with Interpol, announced the seizure of proxy servers connected to “blockchain domains” operated by Joker’s Stash. The operation had very little impact on Joker’s Stash operations; the shop’s onion services remained online.
[img=]The seizure banners were temporarily viewable on the shop's .bazar, .lib, .emc domains[/img]

JokerStash, the shop administrator, posted the following message announcing the upcoming shutdown:
Joker goes on a well-deserved retirement. Joker’s Stash is closing. When we opened years ago, nobody knew us. Today we are one of the largest cards/dumps marketplaces. Unfortunately, or fortunately - nothing lasts forever. It’s time for us to leave forever. We will leave the Stash open for 30 more days, until 2021-02-15, so all Stash users can spend accounts balances. On 2021-02-15 we will wipe all our servers and backups and Joker will fade to dark, forever. And mark my word: WE WILL NEVER EVER OPEN AGAIN! Do NOT trust possible future imposters! After 2021-02-15 there will be no more Joker and no more Joker’s Stash. Dear partners of Stash - you can be sure, that before we leave forever, you will get all payouts, contact me with your know-how.

We are also want to wish all young and mature cyber-gangsters not to lose themselves in the pursuit of easy money. Remember, that even all the money in the world will never make you happy and that all the most truly valuable things in this life are free.

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